The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Comakke

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Chapter 111: The Sage Surpasses the Previous Demon Lord

The body of the fallen Demon Lord began to decay.

This was because she lost her horn, which was the catalyst of her resurrection.

Having lost what kept her in the world of the living, her body began to return to the dead.  

The Demon Lord laughed in self-deprecation as she saw her own body.

“Once again, I… lost, I see… I should be ashamed, of it…”

I stopped walking after I reached a certain amount of distance.

Then I asked her a question.

“If you had killed me, what would you have done?” 

“I would have… restored the demonkin. It was all the same, ten years ago… We have always been oppressed… The species who brought disaster upon us, humans, dominated the land. That’s why I have to eliminate them… 

“The species who brought disaster, huh.”

I muttered that word, and it reflected inside my heart.

The claim of the Demon Lord was correct.

I was born because of the results of humanity’s choice.

Although I had no intention of imposing that responsibility on them, that was certainly a factor I could not ignore. 

“Humanity is foolish. That has been… proven by history… I intended to erase the history of humanity, and pave a new path for the demonkin…” 

The Demon Lord revealed her true intentions.

I never knew she had such a thought.

Before, we had only fought without ever conversing with each other.

The Demon Lord looked at me with a hollow gaze.

She strung her words along as blood continued to spill out from her mouth.

“Successor… Kill me. That’s the right of the victor… Use my corpse as a stepping stone and move forward.” 

“…Aah, I understand.”

I nodded and raised my sword.

This keepsake sword was the fatal weakness of the Demon Lord.

The previous Demon Lord, the current generation of Hero, and the Saint.

All three of them had something in common.

All of them had died by this blade.

With their blood embedded within its history, the Demon Lord had only one fate ahead of her. 

It was her fateful weakness. 

Any wound she received by this blade wouldn’t regenerate easily, and death would come quickly if her brain or heart were destroyed by it. 

It didn’t matter how much vitality she had left, she would still meet death. 

Since the Demon Lord lost her catalyst, she would perish even if I left her alone.

However, I wouldn’t know what she might do during that gap of time.

I should finish her now.

 “The world is yours to change now, huh…”

The Demon Lord murmured such a thing.

Her gaze was lifted up towards the sky.

I wasn’t reflected within it.

“That’s sudden of you.”

“Well… I wished to see how it would all turn out… This is no good. To have regrets at this point, how pathetic…”

The Demon Lord laughed.

It was a weak appearance one couldn’t have imagined from her until now.

Perhaps she no longer needed to hold back now that death drew near.

Perhaps this is her original personality?

As a Demon Lord, one must never show their weaknesses.

They must hide their true intentions, and behave ruthlessly at times.

The previous days had  made me keenly aware of that.

“Sage Dwight, is it…? I’ll be rooting for you from the depths of hell…”

As she said that, the Demon Lord closed her eyes.

She had a peaceful expression.

“…Predecessor, rest in peace.”

I told her quietly as I thrusted the sword into her. 

The blade pierced her heart, which caused the Demon Lord’s body to harden into stone. 

Then, it began to collapse.

What was left was a pile of ashes.

There was no vestige of the Demon Lord left within it. 

A passing breeze took the ashes away with it. 

I pulled my sword away. 

Suddenly, I heard a moan from a distance.

I looked in that direction.

“GuuO… Agaga… Giii…”

There, Baruch was trying to stand up while leaking strange noises.

Soaked in blood, he continued to make these sounds as he struggled. 

So he’s still alive.

I thought he was already dead, but it seemed he managed to hold on to life.

The wound caused by the thrust of Demon Lord’s spear had closed up and his blood had stopped spilling. 

He seemed to possess some kind of regeneration ability.

I approached him with my sword in hand.


Baruch looked at me with a terrified expression.

He hurriedly rummaged his chest and pulled out a vial.

It was filled with purple liquid.

Is that a demon beast drug…?

I observed the content of the vial.

The cornered Baruch seemingly intended to use his last resort.

He was very tenacious.

Even after the Demon Lord was defeated, he still hadn’t given up his intention to kill me.

As Baruch opened the vial, he swallowed its content without hesitation.

He downed it whole, threw the empty bottle and stared at me.


Baruch’s scream sounded low and distorted.

His slender body bloated and his skin began to turn green.

His clothes failed to hold on his growing body and burst out.

Wings grew from his back and a tail emerged from behind him.


The skin of his head was torn and horns protruded out.

His wide-open mouth was filled with fangs.

His rapidly growing magic power was incomparable from before.

Baruch, who used to have a human appearance, was transformed in a blink of an eye.

He took a form which was difficult to distinguish from demonkin or demon beast.

“You aloneeEe! I will NEver forgive yOU!”

Baruch compressed magic power on both of his arms.

He imbued both fists with it along and began to strike at me with intent to kill

I retaliated using my keepsake sword, cutting off both of his hands.

They fell onto the ground.


Baruch screamed as his blood spurted out.

As I saw his upper body lean back, I slashed towards his knees.

The swing of the blade tore his thighs and lumbar region.

Baruch dropped to his knee as his tendon tore.

Yet he still didn’t give up; he lurched forward to bite me.

I slashed at both of Baruch’s eyes with a swing of my sword.

Despite his scream of agony, I still continued to attack him. 

There was no need for mercy.

I needed to thoroughly deprive him of the ability to resist. 

“Giiii, Guuu…”

Baruch could only moan in pain.

His arms were hanging loosely and could hardly move anymore.

His wings and tail were also bisected through the middle.

Muddy blood poured out from his whole body, polluting the ground below.

This is the end.

Even that demon beast drug was nothing but a desperate attempt.

It had only taken me by surprise for a moment, and it seemed as though he had nothing else to resort to.  

Baruch shouted out as I was about to cut him down.

“Wa, wait A moment! LeT me, NeGOtiaTE.”


I stopped my sword.

Baruch, who spoke with strange pronunciation, put a smile on his monster-like face.

“If it is Me, It should be POssIBBle to ResURReCT the HerO! Since I MaNAGed to reVIVe the DemON LorD-SaMA, IT ShoULD be POssiblE…!”

What he said was simply a final plea to spare his life. 

It was an old method, but a reasonable choice to take.

He tried to draw my interest using the word “Hero” and to try and survive

It wasn’t a bad method. However…

I looked back at Baruch without any reaction.

He gulped and spoke even louder.

“Aah, Dwight! Don’t yOU feel like MEEtINg the Hero again?! I Can SeE That yoU are! You’re LONging to Meet Her AGAin! Therefore, CHOose Wise—”

“I refuse.”

I swung the keepsake sword.

Baruch’s head was flung up, leaving his body behind.

After spinning in the air, it fell to the ground.

As a red fountain burst out from his neck, the magic power inside of him scattered away and collapsed.

I avoided the outpouring of blood and lowered my sword.

There were no signs of any more attacks. 

I shook his blood off my blade and returned it to its sheath.

—Thus, I put an end to this series of turmoil.

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2 years ago

I thought the previous Demon Lord would also become a subordinate. But rip.

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Well, just see how it turns out.