The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Comakke

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Chapter 114: The Sage Stops Trying to Think

It was midnight; I was still working at the office.

Since it was already late, no new documents were coming in.

All that was left was to finish off the remaining paperwork.

There was only myself, Grom, and Luciana in the room.

The other workers were resting in a separate room.

I had ordered them to do so.

They were going to overwork themselves otherwise.

They were hesitant to rest before we did, but in this case, we had just the right people left to finish the work.

It was close to impossible for people with ordinary physical strength to do the same amount of work as we did.

It would be more helpful if they led a regular life and did their best when tomorrow came.

As the three of us worked silently, the door suddenly opened.

Logan’s head peeked through the door.

He had an awkward expression on his face.

“Dwight, there’s a guest.”

My hand stopped at his words.

I felt like sighing.

A guest at this late time…

As for the visitor who would want to see me, there was only one person who came to mind.

There was no way it could be anyone else.

Another person appeared as Logan entered the room and it was the person I expected — the previous Demon Lord, Diella.

She greeted us with a friendly tone.

“Good evening, I came to visit tonight as well.”

Diella roamed around the room as she looked at my hands.

She grumbled as she saw that.

“What is this? You’re still doing this kind of cumbersome thing? When I was the Demon Lord, I just lived comfortably as I pleased.” 

“That just meant all the burdens got passed to us instead, though…”

Luciana complained in a whisper.

She stared at Diella.

As Diella noticed her stare, Luciana’s comment seemed to sink in and she began to protest in disbelief. 

“Oh Luciana, do you mean to say I was lazy?! That definitely wasn’t the case. I did it to keep my dignity as the Demon Lord…”

“Okay, okay, enough of your excuses. If you’re so free, can you just help? We’re lacking personnel here.”

Luciana passed a few documents to Diella.

Diella immediately shook her head and refused.

“No way, I don’t like doing paperwork.”

As she said that, she came behind me and whispered through her hand.

“Hey, Demon Lord. Just leave this boring task and fight with me. I want to show off my newly developed skill.”

“If you’re looking for a mock battle, how about asking Henry?”

“I did ask that archer, but he refused since he had to conduct military training. That man sure is quite dedicated despite his rough appearance.”

Diella mixed in a compliment with her complaint. 

It seemed that Henry was still conducting military training at this late hour.

He really had a serious attitude when it came to battle.

His thorough guidance was one of the major reasons why the Demon Lord’s Army could keep winning against other nations.

“So all that is left is you. Could you please listen to my wish?”

“I can’t just abandon my work in the middle of it. Just ask someone else.”

“Well, well, you’re still stubborn as usual…”

Diella arched her mouth.

She didn’t seem to be convinced of my declining response just yet.

At that time, Grom stood from his chair.

He strode toward her and faced Diella.

“Oh, Predecessor, do not bother Demon Lord-sama. I can not stay silent about it any longer.”

“Ho-ho, then what will you do about it?”


Grom choked up on Diella’s response.

It seemed he wasn’t able to prepare a retort. 

On the other hand, Diella had a teasing smile on her face.

In the last six months, both of them have already become aware of each other’s personality.

She must have bothered Grom on purpose.

The flames in the eyes of Grom, who stopped thinking, erupted.

He clenched his fist and proclaimed to Diella.

“…Then this Grom shall put a stop to your breath!”

“Good resolve you have there! I’ll gladly accept your challenge!”

I felt weak as I heard and witnessed their exchange.

I managed to endure it by holding my head in my hands

…Why is this happening again?

Grom’s thoughts were going way too far to follow. 

To say he was short-circuiting would be an understatement. 

Due to conflicts of various emotions within him, he ended up drawing such an unbelievable conclusion.

In the end, both Grom and Diella jumped out of the room.

Those two might fight each time they meet from now on.

He was totally pulled along by Diella’s words.

Luciana, who’d watched the chaotic series of events, sighed exaggeratedly.

As she put her chin on her hand, she asked me.

“Demon Lord-sama, are you okay with that? If you’re not, I’ll drag him back now.”

“No, let him be. We’ll finish while they’re busy.”


We resumed our office work.

Logan, who was left behind, moved to leave the room.

“I will watch over the situation for the time being. I’ll contact you if anything happens.”

“Sorry for the trouble, and thank you.”

With Logan watching, things wouldn’t get too out of hand.

He should be able to calm the situation.

He was a man who could scold anyone, even if the other party was the previous Demon Lord.

In fact, I have already witnessed such scenes several times.

I respected his courage.

After the situation had settled, I continued the office work with Luciana when the nearby window opened.

The person who entered was Yuura who carried her custom-made golem.

She stopped in front of me.

“Warning to the Master — the individual named Grom and individual named Diella have either abandoned their duty or obstructed the duty being carried out. I advise for both of them to be dealt with.”

“…I command you to keep them under surveillance. Keep your eyes on them.”

“Receiving Master’s order — commence tracking.” 

Yuura jumped out of the window and burst flame from beneath her legs to fly away.

She eventually disappeared into the night sky.

In the end, it was unknown why she chose to enter through the window.

Considering Yuura’s personality, she must have chosen it as the shortest and most efficient route to take.

I felt she lacked a bit of common sense.

She seemed to need more education.

As I thought of it, Luciana smiled.

She stretched her body as she sighed.

“The Demon Lord’s Army is getting lively.”

“You’re right.”

I agreed with her.

It was so lively that we couldn’t do our late-night work in peace.

“Is it closer to the future you desire?”

“Although I didn’t expect it to end up quite like this, this doesn’t feel bad. The Demon Lord’s Army is working well.”

I told her my honest opinion.

Although various people intruded, I didn’t feel particularly inconvenienced.

Rather, it helped me instead.

Luciana looked at the ceiling as she muttered.

“I think the previous Demon Lord — Diella-sama is impressed. The situation now something inconceivable with the old Demon Lord’s Army.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Even if we called it the Demon Lord’s Army, it was only roughly structured at that time. It was mostly a situation where powerful devils led fights as they liked. Having a command system or any structural organization was something unimaginable back then. You should know that well, right?”

As I heard her self-deprecating question, I nodded.

I was reminded of days from more than a decade ago.

It was when I was still human and fought against devils for the sake of the world.

Indeed, they were not properly commanded.

I looked back on those days.

If the devils could have cooperated well, humanity would have never stood a chance.

It was because they didn’t that we managed to be able to defeat them at all. 

“The previous era was like that, after all. Yet, the fact that this kind of army and vast territory was gained in this short amount of time, doesn’t that prove you have talent as a Demon Lord? If only we had managed to make you defect to us, the end result might have changed.”

“…I wonder about that?”

I gave her an ambiguous reply.

Even if I somehow sided with the devilkin, I think the end result wouldn’t have changed.

Because the Hero — that person would have blocked the path.

She would still continue to protect the world even if I had betrayed her.

I was well aware she was that kind of person.

If we ended up fighting, I couldn’t win against her.

Was it still the case even now?

I suddenly wondered about that.

I thought for a bit then stopped.

It was something I didn’t want to imagine.

Even the act of guessing the result of such an act was horrifying.


I felt a dull headache and shifted my gaze.

There was a crystal on the pedestal.

The remains within the crystal still existed there.

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