I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Luca POV 7 – Part 1

In September, I told Duke Magnifique about the Dark Organization’s attack in advance, so I thought that the damage dealt to the city would be less than before. However, it was difficult to reduce the amount of damage to zero just by raising our vigilance. Buildings were destroyed and things were set on fire. There were still quite a few people who died.

As for Zagan’s death, it was the same as before. Both the place where he fell, and Noel who held onto his corpse and cried, were the same. Only my heart as I looked down at that scene had changed. Before I had been sad enough to cry some tears as well, but now only feelings of relief and regret welled up.

Relief that I no longer had to feel conflicted over whether to save Zagan or not, and regret that no matter how much of the future I knew, I could do nothing about it.

Just like last time, I wiped off Zagan’s face and placed him in my magic bag. 

This time, I would tell Lyle-sensei about his death.

At the start of December, I watched Noel grow before my eyes for the second time. Then, after safely getting our hands on the star fragment in the 12th dungeon, December 31st came.

As I had written to Father and Sensei beforehand to let them know that the Dark Organization might be planning on resurrecting the Evil God, this time the mages and knights were deployed in the outskirts of the city as well. In the 9th city too, when they had summoned the dragons, most of the citizens had managed to evacuate.

Though we could not prevent the Dark Organization from attacking, the number of lives lost was still significantly less than last time. There finally came a time when I thought to myself that I was glad that I knew the future.

We were also a lot closer to the castle this time when the Evil God was resurrected. This was because of the guards around the city, thanks to whom we had to deal with fewer monsters on the way. We faced one dragon at the castle gate, went inside and passed the collapsed bodies of the Dark Organization, and then reached the Evil God.

The castle’s interior wasn’t as destroyed as it was last time. It seemed the buildings were being protected by magic barriers.

Though the Evil God was strong enough to still break those buildings, the ministers and their attendants resolutely stood their ground and persisted against the Evil God.

The Evil God that I was meeting once again was still terrifying. 

Immediately after being resurrected, it was about the size of the middle tower when its front paws were raised. It was so large that even when both sets of feet were on the ground, one had to crane their neck to look up at it.

From the outside, the Evil God looked like some sort of eerie beast. It attacked with its claws, trampled, roared, and used wide-range dark magic spells. Its tail too was long, destroying the area around it with a single sweep.

However, the ministers had grabbed hold of that tail.

The ministers were keeping the buildings from being destroyed as much as possible, were fine even when they got sent flying, and seemed to be able to hold down the Evil God when they wanted to. I thought this last time too, but just how strong were they?

Still finding it strange, our group joined in on the fight.

In the meantime, Noel, Miranda, Nina, and I attacked. As our opponent was so big, any attack would land and there wasn’t really any need to be conscious of teamwork. However, the closer we were to the Evil God, the harder it was to see its attacks and avoid them, so, since getting hit even one time would lead to serious injury, Bennet and Cindy, who stayed behind, were supporting us from the back. And Camilla, who specialised in attack magic, was earnestly firing off great magic spells.

“Haaaa! Raging Fire!”

Slow and steady, vacuum rapture!”

The Evil God was that big and tremendously strong, so Camilla and I had no choice but to slowly chip away at it with magic. Which was why, for now, after firing off spells, when our mana was about to run out, we’d call out to each other, retreat back, and drink an MP potion to recover. Then we took turns taking ten-minute breaks.

Last time, we fought for hours on end and the Evil God finally fell before noon of the following day. 

To be honest, I had felt like giving up several times along the way, but with Noel, my friends, and the people of the castle fighting with me, I had done my best.

This time too, it took quite a while. But it felt like it was going faster than last time.

As the morning sun rose into the sky, a large part of the Evil God collapsed and it lost its original form.

The reason was probably me. Because I, a light attribute user, who was a dark attribute user’s weak point, had grown stronger.

I had worked really hard so that I could win against Zagan this time. In the end, I couldn’t do it, but I was still happy to be recognized by him.

Zagan, I worked hard even after you died. To catch up to you… to someday surpass you. So let me chase your shadow for just a bit longer.

Just a little longer. Soon I will defeat the Evil God, and then –

“Secret skill – Lightning Dragon!”

I strengthened my body and used a sword technique, pouring all my mana into my sword. My mana transformed into the shape of a lightning-bearing dragon and charged toward the Evil God.

A roaring sound like crashing thunder could be heard, and a lot of magic particles went flying off in all directions.

“This is the end!” 

Taking a big leap and closing the distance between us with the momentum of the previous blow, I swung my sword down. The slash scored a line through the ground and, in the next breath, the Evil God scattered into black particles.

Ah, it is over now.

The amount of particles released from the Evil God seemed endless and they swallowed me whole. I quickly covered my face and squeezed my eyes shut. I didn’t know if it was because of fatigue or drowsiness, but my head was spinning. However, I had to power through it somehow. If I collapsed here everyone would be worried.

After some time the pressure from the particles seemed to subside and I wasn’t dizzy anymore, so I opened my eyes.


I wasn’t standing where I had been just mere moments before.

Eh? Eh? Where am I?

Though I had just seen the sunrise, it was currently night, and when I looked around me in a panic, there was a building right next to me.

Light poured out of the window and the interior that could be seen through it resembled that of a restaurant or café.

But what really caught my eye was something round and glowing, floating in the night sky. That thing, I’d seen it before.

From the way it was floating in the sky, I could tell it was some sort of celestial body, but such a thing didn’t exist in Soleil.

Anyway, if that was the thing I’d seen before, then was this the same place as that place where I’d been standing in the sky looking down at a town?

It was unclear, but something about that celestial body captivated me; I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Its pale, gentle light touched something inside.

As I kept staring at it, I suddenly heard a noise – the ringing of a doorbell. When I cast my eyes in that direction, I saw a man and a woman leaving the restaurant.

“Ah, the tsuki1 is quite round today. It’ll be a full tsuki soon.”

“Truly. Uh… what do you call it again? When the tsuki is almost full like that?”

“Dunno. I’ll look it up later if I remember.”

“You’re definitely going to forget.”

Tsuki? Was it called tsuki?

The words that reached my ears didn’t quite match the movement of the man and woman’s lips, so I supposed their words were being translated so that I could understand.

This place wasn’t Soleil. While the restaurant did resemble stores in Soleil, when I cast my glance further along, I saw a number of tall, cube-like buildings.

Also, I was so distracted by the tsuki that I only now noticed that most of the people on the street had black hair. It was the same for the two who had stepped out of the restaurant. 

For there to be so many dark attribute users… so many people who had the same amount of mana as Zagan… it was impossible for this to be Soleil.

Was this a dream? Or was it a place that existed in reality? 

Why was I seeing this?

Also this situation, could it be…? No, it couldn’t. It couldn’t. I wasn’t going back to the past again.

At that frightening thought, my heart started beating louder. No matter how many times I tried to deny it inside my head, I was still seized with fear that it might actually happen.

Perhaps because my subconscious was telling me to run, I took two— three steps back. Behind me was the wall leading to the restaurant, but probably because this was an illusion, I didn’t hit the wall, stumbling through it instead.

I quickly put one foot out to steady myself so I wouldn’t fall, but my vision shook greatly.

And when I lifted my face again.

“Ha… Haha, ha.”

I was back in the corridor leading to the audience chamber. An empty corridor enveloped by silence. The air was heavy because of the Lumiere and I was dressed as I remembered, in armour, to protect myself.

“…Ahaha, aha, ha… ha…” I  fell to my knees in shock. This whole situation was too crazy, there was nothing I could do but laugh.

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1 month ago

Okay, called it. :p

But dang, this is more emotional than I expected, and we’ve only just begun. Speaking of that, tho, I hope they don’t torture us (and our dear tl) very long before we get to the last loop. When I first saw Luca’s pov, that’s what I was anticipating and was disappointed at what we got. But I appreciate Reo telling us to hold out. I’m holding…!