I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Argenti

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Chapter 7 (Part 2)

 In the game, Zagan would know that Noel was his sister in the fifth chapter. However, it wouldn’t be until a little later that Noel learned that Zagan was her brother. She would be abducted by Zagan after the capture of the sixth dungeon, and there he would tell her that he was her brother as he assaulted her. His mother was afraid of him because of his hair, and his father beat him over and over again when he was imprisoned underground. He continued to be oppressed, simply because he had the dark attribute.

 “Hey, Noel. Even though we were born into the same dastardly family, why is that you can live a normal life? Even though it was them who gave birth to me with a dark attribute, isn’t it strange? Huh!?”

  In this scene, Zagan’s face was not drawn on the still. I wonder how he must have sounded. He must have been in tears. I remembered the scene to a certain extent because I liked Noel in particular, but I don’t have any recollections of what happened to the character who was the villain of the story.

 Noel was surprised to learn that she had an older brother with the dark attribute, and even as she gasped and cried, unable to resist, her heart ached at Zagan’s words. She learnt that her parents had tortured their own child simply for being of the dark attribute. After she heard his grieving cries, Noel could never say that the dark attribute made one evil.

 Halfway through the rape, the protagonist came to the rescue. When the protagonist saw Noel being violated, he swung his sword in rage. Zagan would defend with tentacles and restrain the protagonist. The protagonist would cut the tentacles using light magic, and Zagan, who pulled out his penis from Noel in the meantime, got ready to fight. But as the two prepare to fight, Noel stops them. 

“Stop! Don’t hurt him! ”

“Noel, why?”

“Because he is, He is…!”

“…Hah, I’ve lost interest now. I’ll let you go this time. But the next time we meet, …I will kill you. Enjoy your remaining days as much as you can. Bwah-, ahahahaha! ” 

 As Zagan disappeared into the darkness, the protagonist took Noel with him and returned to his friends.

 That night, Noel told the protagonist that Zagan is her brother. He knew the hair colour of her mother, who had been unable to leave the mansion. And the reason why her mother succumbed to illness was because her father’s oppression in the first place. 

“I don’t think he was lying. Because even father did not try to look for the culprit who had made mother like that. He said that there was no need to question him. That makes sense. Because, from the beginning, he knew that his son was the cause. …Even though I had dreamt of becoming a knight from childhood to catch the culprit.”

“Even if he really was your brother, and even if he was really tortured by the teacher – that man has still killed countless people. I cannot overlook that. And besides, he did such terrible things to you.”

“…I know it. That he is evil. But I don’t know if I can point my sword at him without hesitation the next time we fight. Because I can still hear his pained voice.”

 When she learned the truth at an unexpected moment, Noel was at a loss.

 However, her worries were for naught. Because Zagan would already be dead the next time they would meet. After she had defeated the Dark Dragon in the ninth city, Noel would find Zagan lying in a pool of blood on the outskirts of the city, and wept while she held his corpse.

 I was along my way to my next destination, the sixth city. As the sky was dyed red by the sunset, I found a party ahead of me, as they set up their tents in preparation to camp for the night. I could feel the slightest hint of Luca’s presence.

 What a coincidence. How many routes do you think there are to get from city to city? And why are you resting in a place where the only things were a few trees growing here and there? You’re a prince, go stay in some town or village. Well, as it was, with the reasoning that it was difficult to be welcomed, the whole game was basically spent camping. 

 I tried to at least pass by them, but it seemed like Luca had noticed me, as he called out my name and waved widely from afar. Left with no choice, I stopped and put on my hood, which had fallen in the wind.

 “Zagan! Thank goodness you stopped. Uhm, what is this ride…? No, more importantly, I’m glad I could meet you. I never saw you after the dungeon this time.” 

 Of course, you hadn’t, since I had avoided going to the guild. I was confused about my actions when Luca came to know of my real identity.

 Even if he said he intended to wait and watch, the fact that the secret I had hidden carefully for the past fourteen years was so easily revealed wasn’t something I could readily accept. I wondered if it was best to not get close to Luca anymore, or if there was a chance that others would find out that I was a member of the Brady family. If that happened, I mulled over anxiously if I would cause trouble to my parents, Noel and those who worked in the mansion.

 But now that I was here, perhaps there was no need to worry about it. Maybe it was the will of the world at work.

 As my thoughts went round in circles and I didn’t reply, Luca knit his eyebrows as if troubled. 

“Were you perhaps bothered by what I said to you at the dungeon before? And because of that you didn’t meet me. ”

 You’re absolutely right. He’s quite the sharp man.

 I had no reason to hide it from him so I nodded. He let out a sigh of relief. 

“I see. Thank goodness, I wasn’t being hated. I’m sorry, Zagan. You didn’t want something you had kept a secret to be found out, right? I should have at least kept my mouth shut. I’m really sorry for being so insensitive.”

“You don’t need to apologize. It was my fault for talking too much about myself in the first place. I’ll make sure not to talk about this to anyone from now on.”

“That is, except me, right? ”

“…Ah, well.” 

 I quickly averted my gaze, and gripped the handle of my ride even tighter. When I did that, I was hugged in panic. It’s so tight that it hurts. 

“Don’t be mean. If Zagan ignores me, it’s so painful that I might die.” 

 His words seemed like an exaggeration, but his voice truly sounded pained. His voice was hoarse, as if he could cry any moment. His arms trembled too as he pulled down my hood and turban as he rubbed his cheek against my head.

 I felt a pang of guilt. I hadn’t expected him to cling onto me so desperately. 

“…If my true identity is known by others, my family, other than me, would be in danger. I was removed from the family register long ago. But still, blood is thicker than water. I still wish to protect them. So, Luca, please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t breathe a word. I definitely won’t tell anyone. That’s why, starting now, let’s talk about lots of things together. Alright? ”

“Yeah. I’m also sorry I pretended to test you.” 

 I looked up at Luca and met my gaze with his. His eyes were faintly moist. In the glow of the sunset, they seemed like a mysterious shade of blue and orange. They were a pair of bewitchingly beautiful orbs.

 Luca seemed to relax as he shot me a smile. It was a far cry from his usual handsome expression, but yet for some reason, his smile felt endearing.

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11 months ago

They’re always commucating with each other. It’s so cute

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Cough cough my heart…

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Chi Hayes
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thank you so much for the translations!!♡

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Emily Hayes
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Carina Bruckschwaiger
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I constantly feel that manipulation (from the world/eroge or male lead) is at work while reading. Is it just my imagination?
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Exactly my thoughts! I keep on thinking that somehow the main lead is being manipulative but I really hope that he isn’t in the first place because Zagan is literally the most precious thing in this story..

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