The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 104: The Sage Invades the Republic

I decided to disperse the Demon Lord’s Army to deal with the Republican Army, which was approaching us from various parts of the region within the territory.

I dispatched executives and vice executives as commanders.

The incidents were all happening at the same time.

We would never be able to make it if we were to deal with each of them one by one.

Although some anxiety still remained, it was best to move separately.

I trusted them.

There were some who had questionable mentalities, but I could only hope for things to work out in the end.

At present, those who could match the demon beasts and demonkin in power were valuable.

I needed them to do their best.

On the other hand, I transferred myself to the capital of the Republic.

I didn’t bring any of my subordinates with me.

Due to the fact that all the personnel were devoted to dealing with the Republican Army, this was how it had ended up.

It was okay for me to move alone.

If I were to fight with all my might, my subordinates would only serve as shackles.

This time, we were at war against the Republic.

Therefore, I would investigate the capital, which was the central part of the nation.

I doubted that I would find Baruch hiding there, but there just might be some clues I could discover there.

The civil war, which had been led by the warring faction, had occurred in this land.

If Baruch had really intended to transform the Republican Army into the new Demon Lord’s Army, his preparations might have progressed secretly from there.

Even if I couldn’t find any clues, it wouldn’t matter.

I would just destroy the Republic’s important cities one after the other, with the capital as a starting point.

I would use the same methods I had used on the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory: using forbidden spells repeatedly to turn the Republic into a vacant lot.

If I commenced a slaughter of that scale, even Baruch would have no choice but to take action of some sort.

I’ve only been on the receiving end of his attacks this entire time, but his choices would certainly begin to limit if I began to strike back directly.

If I only do everything as he has planned, I would only make him happy.

There was no more reason for the Republic to survive.

It turned into a demonkin’s nation, as per Baruch’s wishes.

They would become a threat on a similar level as the Demon Lord’s Territory, and that would be detrimental for world peace.

In the future, it would bring great anxiety to the people.

That’s why I’ll destroy it thoroughly. Just like what I had done when I first became the Demon Lord.

I appeared above the capital just like before.

Then, I surveyed the city from that spot.

The demon beasts were densely filling the streets all over the place.

They wandered about aimlessly while moaning.

They were strangely calm for a group of demon beasts, and they showed no signs of attacking each other.

This scene reminded me of the undead under my control.

Baruch must have gained control over them through some sort of method.

As I attentively observed the demon beasts this time, I could see that there were interference spells surrounding them.

As expected, they were being manipulated.

Were all these demon beasts left here to defend the capital?

I reached this deduction as I continued to observe the demon beasts.

Perhaps, he had intended to exhaust the Demon Lord’s Territory through the first wave of attack and pile up the numbers to follow up later.

Regardless of the case, it was better to eliminate them.

As I was observing them, the demon beasts took notice of my existence.

The demon beasts which could fly and had excellent leg strength all approached at the same time.

I blocked the flying flames and icy breaths with protection magic.

The attack was quite powerful, but it wasn’t strong enough to be considered a problem.

The demon beasts jumped in without a pause.

They attacked using their claws and fangs.

It was an attack using their numbers, which left me with no space to evade.

But that is not a problem.

I sprinted in the air and wielded the keepsake sword.

The dismantled demon beasts started falling to the ground.

Those who had tried to attack me had already turned into pieces of meat and scattered.

After all, it was still but a beast.

The most they could do was to attack together.

While their bodies were strong, they lacked the skill to make use of such power.

Even as I swung my sword, I used my magic.

A small fireball was released from my hand and it fell fluidly.

Then, it quickly swooped into the midst of the demon beasts and exploded.

The demon beasts that had gotten a direct hit were burning and scattering about.

The fireball burst and, using their magic power as fuel, reconstructed itself.

The fireball, which had kept expanding, was about twice as big now.

The resurrected fireball struck another group of demon beasts in the vicinity and exploded, also using their magic power as fuel and gradually growing bigger.

That fireball would continue to explode semi-permanently as long as there was a target nearby.

It absorbed its victim’s magic power, gradually increasing its own power.

Humans, with their meager amount of magic power, could not act as victims to sustain this fireball for a long time, but that wasn’t the case with magic beasts.

I could just leave it alone and it would continue to track and kill the demon beasts.

That fireball was the result of my own experiments in modification of existing magic.

It was something I had developed just to genocide the demon beasts.

Since it had trouble recognizing its victim, it was an indiscriminate attack, so I couldn’t use it if an ally was within its vicinity.

However, it was close to the optimal solution in my current situation.

Leaving that aside, I turned my attention to the corpses of the demon beasts that had fallen apart.

The corpses wriggled by themselves and mixed together with other corpses to merge into a lump of flesh-like undead in the form of a centipede.

That thing spawned in endless human-sized variants.

Since all the necessary materials were scattered about, I didn’t feel the need to hesitate to combine them.

And the resulting hordes of centipedes struck towards the surviving demon beasts.

Since I had wanted to avoid a friendly fire, I directed them to go in the opposite direction from where the fireball was.

The demon beasts beat down the centipedes with all their might.

They roared, tore their torsos, and trampled their heads.

There were also creatures who opened their mouths and chewed on them.

The countless centipedes were knocked down in a blink of an eye.

However, these centipedes were undead.

Since they were just chunks of flesh lumped together, they had no vital points.

Even if they were crushed, they could connect with separate masses of flesh and revive themselves.

The centipedes made use of this toughness and retaliated against the demon beasts.

The demon beasts that got slain also turned into the undead, and began moving to increase the number of victims.

The situation had gradually been overturned.

It should be alright with this.

I judged as such when I saw the demon beasts being devoured by the undead.

With this, the preparations were complete.

Even if I left it alone at this point, the demon beasts would eventually be expelled.

Then, I only needed to wait for the correct moment to dispel the fireball and the number of undead would increase on its own.

My power had an absolute advantage against living beings.

Even if they were being controlled by spells, it meant nothing before the authority of the Valley of the Dead.

It was possible to either block or extinguish their power. 

Having realized the meaning of annihilation, I began to investigate the capital.

While cutting down the approaching demon beasts, I went around the main facility.

In the process, I managed to find various instructions and demon beast drugs.

They were located in a place that couldn’t be searched by spies, and where it also contained new information regarding the demon beast drug and the civil war.

However, both of these pieces of information already lost their worth.

They didn’t help add anything new to the current situation.

There hasn’t been much progress, but it can’t be helped.

I dispelled the fireball that was rampaging outdoors.

I could just leave all the remaining demon beasts to the undead.

Although the harvest was poor, I had managed to take away a big part of the Republic’s fighting force in advance.

Since the other side had decided to invade the Demon Lord’s Territory, I had gone and attacked the Republic alone.

In terms of invasion speed, mine had been much faster.

I would keep destroying cities as many times as it took to make Baruch reveal himself.

Considering how proud and committed he was, he wouldn’t be able to silently tolerate my rampage.

When I tried to transfer to another city, I sensed a suspicious magic reaction in the vicinity.

Soon, a window was pierced and something rolled out.

The one who had appeared was a lesser demonkin.

He convulsed, with his eyes white and foam forming in his mouth.

The magic power in his body had been interfered with by someone and he had been totally disturbed.

The demonkin eventually stood up, with white eyes still on his face.

“— Dwight Havelt. It’s been a long time. Did you retire from being a Sage?”

The demonkin spoke with a tone of mockery.

His mouth, which was smeared with foam, was pleasantly distorted.

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