The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 127: The Sage Revisits the Elven Village

As we walked through the forest, I began to feel a little stuffy.

I felt a slight burning sensation as my bones creaked with each of my movements.

To be honest, it wasn’t a big enough deal for me to care, but it also didn’t make sense to leave it alone.

I applied protective magic to Grom and myself.

The pain on my whole body disappeared without a trace.

This solved the problem.

At that moment, Diella turned around.

“That was quite a holy aura, are you okay after receiving it?”

“There’s no problem.”

I nodded as I responded.

The forest of the World Tree has a powerful holy atmosphere.

The deeper we ventured in, the stronger it became.

For a common undead, they would be incapacitated by the concentration of holy magic.

“I’m glad. If you end up purified, that can’t be passed off as a joke.”

Diella placed a hand to her chest in relief.

If she felt concerned about that, then why did she ask to use the forest of the World Tree as the banquet venue?

Since it was her we were talking about, I guess she didn’t think too much about it before making a decision.

It was a very Diella-like attitude.

After walking for some time, Diella turned her eyes towards me.

She inspected me from head to toe.

Was there something wrong with me?

As I checked myself with that thought in mind, I found nothing wrong with my body.

I didn’t find anything of concern.

As I was confused about her actions, Diella sheepishly said.

“I had the impression that immortals are unable to be active during daytime, but it seems like I have to change my thinking as I look at you two.”

“We’re just exceptions to that rule. Sunlight is still a poison for the undead.”

Immortals were relatively vulnerable.

They did have several advantages over the living, but they also gained various weaknesses from being undead.

Holy magic was one such typical weakness.

There were many prominent immortals that have appeared over the course of time.

However, they’d all met their end and were totally annihilated.

They were also often portrayed to be defeated in Heroes’ epics.

That was the common perception of immortals.

When I first became the Demon Lord, people considered me a threat that would be quickly resolved.

They judged that it was a problem that could be settled within the kingdom and didn’t take immediate action.

Even when I declared myself as the Demon Lord, they must have thought it was an empty boast.

That was the reason I managed to take over the kingdom quickly.

Although I did expect that to happen, I was grateful that the other nations did not interfere during the initial period.

“Don’t you have thoughts about becoming a human again? I don’t think there’s any need for you to remain as an immortal to name yourself the Demon Lord.”

“I haven’t really thought about it. In the first place, I can’t revert to being a human again regardless of what method I choose to use.”

I said so resolutely.

Perhaps she felt something deeper in my words as Diella gave me a meaningful gaze.

“Is it because of the curse of the Valley of the Dead?”

“That’s right.”

Within me, I possessed the authority of the Valley of the Dead.

I could have an almost inexhaustible power supply from that land, and I would offer corpses to the Valley of the Dead in return.

It was a symbiotic relationship, so to speak.

However, it didn’t mean that everything about this arrangement was good.

I was bound to the Valley of the Dead.

If that land were to be purified, it also meant my life would be in danger.

Regardless of what magic I use, there was no way to revert back from being an immortal.

The authority of the Valley of the Dead interfered with such a process.

Regardless of how hard I tried, there was no way for me to stop being immortal.

The moment I was no longer immortal, that meant I would die a second time.

Obviously, I had no intention to cause such a situation to happen.

Therefore, I would remain as the immortal Demon Lord forever.

As she wore a mystified expression, Diella shifted her gaze to Grom.

She then quietly asked him.

“Do you want to become human?”

“This body of mine is an important thing Demon Lord-sama gave to me. I’m most satisfied with it.”

Grom immediately replied to her question.

There was no hesitation in his answer, and a strong sense of determination could be heard.

In a sense, he might have more resolve than I do on this.

If I was asked about it, I would leave the decision to Grom, but it seemed he liked the body of an immortal.

To be precise, the important part was to be as similar to an existence as I was.

If I became a human, Grom would happily follow me and become one.

As we chatted whilst we walked, we eventually saw a group of wooden houses in front of us.

It was the elven village.

It seemed we had arrived before we knew it.

Diella immediately rushed ahead.

“We’ve arrived!”

The elven village that I have not visited in a while was rather lively.

It showed the peaceful life led within.

I didn’t sense any hostility directed at us.

The elves bowed as they met our eyes.

The reactions seemed lackluster, but it was normal for them.

It wasn’t like we were hated by them.

Rather, it was their way of welcoming us.

If they truly rejected us, we wouldn’t have been able to reach the village that easily.

Regardless of their circumstances, the elves never gave up their dignity.

Even if their lives would be lost otherwise, they were a race who wouldn’t abandon their beliefs.

That was the reason why I liked them.

Although we might have a master and subordinate relationship on the surface, we remained respectful to the elves.

Ever since I moved the forest to this place, we successfully made them accept us through our treatment and care for them.

“I am passing through! Move out of the way.”

Diella hollered as she walked.

Although it didn’t disturb anyone on the road, it was a heartfelt shout.

Grom and I apologized to the elves who felt troubled by her attitude as we walked.

It was very annoying to do so repetitively.

Eventually, we arrived at chieftain Logan’s house.

He was waiting out front.

“The banquet is supposed to begin at night, but you sure arrived early. Did you look forward to it that much?”

“Dwight just couldn’t wait, so we came early.”

Diella said as she sighed.

Logan frowned as he confirmed with her.

“…Is that so?”


Diella nodded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

It was actually a big fat lie, but her tone made it seem true.

I didn’t correct her since it was too troublesome, and also stopped Grom who was about to argue with her.

Logan had a knowing look, but continued talking.

“The others will come soon. Just relax until then. For now, you can take a walk in the forest.”

“Can I go see the World Tree?”

“…I don’t mind as long as Dwight accompanies you.”

Diella immediately sprung into motion once she heard that.

She glanced back and beckoned me to come along.

“Okay! Thank you for giving your permission! Let’s go immediately, Dwight! Follow my lead.”

Diella ran deeper into the village without waiting for my response.

As she passed, forcing the elves to hurriedly move away, her figure soon disappeared into the forest.

It seemed like she was really curious about the World Tree.

Her interest seemed to have been piqued as it was something she didn’t get to see during her time as the Demon Lord.

After witnessing this series of events, I looked to Logan.

“…You just forced her upon me, didn’t you?”

“It can’t be helped. She needs a babysitter. Also, it isn’t like you have no interest in the World Tree either.”

Logan argued resolutely.

That was indeed true.

It was a rare opportunity for me to see the World Tree.

So I was interested in that.

I asked Grom.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m sorry, since I have to prepare the dishes, I can’t accompany you.”

“I understand.”

I nodded and began to move towards where Diella had run off.

I actually wanted to take a break in peace, but it couldn’t be helped.

I would just play along with Diella’s selfishness for now.

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