I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: PalenMisha

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SS3: Lingerie part 1

Author’s Note: Warning: contains sexy underwear. You can skip this SS if that makes you uncomfortable.

Translator: me sitting here wondering why lingerie of all the things in this novel got a content warning
Editor: Uh, ya. Why would the author think sexy undies might make for the uncomfortable, but NOT think all those other kinks would?

On November 3rd on our way to the city, we chanced upon a town. It was smaller than a city but structured similarly to one, and since the night was approaching and the girls requested it, we decided to stay there for the night.

With the carriage tucked away in a magic bag, we passed through the town gate, taking the two horses along with us. However, despite putting away the carriage that bore the royal seal to avoid trouble, we barely avoided our presence being announced to the town mayor by the town guard who recognised Luca as the second prince. Well, Nina quickly turned on him, Miranda threatened him, and Luca just smiled and asked him to keep quiet, so the guard agreed not to announce us. He then led us to a nearby hotel.

We arrived after walking for about fifteen minutes. The hotel, as was the case for any hotel anywhere, looked like a palace from the outside. We left the two horses in the care of the bellboy and went inside.

We were guided to a room by the owner of the hotel. Perhaps because Luca was a prince or because of the two silver coins he slipped the owner, we were given the VIP room without having to say a word. The room consisted of a large bedroom for the master and was surrounded by smaller bedrooms for the master’s escorts as well as a living room. Of course, the living room and the bath were also large.

Anyhow, we found a place to stay for the night without any problems. Since the hotel also prepared dinner, we had about an hour and a half of spare time. After it was decided that we would spend that spare time freely, Bennett called out to me.

“Z-Zagan-san! P-p-p-please come with me to buy something!”


The invitation was sudden, but Bennett’s hands were trembling as if she was desperate, so I agreed to her request right away.

The same as that time with Miranda, Luca and the others were confused about this development but didn’t interfere.

Well, it’s not like I couldn’t understand, since Bennett, someone who didn’t usually assert herself, had asked me to go out with her. Also, since the purpose of this outing was to buy something, they must be wondering why she chose me – someone who’d be of no help at all with something like that. I was actually wondering the same thing.

Since there wasn’t that much time left until dinner, the two of us left immediately.

“Okay, so where are we going?”

“A-a store that’s on the same road as the hotel. Um… it’s a very famous undergarment store f-for people like me. It has even been featured in a specialised magazine. But I couldn’t find it in the 9th and 10th cities; they were too large for me to look.”

“I see. So you can’t let this chance pass you by.”

“Yes! But I couldn’t really ask Noel-san or the others to come with me… S-sorry for asking you out of the blue.”

As Bennett was an otokonoko who usually wore a maid outfit, I’d guess that her undergarments weren’t common ones like mine. Female underwear for male use… ummm, I don’t really know what to call it.

Anyway, it’s still underwear for men so it would be unnatural for a woman to accompany Bennett. It might leave a bad impression on the other customers in the store after all. On the other hand, going with Luca, a prince, was also out of the question. In the first place, that guy won’t do something unless I asked him to. Thus, by process of elimination, Bennett ended up with me?

I didn’t think I’d be of any help with choosing undies, but I could at least escort Bennett, so I accompanied her to the store.


We arrived at the store after about five minutes. We really did pass by it on our way to the hotel. You couldn’t really tell what kind of store it was from the outside, so most people, who weren’t aware of the brand, would pass it by.

A bell rang as the door was pushed open. There was another door inside and I pushed that one open as well to enter the store.

“Welco~me!” Someone called out in a deep voice with an inflection at the end of the word.

The voice seemed to belong to a nearby attendant who came over to us. The attendant was big and brawny, but wore vaguely feminine clothes as well as makeup. I see, an “Onee,” huh?1 Someone who adopted female characteristics but was different from an otokonoko.

“G-good evening.”

“Araa, what a cute little kitten. Good evening. I have just the stuff for a cutie like you. Please take a look around.”

I didn’t know why the attendant was winking, but Bennett nodded happily and started perusing the nearby merchandise.

I moved out of the way of the front door and took a look around the store. It was the perfect fit for Bennett; all the merchandise looked like female underwear. But, most likely, the crotch area of the underwear was bigger.

As it was close to dinnertime, there wasn’t a single other person in the store. I could also only feel the presence of that one attendant.

Still, the attendant had quite good observational skills to be able to tell that Bennett was an otokonoko just by looking at her. To me, she just looked like a girl any way you went about it.

“By the way, that man over there, could he be your boyfriend? He seems absurdly strong and what cool armor he has.”

Perhaps because I haven’t moved away from the wall, but he… she surveyed me. She gasped slightly when she saw my eyes returning her gaze from under the hood; however, she didn’t flinch. This attendant was quite strong. She was big, strong, and well-trained.

“Ah, eh… um. Zagan-san isn’t my boyfriend… He, um…”

For some reason, Bennett was hesitating to speak. Also, she was looking at me with discomfort, so I answered instead of her, cocking my head to the side.

“I’m just a friend tagging along. Don’t mind me.”

“Th-that’s right! He’s my f-f-friend! …U, uuuuu.”

“Oh, my my my? What’s wrong?”

The attendant was confused, looking back and forth between Bennett and I. Well, of course she’d be surprised if someone started crying all of a sudden. In a situation like this I should at least ask Bennett why she was crying.

“What’s wrong, Bennett? Why did you start crying all of a sudden?”

“B-but Zagan-san is so strong and cool a-and… I thought I was the only one who considered us to be friends…. Fueeee.”

Meaning you’re so happy that you’re crying? Bennett cried no matter what emotion she was feeling.

The attendant was also nodding along with her, teary-eyed.

“That’s right. Anyone would get anxious wondering if the other person considered them a friend. Especially people like us who have a hard time making male friends.”

The attendant lightly hugged Bennett and patted her on the back.

Well, no matter how I think about it, you do have male friends, don’t you? If someone mocks you, you can send them flying with your trained fists. And, if they get hurt, you could just destroy the evidence by giving them a recovery potion.

However, it seems that many men with bad intentions had approached Bennett in the past and that that was the reason why she had no confidence when it came to men.

In the meantime, Bennett let herself be held in that burly bosom so I just kept quiet.

After a while, Bennett shyly lifted her face up.

“S-sorry. Thank you for lending me your chest.”

“Don’t mention it, darling. Rather I’m feeling rather lucky that I got to touch such a cutie. By the way, do you plan on being more than friends with that man? If you are, then how about we have him choose something nice for you?”

Though the attendant asked the question as if she were whispering it in Bennett’s ear, I could clearly hear her words. This Onee wasn’t even trying to be discrete, was she? Also Bennett had a wide grin on her face. I had a bad feeling about this.

“Um, about Zagan-san, he has a really cool, wonderful boyfriend! The two of them are always glued together and seem very happy… It makes me feel warm inside to see those soft and sweet scenes. Sometimes, I think if only I could have such a lover one day… Anyway, Zagan-san is someone I look up to!”

“Oh my my my! Is that so!? This strong and cool guy has a boyfriend? How won∙der∙ful♡ Saying that, are you usually on the top or the bottom? How often do you do it!?”

The attendant turned to me in excitement, creating scenarios in her head. Without noticing, I’d gripped the edge of my hood and retreated away from her. She was such an intense person.

Not knowing what to do, I tried signaling Bennett with my eyes, but she just looked back at me with a face full of smiles. It’s useless, I couldn’t run away.

“I’m… always on the receiving end. And, well, every night usually.”

“Aaan, how wonderful! In that case, you should definitely get some of our merchandise as well!”

“No thanks. This kind of underwear won’t suit me.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it suits you or not. All that matters is if you like it, or if wearing it will make your boyfriend happy. Won’t your boyfriend get excited if you wore some lingerie for him? It could also prevent you two from getting stuck in a rut!”

When she said it like that, I somehow got the feeling that I had to buy some underwear. Was this what a good salesperson looked like? Oh, and also, apparently this kind of underwear was called lingerie.

“Bennett… Do you think that guy would be happy? If I wear something like this?”

“Yes! Luca-san will be ecstatic!” Bennett gave me an unusually confident answer.

I see. It’ll make him happy…


“So I ended up buying some men’s lingerie too.”

“Eh? What…?”

After dinner and a bath, we settled down on the large bed with our bathrobes on.

Luca blinked at my unexpected words. He stared at the paper bag in my hand like he didn’t know what was going on.

About an hour and a half ago, Bennett and I had finished with our shopping and returned to the hotel. Luca had been super sulky but even if I wanted to explain the situation to him, I couldn’t do it where the girls could hear, so I put it off until after dinner.

With dinner over, it was Luca and my turn to take a bath and I explained to him that I was the only suitable option for Bennett to choose from. I also told him about the attendant being an Onee who looked quite strong and about Bennett crying.

The now placated Luca hugged me from behind, but since the girls haven’t had their baths yet, we couldn’t connect our bodies there and left the bathroom after about half an hour.

Then, although it was two hours earlier than usual, we went to the bedroom and all we had left to do was to have sex.

As expected though, I still got embarrassed after telling Luca that I bought some lingerie as well. My words seemed so unexpected that Luca froze, his eyes open wide.

In the meantime, I took the lingerie out of the bag and spread it on the bed so that Luca could see. It was a set of a black, lacy bra and panties. It was underwear for the purpose of sex and did nothing to hide the important bits.

As I would only be wearing it during sex, it was recommended to me to get something that was at least this daring. Another reason why I chose this set was because it was one-size-fits-all and could be adjusted using strings so I didn’t have to take my armor off and get measured. I had no intention of showing this body that Luca embraced to anyone other than Luca.

Along with the bra and panties set, I also purchased a see-through babydoll which I laid out on the bed as well. I was told to let my partner choose which top I should wear – the bra or the babydoll.

“I was told that these undies will help prevent us from falling into a rut, but do you think they’re necessary? I don’t want you to get tired of me, so, um, if you really want me to wear this…”

“There’s nothing on heaven or earth that will make me tired of you Zagan! I do want you to wear this though!”

Oh, uh. He’s unexpectedly desperate. Right, so you wanted me to wear the undies?

“But it doesn’t suit m–”

“I think it’ll suit you incredibly well!”

He came close and grasped both of my hands, and I ended up nodding in bewilderment.

Luca’s anticipating eyes boring a hole in me, I first put the panties on under my bathrobe. Usually we were stark naked when having sex, so wearing underwear made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Also, although my balls were covered by lace, they looked even more obscene because it was transparent, and my penis was hanging out of a hole at the front. This might be to prevent the panties from getting dirty during sex, but it was really embarrassing. The panties were open from the perineum to the anus and most of my butt was uncovered.

It was the first time that I felt more embarrassed than when I wasn’t wearing anything.

“I put the bottoms on, but…. Which one should I pick for the top?”

“It was hard to decide, but the bra this time please. Let’s enjoy the babydoll next time.”

What? This wasn’t a one-time thing?2 I wanted to run away, but had no choice but to accept the bra when he handed it to me with such earnest eyes.

The babydoll was carefully folded up and placed back inside the bag.

Naturally, I couldn’t put the bra on while still wearing the bathrobe, so I climbed on the bed and took the top half off. I was feeling shy so my back was turned to Luca.

Ummm, I put my arms through the shoulder straps and all that’s left is to tie the lacy string at the back. I couldn’t do it by myself though.

According to the attendant, it was good to get the partner involved in the process by asking them to tie the string.

“Luca, please tie the back for me.”

“Eh… Ah, yeah. Leave it to me.”

Luca climbed on the bed and I let go of the two strings I’d been holding. 

I looked down at my chest as he tied the back. The bra was made of two triangle shapes trimmed with a pretty lace, but the essential part, the nipples, were exposed. Though there wasn’t really any need to hide male nipples, I still felt bashful.

“I’m done. Yup, the ribbon is cute. Well then, will you show me?”


Though a bit hesitant, I nodded. It would be better to get this over with quickly instead of hesitating out of embarrassment. That way Luca could tell me what he thought and some of this anxiousness would go away.

“Um. I don’t really think it suits me…”

I sat up on my knees and took the bathrobe off completely. I started with the rear view because it was less shocking than the front. That alone was already embarrassing enough, but when I glanced back at Luca to see his reaction, he was looking at my butt with extremely heated eyes. 

Does he like it…?3 He wasn’t saying anything so I couldn’t tell.

Anyway, there was no point in only showing him the back, so I moved on my knees and slowly turned around to face him. I felt extremely shameful, but thought it would be weird to try and hide my penis or chest, so I clasped my hands behind my back.

Luca’s eyes opened wide as they fixated on my body. He still hasn’t said a word though. If it didn’t suit me, I wished he would just come out and tell me.

Because he just stared at me, saying nothing, I got anxious and rubbed my knees together. When I did, for some reason Luca grabbed my face with both hands and looked up at the heavens. What’s wrong?

“Luca, are you okay? Did your eyes stop working?”

“…Zagan is too precious. My heart’s going to stop.”

“I-I see.”

Though I couldn’t tell from his answer whether the undies suited me or not, I was still relieved to know that he liked it. That was worth the shame I felt putting this on.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I sat down on the bed. Then Luca, who should have been out of it, suddenly became sharp and lifted me up. While I was wondering what was going on, he laid me down with my head on a pillow.

I sank into the bed and Luca’s body covered me. He took my hand as he looked at my face and kissed my fingertips.

“Zagan, you’re so pretty and so cute. It really suits you.”

He said it with such a sparkling expression that my cheeks were dyed red. It was embarrassing, but… I was a bit happy. Damn this ikemen…

I couldn’t look straight at him and turned my face away and he gently patted my head. 

He stroked my hair several times and then kissed me on the hairline. It made my chest grow warm and I looked up at him. When I did, he showed me a meltingly sweet smile.

“You’re so cute, I want to devour you. Ne, Zagan, can I eat you up?”

Though my eyes were swimming, I nodded in consent. I endured this embarrassment for that reason exactly. I wanted him to touch me all over.

Luca smiled very happily when I agreed honestly.

“Thank you, Zagan. I’ll properly savour the taste.”

I obediently accepted his kiss on my lips.

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Something to comment
Something to comment
3 months ago

LMAO I’m sorry, when he casually said he buys /that/, and Luca’s (very understandably) shocked reaction….. XD

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
1 year ago

Cute… Not the NSFW chapter I expected with the lingerie warning at the start of this chapter
Thanks for the update!^^