The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 122: The Sage Receives Advice from the Great Spirit

There was no change in Yuura’s appearance.

However, the amount of magic power and spirit power she currently possessed was off the charts.

It was an amount that was absolutely impossible for her to have in her normal state.

Is this the Great Spirit? 

I instantly understood.

The Great Spirit, who had created Yuura, was possessing her.

That was the only explanation for her current state.

The presence I was currently sensing was also similar to what I had felt back then.

On the other hand, Diella squinted her eyes happily.

She put on a fearless smile as she talked to the Great Spirit.

“Hohou, so you came right as we talked about you. Eavesdropping is a bad hobby, you know.”

“So is talking about someone behind their back. Know that arrogance can destroy you.”

“I only stated the truth. If it is you, you should be able to tell the difference compared to my former self, right?”

As Diella said that, the Great Spirit fell silent.

Her line of sight was focused at Diella.

She then spoke with an impressed tone.

“That is indeed tremendous power you wield. It goes over the normal limit.”

“That’s the case, isn’t it? You can praise me more.” 

Diella proudly spoke in a good mood.

Looking at their exchange, it seemed as if they had already known each other for a long time.

It seemed Diella had met the Great Spirit before during her reign as the Demon Lord.

The Great Spirit glanced at Diella and then said something unexpected.

“Even so, I didn’t expect you to have revived. It seems you managed to overcome your fate of ruin.”

“Kuhaha, I am indestructible. I will keep reviving as much as I like.”

Diella confidently said so. 

Her revival was the result of a series of coincidences, but she boasted about it for some reason.

I thought it would be boorish to point that out, so I chose to keep silent.

Even if I spoke, it would only make Diella angry anyway.

The Great Spirit, who had been talking to Diella all this time, looked towards me.

She then spoke with a somewhat calm tone.

“It’s been a while. It seems you are still working on achieving world peace.”

“Did you monitor me through Yuura?”

“Yes. I was watching your actions on a regular basis. I didn’t expect you to make peace with the Previous Demon Lord, but I am glad that there was no problem overall.”

The connection between the Great Spirit and Yuura should have been cut.

However, it seemed she had reconnected it in secret to watch my movements.

It wasn’t strange for her to be capable of doing that.

I had also considered such a possibility myself.

Because of the event related to the mystical stone, the Great Spirit seemed to hold some sort of interest towards me.

It was well within my expectation for her to try to meet with me again.

The Great Spirit looked at us, then gave us a bow.

“Regarding my offshoot — I have confirmed it by syncing my memories with Yuura’s. It seems she was raised in a good environment. Thank you very much.”

“No, I also appreciate it. Yuura has also helped me a lot.”

Yuura was the offshoot of the Great Spirit who had been entrusted to me by her.

She had also gained some achievements through her actions; even in the Demon Lord’s Army.

Even during the demon beast outbreak that had happened back then, she had saved the lives of many people.

She had helped others with what she could and was loved by others as if she was their own child.

She was now an indispensable presence for the Demon Lord’s Army.

After I looked back at Yuura’s contribution, I asked the Great Spirit.

“What do you need today?”

“I wanted to talk with the Previous Demon Lord.”

As she heard the Great Spirit’s answer, Diella pointed towards herself.

She tilted her head in wonder.

“Talk with me?”

“Yes. Your power is likely to have a huge impact on the world. Therefore, I decided to warn you once again.”

I was convinced as I heard the Great Spirit’s goal.

The Great Spirits had a role as the defense mechanism.

They existed to prevent the destruction of the world.

For her, there was no way she could overlook the revival of Diella.

Diella, who had always possessed great power even during her time as the Demon Lord, now possessed even more strength.

If she moved with such intention, the world would likely fall under a threat of destruction.

Naturally, she would be monitored by the defense mechanism to prevent that.

Diella, who had revived after many twists and turns, now had also gained the power of the Hero and the Saint.

She had no apparent weakness, and therefore, became a formidable foe.

Her presence was known in the neighboring nations.

As expected, she was recognized as my subordinate, and they were greatly cautious of her.

Obviously, Diella herself wasn’t aware of such a fact.

“Don’t worry. I’m no longer the Demon Lord. I’m just enjoying my life in retirement. Further, I also serve as a deterrent in case this guy goes berserk. Isn’t that right, Dwight?”

Diella calmly spoke as she looked at me.

I could feel a bizarre trust from her.

Even as I wondered what that gaze meant, I nodded.

“…That’s right. If it does happen, stop me even if you have to kill.”

If there was anyone who threatened the world’s peace, they were to be eliminated immediately, regardless of who they might be.

That was my duty.

Such determination hadn’t ever changed since my time as a human.

The Great Spirit who heard our exchange spoke in a quiet tone.

“The defense mechanism other than me is also paying close attention to you.  Please be careful.”

That was the first time I had heard such information.

However, it wasn’t something to be surprised about.

I was the Demon Lord.

Even now, we were in the midst of an ongoing war against humanity.

It wasn’t weird for the defense mechanism to pay attention to me.

They would surely come and mercilessly attack me, depending on my actions.

The threat I possessed to the world was incomparable with that of the human army.

Since such a situation didn’t do me any good, I would be careful not to let it happen.

As I was thinking about disciplining myself, the Great Spirit stared at me.

She then told me after a short pause.

“The fate of ruin will come at you with all its might. Don’t let your guard down.”

“What does that—“

When I tried to ask her, her body started to exude light.

Her overwhelming magic power and spirit power soon disappeared, leaving only the usual figure of Yuura behind.

She looked around then reported to me in a slightly confused manner.

“A brief gap in memory confirmed — I’m terribly sorry, it seems I lost consciousness.”

“…You must be tired. Go ahead and rest.”

“Approving Master’s suggestion — I will return to rest.”

Yuura nodded obediently and flew to the direction where the capital was.

It seemed she had no memory of our brief exchange.

Perhaps her consciousness was driven away when the Great Spirit possessed her.

After witnessing the series of events, Diella chuckled wryly.

“She just left after saying some words with deep meanings. She should have at least explained what it was about though.”

“She also had her own circumstances. She was in a situation where she couldn’t really take sides.”

The defense mechanism basically stayed neutral.

If one were to strongly insist, they were allies of the world.

However, that definitely didn’t mean that they were allies of humanity.

The Great Spirit explained that they just happened to be saved because of their actions.

She also didn’t seem interested in human survival.

Her opinion was also similar to that of a Demon Lord like me.

The defense mechanism wouldn’t help any particular force.

Even having a conversation like the one before must have been due to exceptional measures.

“Are you worried after listening to her ominous words?”

“Not really, it happens all the time.”

I shook my head.

Having my life targeted was a daily occurrence.

Even during my days as a human, the demonkin’s assailants would repeatedly keep targeting me.

Ever since I became immortal, I have been engaged in a war against humanity.

Furthermore, the will of the world had also intervened and tried to destroy me several times.

I was already used to such a situation.

Even if she told me I was destined for ruin, it didn’t really move my heart.

However, I had no intention of letting my guard down.

It was none other than the Great Spirit who warned me about that.

Perhaps somewhere in the world, some sort of phenomenon had occurred and was trying to kill me.

It was best to keep alert.

“Fumu, it seems you are used to it. You sure have it hard.”

Diella spoke as if it had nothing to do with her.

Her lack of dignity made me worried.

However, she probably didn’t care about such things.

As she had lost her title as the Demon Lord, she took things easy.

I suddenly thought of something and asked Diella about it.

“Do you have any advice for me regarding how to live as a Demon Lord? I want to know your opinion as my senior.”

“Hm, let’s see…”

Diella looked up and frowned.

She was still the Previous Demon Lord despite how she looked.

She had made humanity suffer for long years, and the fact that she had built up a dark age wasn’t an empty achievement.

Her reign as the Demon Lord was longer than mine.

Since she was such a person, perhaps she had some sort of secret.


Diella was silent for a while.

It seemed she was seriously thinking about it.

When she did eventually raise her face, she lifted her arms and answered powerfully.

“If you have any problem, just hit it to solve it! Violence is justice!”

“I see…”

I just gave her a response out of formality.

It seemed it would be better to think of an answer myself.

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10 months ago

Diella’s philosophy is basically “Violence is not the answer. Violence is the question, and the answer is always yes!”

3 months ago
Reply to  Kiro


Everything could be solved with violence. if not, add more violence,