The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 11: The Sage Encounters the Prisoner (Part 2)

“I’m tired of dealing with small fry. Let’s fight one-on-one.”

The man proposed with a smile reminiscent of a beast.
He didn’t seem to be joking. In fact, he seemed dead serious.

I stopped walking and replied, a short distance away.

“What do you mean, fight one-on-one? I don’t have time for—”


The man moved as if to interrupt my words.
He crouched and dashed, almost crawling across the floor.
He appeared in front of my eyes in a blink of an eye, doing a roundhouse kick to mow me down.
I immediately dodged my upper body to the side.


A strong impact ran under my chin, and bone fragments went flying.
The kick rushed past my face and crushed it.
If I was a human, my brain would have shifted in my skull, making me immobile. But I was now an immortal with nothing but bones.
This degree of damage was a trifle.

“You fragile bonehead! Entertain me some more!”

The man unleashed a tight punch provocatively.
I deployed defense magic right in the nick of time.
The man’s fist sunk into the defense magic, grating against it. Cracks ran all across my defenses, as they were crushed to pieces.

However, his attack speed slowed down slightly.
I took advantage of that moment and jumped away, creating some distance between us.

…His destructive power is outrageous.

I was honestly impressed.
There were no traces of him having used magic.
It was a purely physical attack that had pierced through my barriers.
No matter how sloppy it was, it shouldn’t have been so easy to break. But it was now undeniable, considering it just happened in front of my eyes.

Close combat with him was a bad idea.
Although I had mastered various combat techniques from the Valley of the Dead, some of which were excellent melee attacks, I was a little weaker than the man in front of me.
I could only rival him in swordsmanship. However, there was no need to overcomplicate things and match his strengths.

I was a sage when I was alive.
I was adept at attacking my opponent’s weak point from a distance.
My ability as an undead was suited towards a mage as well.

I manipulated the undead around me and made them leap at the man, all at once!
Unlike the semi-instinctual attack from before, it was a clear order from me.
Their coordinated movements would become increasingly difficult to deal with.

“Ohhh? “

The man’s eyes grew wide in surprise.
He quickly grabbed the long desk and swung around it with his whole body again.
The undead scattered with a thunderous roar.
Their attacks did not reach him.
He obliterated them with only one table swing.

Was my method just now, useless?

However, in battle, the time spent on just one blow was fatal.
I brought my palms together and thrust them out, releasing an enormous fireball.
The fireball burned the floor as it went on a trajectory that swallowed the enemy.

Failing to avoid it, the man’s figure vanished within the flames.
Subsequently, the fireball crashed into the wall of the room, causing a big explosion.
The walls and floor were greatly damaged, emitting dense smoke.


I observed the point of explosion vigilantly.
After a while, a figure stepped out from the white smoke.

“That hurts. Any more, and I would have become grilled meat.”, the man muttered, brushing off the dust from his tattered prison uniform.

He barely bled from his body, and upon closer inspection, his palm seemed burnt.
It was hard to believe, but he held down that fireball with his bare hands, even though it had the strength to easily pulverize magic reinforced castle walls.

Luciana rushed to observe the man.

“Demon Lord, are you alright? “

“Ahh, I’m fine.”

I stopped Luciana as she prepared to touch my broken jaw.
The damage could be resolved by switching the body.
I would be fine even if I were smashed into dust.

Luciana, on the other hand, glanced at the man ominously.

“Really, who is he? He doesn’t just rival a hero and far exceeds the capabilities of your average hero!”

It wasn’t strange for her to wonder.
I answered as I set up my next magic attack.

“Henry Blakin. An invincible and undefeated warrior who was thought to be the one with the highest chances of killing the Demon Lord.”

Should I maybe do chapter previews?

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I ChoCked On Stick
I ChoCked On Stick
3 years ago

I like his nature it’s compatible with some of my aspects in real life , cant wait to see how he develops in the story .

1 year ago

well, his attitude is more protagonist like than the skeleton, in a sense

3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter desu~

If the Demon Lord was a Sage, then that prisoner is a Berserker.

[…His destructive power is outrageous]
* outrageous —> outrageous!

1 year ago
Reply to  Mio

that’s a remark in raw, not exclamation. there’re rarely anything that makes our skeleton replied anything outside bland reply, which quickly make you bored of him.

Justinn De la Cruz Wong
Justinn De la Cruz Wong
3 years ago

I quite like this series. And yes chap previews would be good but i would atill prefer to read completed chaps as it feels more fulfilling to read em

1 year ago

and so, there’s no chap preview…