I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Argenti

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Chapter 8 (part 2)

 When I sat down, I could hardly see Miranda with Luca’s body blocking my sight. Besides, Nina was sitting next to her, and the two of them had already started talking and eating together. I see, I don’t know if it was good or not, but they had already taken that into consideration. 

“Good evening, Zagan-dono. It is a great pleasure to have dinner with you.” 

 Noel sat on the other side and talked to me with a smile. Although we parted on awkward terms last time, it seemed as if she had decided to not bring up the matter from that time. I too, for thankful for that. 

 But still, I didn’t expect Noel to sit next to me during mealtime.

 Even though we lived in the same house, we had never shared a meal together. I had always had my meals alone. I could never have imagined that 14 years after I left the mansion, we would be eating together. 

 As I gazed at the fire, lost in the nostalgia of the past, Bennett brought a tray towards us. 

“U-Um. This-, it’s Luca-san and Zagan-san’s share…”

“Thank you, Bennett.”

“…You’re welcome.” 

 Since Luca had accepted the tray, I gave a light bow. I guessed Bennett must be scared of me, looking at him cowering. But he remained standing there, refusing to return to his seat.

 Luca placed the tray on a small table nearby and handed me a bowl of soup. Inside was a cream stew with many ingredients floating in the broth.

 He even handed me a spoon. I mumbled a quiet “bon apetit” under my breath and took a bite. The mellow taste of the cream spread slowly in my mouth. It mingled with the soft boiled potatoes. 


“T-Thank you. Um, I am Bennett by the way! We have seconds, so you can eat your fill!” 

 At my subconscious words, Bennett’s face instantly brightened and he bowed his head and returned to his seat. I could sense throats quivering in laughter from both sides opposite my seat. I realized that I was being watched silently, and an indescribable feeling arose.

“Bennett’s food is delicious, isn’t it? I love it!”

“Anyone would be happy when someone praises something they made.” 

 I genuinely agreed with Noel’s words. But Luca’s words seemed to hint at that case when he praised my motorbike just a while back. I once again slipped into a delicate mood and let out a sigh. But still, the food was delicious.

 By the time dinner was over, the sky had turned dark. It was time for everyone to relax in their own way. 

 Bennett was in front of the magical stove, as he washed the dishes and prepared for tomorrow morning, but the others hadn’t moved from in front of the fire. I thought Miranda and Nina would retreat to their tents since I was there, but I could still hear them. They seemed to be drinking whilst occasionally talking about the next city.

 Cindy was reading. Camilla was taking out various materials and performing alchemy. 

 Urged by Luca, I slightly leaned against him and lent an ear to Luca and Noel’s anecdotes while gazing at the twinkling stars of the night sky. It was quite fun to listen to the two of them. Just a little… only just a little, I wished I had been by their side, watching over them grow. But it was just a fleeting dream. 

 By the way, I wonder why no one has said anything, despite us practically sticking to each other.

 Did Luca perhaps tell his friends about liking me? Cindy had just told me to stop being lovey-dovey, and come to think of it, in the previous city, Luca had told me that he had told his friends that he wasn’t going home because of the date.

 But we were both men. Yet, how could they accept it so naturally?

 I wonder if homosexuality is accepted as a normal part of life in the Kingdom of Soleil. I’ve never been in the city for long before, so I can’t judge. 

 When I stopped responding, Luca anxiously peered at my face. 

“Zagan, are you sleepy? Why don’t you go into our tent and get ready for bed? ” 

 Wait a minute, when was it decided we would sleep together? I don’t think I’m going to ride my bike through the night now, but I can get my own tent, right? 

 In the first place, if I stay in Luca’s tent, in game terms, it would mean Luca had chosen me for the night and we would have sex. I mean, regardless of the game system, Luca is definitely going to touch me. He’s already looking at me like he wants to hug me so badly.

 Rather, it has already been 25 days since our last time, so I should have praised his patience. …No, he will get carried away so I should stop. 

“I’m still fine. But… just as I thought, I can’t see the moon.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ve not been able to see it all this time.”, Noel added.

“……Huh? The moon? ” 

 Even though Noel agreed with me, Luca was surprised for some reason.

“By the moon, do you perhaps mean the heavenly body floating in the night sky? ”

“That’s right. I don’t think it can mean anything else in this case.” 

 But in this country, the moon is hidden by the power of the evil god and can never be seen. For many hundreds, or in the worst case, thousands of years, the moon has never been seen in Soleil Kingdom’s night sky.

 Luca pondered for a bit and then raised his head and spoke out loud, “Attention, everyone! Raise your hand if you know of any ‘moons’ floating in the night sky. 

 Why would he bother to ask such a question? Although I wondered, Noel and I were the only ones who raised our hands.

Hasr: Aaaaaand the plot thickens! The next 2 chapters have some of my favourite moments in them so far~

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Panacea Seer
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hohoho i think dearest zagan just slipped up and betrayed his identity. if only he knows about the moon, and hr told his sister, then his smart little sister will figure out it was him. tsk tsk tsk, bad move, zagan-chan, bad move . so desperate to hide his naughty thoughts about Luca that he jumped from the frying pan into the fire and let his sister know his original identity. are we about to see a ‘happy family reunion’ here?

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Thanks for the update!!! I have absolutely joined the Zagan appreciation club btw

1 year ago

I’m thinking Zagan told Noel that the heavenly body in the sky was the moon when they were little, not knowing that natives in that land didn’t have knowledge like that about it, and Noel just accepted that information from her big bro

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Carina Bruckschwaiger
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Thank you for the chapter!! I’m excited already for the next chapter!

1 year ago
Reply to  LovingSmiles

I think Zagan told her that ‘thing’ called moon instead of heavenly whatsnot when they kids. Remember, noel always visited him when they’re kids.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I re-read the story and it says Noel “can’t see it all this time” but she knows what the moon is. I thought she can also see the moon that’s why I said that. My dumb ass be misreading lines.

I agree with everyone here. He definitely dug his own grave.