The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 100: The Sage Keeps the Republic in Check

I released the inhabitants of the Slave Autonomous Region from my barriers.

I would have them return to their normal lives.

They might be confused for a while, but I didn’t have the time to bother with consoling them.

The people who lived in the Slave Autonomous Region were originally strong, physically and mentally.

They would soon return to their former liveliness once I left them alone.

I wouldn’t disclose things related to the demon beasts to them.

I had no obligation or duty to do that.

Even if I did tell them the truth, I doubted the people would believe the words coming from a Demon Lord for what they were.

I would let every person here freely interpret their version of the truth.

Looking at the situation, most would conclude that it was the Demon Lord’s Army who were responsible for turning humans into demon beasts.

It wasn’t a strange scenario to think about.

I had repeatedly slaughtered humans and turned them into undead all across the continent.

There wouldn’t be any significant difference even after adding demon beasts to that story.

From the perspective of the inhabitants of the Autonomous Region, they would see it as slaves suddenly being transformed into demon beasts in the middle of the Demon Lord’s Army’s invasion.

They would naturally think that it was the Demon Lord’s Army who had caused it.

I would also have concluded the same if I was in their position.

That was fine in itself.

It would only make the image of the Demon Lord be further seen as evil; it was rather gratifying.

It was in line with my original purpose.

What I wanted to avoid the most was the dispersion of evil.

It was my desire to unify all impressions of evil into a single entity known as the Demon Lord.

If it became known that the demon beast outbreak was caused by humans, it would lead to further conflict.

In that case, it would be more peaceful to just believe that the Demon Lord was the culprit.

As long as the mastermind was taken care of, the truth would be buried in the dark.

I should just take advantage of this uproar.

I could accept being accused as evil incarnate.

If that would lead to peace, then I would gladly accept it.

What has already happened cannot be changed.

What was important was the action taken after discovering that fact.

Instead of regretting the result, we should learn from the experience to make sure that the next one would be better.

Unless I could be that optimistic, I wouldn’t last as the Demon Lord.

I sent the Demon Lord’s Army back to the capital.

At the same time, I transferred myself to the capital of the Republic.

Since I was currently located in the Slave Autonomous Region, it would naturally make me traverse through the Demon Lord’s Territory.

Therefore, even if the distance in a straight line was quite far, my magic power capacity could easily send me directly to my destination.

I forcibly invaded the capital by destroying the transfer hindrance spell that had been installed there as usual.

I transferred over to the sky above the Republic’s capital.

The cityscape of the capital didn’t seem to have any peculiarities.

It was a decently prosperous city.

I could see traces of conflicts all over the place.

Perhaps, it was because they were currently in the midst of a civil war.

The reason it was silent despite that was because both the sides were resting at the moment.

Since they were still living things, their stamina was finite.

They were done with early clashes, and now they were in a blank phase before the next collision.

Probably, they were at the stage where both camps would just glare at each other.

There would be another battle after the arrival of noon.

However, that didn’t matter to me.

I just had to do my part quietly.

I needed to remind them that this was not the time to be enthusiastic about the civil war.

I went to the central area of the capital.

They must have noticed that their transfer inhibition spell had already been destroyed.

The army would go there soon.

I had to act quickly.

There was a large building that stood in the center of the capital.

This horizontally long building was clearly larger than its surrounding buildings.

It had a plain appearance, giving the impression that it was built only for pursuing its functionality.

That building was the facility which served a function similar to that of the royal castle in the Republic.

It was the place where the representatives held discussions and was the core functioning unit of the capital.

One could consider it as the heart of this nation.

I’ll give them what they deserve.

I activated my magic.

The earth began to rise with a rumbling sound.

The congressional facility built beside it tilted and collapsed with a squeak.

I used several lighting strikes to hit at that location.

The exploding thunder produced roaring sounds, shattering parts of the building.

From there, hands of flames rose and burned.

The black smoke was emitted in a hurry.

I activated another magic on top of that, which made several thick vines pop out.

Those things which grew from the ground entangled the congress facility and dragged it into the open earth.

Soon, the congressional facility was half buried in the ground.

And it was swallowed by the growing fire in that state.

Once it reached that point, I could hear the agitated voices and screams of the people.

Some of them were making noise as they had noticed my existence in the sky above.

I didn’t react to their actions and transferred about a thousand undead from the capital to this place.

As I distributed them to various locations across the capital, they all started attacking the nearby people at once.

The people who were stuck in further chaos either chose to run away from the undead or desperately fought back.

Those who were eaten up were revived as undead.

It was a pandemonium-like spectacle, but it was a very familiar sight to me.

After my planned actions had been brought to fruition, I watched the humans struggle.

The thousands of undead would eventually be expelled by the army of the Republic.

None of those thousands were specifically strengthened.

They also weren’t very strong since they’d been directly exposed to the sunlight.

They could easily be subdued with holy magic.

This should produce some casualties, but there won’t be enough to lead to the collapse of the capital.

I stopped my attack, and made such a judgment as I witnessed the scene below.

It was about the right amount of damage.

This attack also served as a warning.

It was an act that served to remind them of the threat that was the Demon Lord.

A half-hearted method would only rouse animosity and serve to encourage the warring faction.

But if I went this far, the people of the Republic would be scared.

Some might begin to think it better to not fight against the Demon Lord, choosing to go against the warring faction by their own will instead.

Due to the destruction of the congressional building and the attacks of the undead, their national power would decline.

While they wouldn’t be fully destroyed, the damage they would suffer through couldn’t be simply ignored.

I could expect that to have the effect of deterring further dark plotting and internal disturbance.

The mastermind, who had caused the turmoil, must have intended for the warring factions to be in control of the executive seat and to effectively control the Republic.

By that time, the people from the submissive faction would have been purged one after another.

Then they would steer the Republic’s policy towards confronting the Demon Lord.

Since they had taken such a forceful method, the citizens were likely to feel repulsed by that, but they could just ignore their opinion.

The moment they gained control over the military, executives could manage the country as they pleased.

The voices of the people didn’t matter to them.

My attack this time had stopped these developments from happening.

The citizens who had witnessed the power of the Demon Lord would desire to submit to peace.

There would be some people in the warring faction who would feel their determination sway.

The undead would also deplete their military.

All of these factors would be very annoying for the mastermind to deal with.

For the moment, I intended to not add further punishments for the Republic.

After that, I would ask the spies to gather information about this place.

I wanted to determine the manufacturer of the drug which had caused people to turn into demon beasts, and people who were related to these series of events.

If I were to investigate it flashily, there was a possibility that all related matters would be erased beforehand.

It would be best to ask my subordinates to investigate it behind the scenes.

I would fulfill my role as the Demon Lord by having other parties focus their gazes on my actions.

It was important to not let the other party notice my true intentions.

I feel so tempted…

If I could just simply destroy it, I wouldn’t have to think about it so much.

I could just ignore the enemy’s plot and use a series of forbidden spells to reduce the Republic into a scorched land.

I could also just send hundreds of thousands of reinforced undead to forcefully settle the problem.

All I needed to do then was to just wait and I would have gained tons of faithful pawns.

Of course, there was no way I could do any of that.

I did my actions for the sake of world peace.

I had to look ahead and choose my course of action rationally.

I can’t drown in power. I want to become the Demon Lord who brought peace.

As I was strongly reminded of my purpose, I returned to the royal capital.

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