I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Luca POV 6 – Part 1

The first thing that caught my eye was the round, glowing thing floating in the night sky. It shone with such beautiful light.

And below it were countless other lights. 

It was a strange sight to see the stars spread out beneath me.

But the more I concentrated on them, the more I realised that they weren’t stars. 

Were those… towns?

There were buildings everywhere, though I’d never seen such structures before. The majority of them were tall and rectangular and, when I looked further along, I saw several towers sticking out into the night sky.

Where was this place? And more importantly, was I currently floating in space? I could feel the ground beneath my feet though. Then, was this a dream?

I didn’t know, and I was getting increasingly anxious, so I squeezed my eyes shut again, praying that this would all go away. That I would wake up from this dream.

After a while, I risked opening my eyes a bit. It wasn’t night anymore, and there were no longer any lights underneath me. I could properly see the floor and the space around me was bright.

I lifted my face to look up at Noel. She must be so worried.


I looked around in a panic. Not only Noel – my friends, my family, the people that had gathered to see the ceremony, all of them were gone. Why!? What happened!?

N-no, let’s calm down. You know this place. It’s the hallway that leads to the audience chamber.

It was unclear why I’d been transferred there, and why the guards that were always standing were gone and the hallway was so silent. Just earlier, when I passed through here, there were more guards than usual because this was the path that led to the ceremony.

More importantly, this feeling, this heaviness…

No way, it couldn’t be.

I broke it just moments ago.

I wanted to believe that, but then I realised that I was no longer wearing the same clothes as before and a weird sound escaped from my mouth.

I remembered this outfit. This situation too.

No, no, no, something weird was definitely going on. I squeezed my eyes shut again. This was a dream, just like those lights from earlier. When I opened my eyes again I’d be back to where I was supposed to be.

…I didn’t go back.

“This isn’t happening.” My voice was trembling.

How could something like this happen? 

This place… I’d gone back to the past.

This was a lie. 

It couldn’t be happening. 

Still in denial, I took one step and then another.

That’s right, once I open those doors everything would go back to the way it was supposed to be. I mean, turning back time was impossible… I couldn’t believe something as unrealistic as this.

I opened the door, my heart beating loudly in my chest. Please let me go back to that audience chamber full of cheers.

Fear and expectation. Those two emotions mixed together, creating a terrible sense of anxiety as I slowly opened the door.

Light shone down from the tall ceiling of the beautiful audience chamber. But that beauty was distorted by the object behind the throne. A large, black orb, floating above the platform where Soleil used to sit.

The Lumiere that I thought I’d destroyed was there.

“Luca, you’re here.” Father stood in the middle of the room, just like that time.

The ministers of finance and administration were there as well.

The minister of finance, who’d been avoiding my eyes recently, was looking at me properly, and I didn’t sense any grief on the minister of administration’s face.

“What’s wrong, Luca? Were you that startled by the sinister aura?” Father asked with worry, probably because I was just standing there, frozen.

“Uh, yeah. It’s a very frightening thing.”

I didn’t know what was going on, my brain was spinning in circles, but I didn’t want them to think I was crazy, so I desperately pretended to be calm.

Still incapable of understanding what was going on, I exited the audience chamber with Father. The things he said were exactly the same as last time – telling me to go over the prepared equipment with the ministers.

Afterwards, I went to change my clothes and then my birthday party began right after. I was too confused, so I didn’t talk to Noel like I did last time. However, when she approached me, and I hid my inner turmoil behind a smile, it was decided we’d leave together on this journey.

As an apprentice knight, she was already supposed to be training under me anyway, and I also had the feeling that she’d tell me something similar to what she had before – that before I’d gotten the imperial order, she had already planned on inviting me to join her.

So, with my mind still in chaos, we left on our journey, and after a few days, on a mountain road, we encountered an Ivy. 

I cut off all the vines that were creeping my way and fired a spell towards the area where the main body was.


The Ivy had been defeated, but something felt wrong. My movements should have been faster and my magic stronger. I’d worked so hard to get up to Zagan’s level… but all of that, all that time spent was gone now.

As the unfairness of it all suddenly hit me, I heard a horse neighing from behind.

When I turned to look, Noel was in the air, suspended by her hands and feet by vines. Furthermore, the Ivy had reached unsavoury places and Noel’s face was red, her eyes hazy.

Though I couldn’t remember every detail of what happened in the past year, seeing her like that, the memory finally came back to me. That’s right, something like this had happened before.

I rushed to help Noel, and just like before, she had a fever, suffering from the Ivy’s aphrodisiac. Tears in her eyes, she clung to me.

“Luca, save me… Luca…”


In the end, I didn’t know if the past year I’d spent with her was just a dream, but the memories remained. We’d connected our bodies so many times, I watched her grow as a person and fell in love with her. So I didn’t refuse her. Quite the opposite. Instead of the awkwardness that followed our first time in my memories, I was completely enamoured by the shy girl in front of me.

When we got to the 1st city, we stayed at the lord’s mansion, same as before. And, again, they recommended that we go to the adventurer’s guild the next day.

In the dungeon, I was pretty sure I chose a different route than before, but we still ended up meeting Miranda. And, when we defeated the boss, Zagan showed up.

Seeing him alive, my chest grew warm.

Zagan walked inside the room and turned his turbid, red eyes to me.

I should have said something, I didn’t want him to think I was weird, but when I opened my mouth I felt like I was going to cry, so I closed it back again.

Miranda called out to him instead.

“You look like someone in my line of business. Sorry, but we’ve already defeated the boss. We’ll be leaving with the star fragment now, so just wait until you get transferred out.”

“Huh? What are you saying? Isn’t it obvious I’m here to steal it? Dark Arrow!


Zagan whipped out his staff and fired some magic. It all happened in an instant, but we managed to avoid the attack by jumping off the pedestal, and in that moment Miranda charged at Zagan, swinging her axe. However, he dodged it, kicking her in the flank.

That’s right. It was like this last time too.

“… Attacking us out of nowhere like this, there should be a limit to how bad your manners are. Just who are you?”

“Ah? Name’s Zagan. Heard of me?”

I had the feeling Zagan had introduced himself the same way last time too. 

As I received proof after proof that everything that had happened was happening again, I started questioning the purpose of this past year. Was it perhaps a precognitive dream?

Whatever it might have been, I was happy that I now had the chance to face Zagan again. Though my physical abilities and mana had gone back to what they’d been at the start, my battle experience still remained. So I fought desperately to get his recognition, biting and not letting go [metaphorically speaking].

As a result, I think I managed to stand my ground for more than five minutes. I still lost though.

My body battered, I fell to my knees. I was exhausted and sweating profusely. It was frustrating, truly frustrating. If only I still had the strength I had when I defeated the Evil God, I could have put up a good fight.

I was breathing heavily, unable to move, when Zagan’s shoes came into my line of sight. But when I looked up at him he was smiling.

“Your mana is trash, but it looks like you’ve got a decent amount of fighting experience. Not bad for a prince who’s never left his castle. What was your name again?”

“Eh? Ah, Luca… Luca Soleil. Nice to meet you, Zagan.” His question caught me completely off guard.

Zagan’s attitude was different from before. Was it because I could hold off against him?

“Luca? I’ll remember that. Well, that’s that, Luca. I won, so the fragment is mine now, yeah?”

“That’s… right. It would be unmanly to refuse after being defeated so thoroughly.”

If I gave him the fragment now, no harm would come to us, but if I refused, he’d just threaten me by grabbing Noel with his tentacles. So I obediently opened my magic bag and took out the fragment. When I placed it in his hand, he gave me a strange look before placing it in his pocket.

“Well, see yah. Be stronger next time we meet.”

“Yes, definitely. It’s a promise.”

The words he said as he walked past me to the magic transfer circle were completely different as well. This time he had actually looked at me. However, when I waved goodbye at him he inadvertently snickered before disappearing.

Same as last time, I had handed the fragment over to Zagan, but his attitude this time was completely different. I was over the moon that he had acknowledged me, and thoughts of ‘what if’ ran through my head.

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