The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 128: The Sage Goes to the World Tree

I walked through the elven village. 

I found Diella’s back in front of me shortly after.

She looked a little apologetic as she awaited my arrival.

“I’m sorry. I just really wanted to see the World Tree.”

“Don’t worry. I’m also interested in it.”

I was allowed to see the World Tree.

It was an attractive offer, even with the obligation of babysitting Diella added to the mix.

It wasn’t a bad payoff.

Diella had a strange expression on her face when she heard my reply.

“Have you never seen it?”

“Yes, it’ll be my first time seeing it.”

“Fumufumu, then I look forward to it even more.”

Diella smiled happily.

It was unclear why she had such a reaction.

I had known her for some time, but there were still many things I didn’t understand about her.

I could hardly get a read on her actions and words.

At that moment, I heard a familiar voice call out from a distance.

“Demon Lord-sama, Diella-sama!”

Luciana was flying towards us.

She landed elegantly.

It showed her proficiency in flying at low altitudes.

Diella wondered and asked Luciana.

“Why are you here already? I thought you were supposed to arrive just before the banquet?”

“I finished my work early. I wanted to hurry and take a break.”

Luciana said so with a satisfied expression.

She seemed to look forward to the banquet.

Somehow, she was in a better mood than usual.

It might have been cruel to put a damper on her mood by talking business, but I had something I was curious about and decided to ask anyway.

“What of the other nations’ movements?”

“There have been no problems. There seems to be no sign of them preparing to invade the Demon Lord’s Territory. Instead they are trying to stabilize the recently liberated territory.”

“I see.”

I was relieved when I heard Luciana’s opinion on the topic.

Even though I was already aware of it, I really wanted a confirmation.

The nations that liberated the Republic were currently governing the territory.

Once they realized the Demon Lord’s Army wasn’t going to retaliate, they set out to stabilize the territory.

They wouldn’t be attacking the Demon Lord’s Territory for some time.

If there were any, it would be the heralds leading a small team of elites. 

But it was unlikely to happen since I had a track record of killing the Hero and the Saint.

Since the Holy Scepter Kingdom and Magic Kingdom experienced defeat once, they would be careful before making a decision.

Luciana stared at my face.

Her red lips blurted out a question. 

“As expected, are you worried?”

“…I won’t deny that.”

I honestly admitted.

It made me uncomfortable to stay away from the capital for long.

Even though I was convinced there wouldn’t be any problems, I couldn’t help but be worried.

All the thoughts that passed through my mind were pessimistic.

It was all just my ridiculous imagination.

It wasn’t like there was a factor that made me feel anxious.

Nevertheless, I still pondered upon the worst possibility.

Back then, that person also had told me I was a worrywart.

This bad habit of mine still persisted it seemed.

It made me feel pathetic.

Since all my subordinates were optimistic, it made me feel the difference all the more.

When I was lost in my partial self-loathing, Luciana smacked my back hard.

It pushed me forward a little.

She reassured me with a small laugh.

“Don’t worry. Nothing major will happen even if you leave for a while. Also, since it’s you, you can just return in an instant right?”

It was as Luciana said.

If I were to use transfer magic, I could instantly return to the capital.

It wouldn’t take much effort to do so.

Furthermore, I could detect magic abnormalities there even from this place.

I was well aware that the capital was in a peaceful state.

On top of that, there were several protective measures for the capital put in place.

Even if the heralds were to charge in, those measures would buy me some time.

The current capital could be considered the world’s safest region as it was practically impossible to destroy without me detecting it.

“It is as you say. Sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry about it. I like your cautiousness, you know?”

“Thanks for telling me that.”

Once our topical discussion ended, Diella addressed Luciana.

“Dwight and I are going to see the World Tree, want to join us?”

“Okay. I’ll accompany you two.”

With Luciana added to our entourage, we moved along the pathway of the village.

The buildings gradually disappeared, and the road tapered to a dirt path.

Eventually, it cut off.

We were surrounded by bushes, with no visible way to pass through.

Diella growled as she pushed through the bushes.

“Nuu, this appears to be a dead end too but…”

“It’s concealment through cognitive obstruction. Let’s just pass through it.”

“You won’t destroy it?”

“It’ll be troublesome to repair it later. It will also bother the elves.”

As I answered, I applied detection magic to myself and the other two.

Part of the bush then faded, giving way to a tunnel.

It was a secret passage that didn’t exist before.

It was designed so that even if one dismantled the whole spell, they wouldn’t be able to see the road unless they detected it.

“This should be okay. We can see the path now.”

“Ooh! I can see the road! What a convenient spell.”

Diella frolicked, surprise evident on her face.

She looked around excitedly.

She seemed to be trying to find whether there was anything else hidden around but unfortunately, there was no such thing.

Meanwhile, Luciana held a suspicious expression.

She stared at me with a piercing gaze.

“Was there any spell like this? I don’t remember there being such a kind of magic though?”

Luciana possessed a wealth of magical knowledge.

That made her curious.

I bluntly answered her.

“I made it. It was just by combining existing spells though.”

“…Demon Lord-sama, you’re a cheating existence as usual. Isn’t developing a spell usually considered a great achievement?”

“I know that. I also struggled with developing spells during my time as a human.”

As I saw Luciana laugh in amazement, I remembered the days in the past.

During the battle against the demonkin, I was forced to make use of various spells.

There were many situations where things were impossible if I only used existing spells.

That was the reason I began to develop several newer spells.

I had no need to go through such trouble recently though, so I only used existing spells thus far.

Since there was no opportunity to show it off, it seemed Luciana was surprised by the magic.

We walked through the hidden passage.

We came across intersections several times, during which I used magic to check the direction each time.

“Is this the correct direction?”

“There’s no doubt about it. The power of the World Tree’s spirit increases considerably in this direction.”

I answered as I felt the difference with my fingertips.

Then I saw one of my hands begin to collapse.

The holy atmosphere had penetrated the protective magic.

Luciana worriedly looked at me.

“Hey, is that really okay?”

“It’s okay. I’ll adapt soon enough.”

I adjusted the protection spell and supplemented the deficiency using miasma.

It would be fragile for a while, but the reaction with holy magic would subside soon.

For me, a body is not important.

There were many replacements for it, so I wouldn’t mind such damage.

“Oh, so it’s beyond here?”

Diella murmured as she walked in front of us.

I could see the end of the secret passage ahead.

At the same time, the holy atmosphere and the World Tree’s spirit power peaked there.

The brilliant light made me feel as if my non-existing eyes were being burnt by it.

It seems I have to endure it for a while…

As I pushed such thoughts away, I walked through the secret passage.

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