I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 25 (Part 1)

The 9th city. It was a battle-oriented city that had it’s own coliseum; countless warriors gathered here.

There were several venues in and around the main amphitheatre, where countless battles took place every day. I learnt from Luca, who had arrived there before me, that bets were held there too, and large sums of money changed hands daily. It was a bustling metropolis with a large population of strong, rowdy people.

However, it still got partially destroyed in the game, and the amphitheatre had been completely destroyed by the dark dragons. And then, there had been countless casualties. Such a disaster must be stopped at all costs.

On 10th September, around 10 in the morning. Upon entering the city, I found Luca waiting for me near the outer gate. He ran up to me as usual and hugged me tightly. While I was happy to be enveloped in Luca’s warmth, there were still quite a lot of people around us; I wished he would show some restraint.

“Good job Zagan. I really wanted to meet up with you. Are you alright? Did you feel lonely while I wasn’t around?”

“Mhm. I was alright. Also, I didn’t get lonely.”

“I am relieved that you look as good as ever, but that’s hurtful. I was really worried and lonely, and yet…”

“Didn’t I talk to you on the phone every night?”

He took care not to disturb me while I was crafting the magic tools, and only called once every three or four days. However, this time, he barely waited four days after I entered the dungeon; my communicator buzzed every night. I knew I was the cause for his actions, so I wasn’t really complaining.

When I was crafting the magic tools, I contacted him as a means to change pace, and then I slept every day right after, perhaps because of fatigue. However, when I was focused on fighting monsters, I was in a continuous state of nervousness and exhilaration and often forgot to sleep.

Furthermore, this time, I discovered a large amount of demonic essence right after my first day entering the dungeon. It was the so-called spawn room. One after another, monsters ranging from A+ to S- ranks burst forth, and I repeatedly lured them to the corridors and fought them over and over. As a result, I spent three sleepless days doing nothing else but fighting monsters. I didn’t even notice any of Luca’s calls.

Anyway, I kept on defeating and defeating monsters. It was by chance that I found my communicator buzzing and picked it up during a moment of calm.

“Zagan!? Are you alright!? Are you alive!?”

He spoke fiercely. He asked me if I was safe and sound in a very concerned tone. He knew of my abilities already, so why was he so worried? When I tilted my head in confusion and told him the reason why I hadn’t been responding to his calls, he let out a huge sigh.

“I was really worried, you see. I know very well that you’re strong, Zagan, but you can never be too sure. Please don’t be rash, I beg of you. And sleep properly as well.”

That was right. You could never be too sure. That was why I hoped that I could defy the will of the world.

But first, I apologized for my recklessness, and he told me he would call me every night from that moment on. I promised that I would properly answer his calls .

I understood where he came from, given the series of events, however, wasn’t it a little too overprotective of him to ask me if I had made the proper preparations to sleep every time? I was the older one here.

“I am grateful for your concern. But you’re worrying so much. Do you think I will lose? Don’t underestimate me.”

“Hm? You do know that continuously fighting for three days without any sleep is odd, right?”

“It was a normal occurrence back when I lived in the Great Forest. Before I told you about the dark organization, Luca… In the sixth dungeon I hardly slept as well, just like this, and I was still fine. I am just a little sleep-deprived.”

“Heh. In other words, Zagan, you plan to continue being reckless in the future as well. You’re having a lot of fun by making me worry like crazy. I see. You want to be punished again, huh?”

“…I’m sorry. When I’m too focused on something, I just so happen to forget about sleep. I’ll take care not to do it anymore.”

His smile scared me so much that I sincerely apologized. Even though I was the one at fault, he didn’t leave any room for objection.

Luca stared at me intently, but I wondered what he was thinking; he knit his eyebrows ruefully. And then, he pulled my head closer as he continued to embrace me.

“I’m sorry. It must have been annoying to put up with my calls every night. I love Zagan way too much and I’m constantly worried that you are overdoing it. I might be like this, but please don’t come to hate me.”

“I-I don’t find it annoying. It’s only a few minutes of talking. As for Luca worrying about me, it… makes me happy. I won’t come to hate you either.”

“Really? We’ll be going into the dungeon again starting tomorrow, so can I call you every night then? ”

I nodded quickly in a fluster. Did Luca perhaps have the misconception that I liked being alone? I’ve been living alone for a long time because I possessed the dark attribute, but that didn’t necessarily mean that I liked being alone. And besides, it wasn’t as if I hated people either. No, but it was true that I was bad with crowds and could not communicate well.

Anyway, I had never thought that Luca’s calls were annoying, not even once. Luca was a strong communicator, so our conversations could never be cut short, and even if they were, perhaps because I was used to quietly staying in his embrace; even the silence felt comfortable.

And besides, it felt nice to have someone who worried about me.

I worried that my thoughts didn’t reach Luca, so I angled my neck and peered into his face. When our eyes met, I smiled softly.

“Thank you for forgiving me. I know it’s difficult for you to suddenly try to change your bad habits, but I hope you will work together with me to improve them. I love you, Zagan.”

I was relieved to see his usual smile. As I thought, Luca looked best when he was smiling gently. I didn’t want to see an angry or sad expression on his face; it hurt my heart.

He lightly kissed me on the cheek, but oh well, let’s put up with it. …Even if we were outside. Even if we were close to the outer gate and there were many people passing by.

No, it was no good, the inquisitive looks were making me embarrassed. And so, I pushed Luca’s body away.

“I told you not to kiss me when we’re outside!”

“I-I’m sorry. Zagan was so lovely that I couldn’t control myself. I’ll do my best to be careful. Can you forgive me? ”

“…Mhm, I’ll forgive you. We should get moving.”

It was sly of him to add the words “I’ll do my best.” I couldn’t just not forgive him. But as Luca just said, it was hard to change your habits all of a sudden. So I could understand.

When I pushed at him from behind so we could quickly move along, Luca turned around and grabbed my hand.

“Since we’re here, I rented a training room in the arena. That’s why we don’t need to go to the Adventurer’s Guild. We can just go there.”

“Is that so? An arena…”

“While I was discussing the dark organization with the Duke, I asked him about places where you could train without being seen by anyone and he recommended this. As the prince entrusted with the fate of the kingdom, I can’t let my special training be seen. Right?1

“You’re right. People shouldn’t be able to see the prince losing to others after all.”

“Za-ga-n? No, thinking about it, what you just said is true.”

“I know that. I just wanted to crack a joke. I’m always grateful for you taking care of me.”

“Because of my dark attribute, I had caused Luca a lot of trouble. The fact that he continued to stay by my side despite all that made me happy. I couldn’t help but be grateful to him for loving me, who was like this.”

That was why, when I expressed my gratitude, Luca rubbed his cheeks against the top of my head as we walked.

“It’s unfair that Zagan is so cute. I want to eat you up right now.”

“…You’re kidding, right? ”

“Well, what do you think? ”

“If it really is a joke, then there’s no doubt that won’t do anything.”

“I’m serious, so please let me do lots of things.”

“I think I can hear a strange voice. Must be my imagination.”2


“Pft, it’s a joke.”

“Ugh, I’m tired. My heart is in pain.”

“Huh? A-Are you alright? Do you want to drink some high-grade potions?”

“Nnnnnnnnghhh, how can you be this airheaded, yet so cute!?”

“What, was it just agony? Don’t scare me like that.”

“Fufu, Zagan is getting shy. It’s really cute.”

“Shut up. You don’t have to point it out every time.”

As we held hands, we talked about this and that as we headed towards our destination.

We got some cool fanart from Nie HuaiSang! Thank you so much!!

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wandering fujoshi
wandering fujoshi
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Thanks for the chapter!
The fanart is slightly confusing, but it’s still nice.

1 year ago

yes yes YES!! we’re nearing the ‘boss battle’ against the dark organisation. i can’t wait!! also, that fanart was adorable 🙂

1 year ago

this is chapter 25 part 1, right? it says different things in various places…

edit: thanks for the chapter! ♡

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fixed it. thanks for catching!