The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 129: The Sage Views the World Tree

A dot of light occupied my vision.

Crystal flowers covered the ground far and wide.

As it was hit by the sunlight, it reflected all seven colors of light.

At the center of the crystalline flower field stood a pure white tree.

It was the World Tree.

Its height pierced the clouds and bore fruits with silver leaves. 

A breeze rustled the leaves of the World Tree.

A clear sound was heard as the crystal petals danced with the sunlight, adding more color to the picturesque scene.

Luciana sighed with a fascinated expression.

“Wah, it’s amazing…”

“What a magnificent view.”

Diella mumbled.

She was unusually quiet.

She stilled, completely mesmerized by the flower garden and the World Tree.

After Diella shook out of her stupor, she asked for my opinion.

“How is it, Dwight? Are you impressed by it?”

“Indeed. Something this beautiful is rare.”

I honestly spoke of my opinion.

It was a magnificent scene that didn’t seem to belong in this world.

Diella nodded deeply several times as she understood my words.

“It was to the point where your face was almost scraped off after all. Your feelings have been properly conveyed.”

I touched my own cheek as Diella spoke.

Most of it had already worn away.

The finger I used to confirm the directions was also broken from its second joint.

It was the part I reinforced using miasma not too long ago.

This land here was where the World Tree’s power was most concentrated at.

The sacred atmosphere of the entire forest originated from this place.

It was more lethal than common holy magic.

Medium and lower ranked undead would be purified immediately.

As I faced it directly at this moment, the holy atmosphere was far greater than I expected.

The power of the World Tree’s spirit also saturated the air heavily.

It was impossible due to the situation back then, but I wished I could have visited this place during my days as a human.

If I could have used the flowers and branches here, it would have made the war against demonkin easier.

It would have been extremely effective even against Diella, who was the Demon Lord of that time.

But that was a what-if story.

The past has already gone, and it would be meaningless to think too much about it now.

Diella crouched down and touched the crystal flowers.

The petals scattered particles of light everywhere.

Diella slowly squinted her eyes.

“Uumu. I know why I couldn’t get my hands on it then. It is worthy of its name as the World Tree.”

“Don’t you regret it?”

“I used to have such a feeling then, but I no longer have it now. Perhaps it is because of a change in my mentality as I am no longer the Demon Lord.”

Diella said so with a firm expression.

Her eyes reminded me of her days as the Demon Lord.

Luciana spoke out due to how unexpected Diella’s answer was.

“That’s a surprise. To think Diella-sama has grown. I’m so happy I could cry.”

“What was that? Are you trying to provoke me? My fist is already itching, you know?”

Diella frowned, taking a stance and pretending to hit Luciana.

Luciana responded by pretending to cry.

After repeating such actions several times, Diella cleared her throat as she seemed bored of the exchange.

“Everyone will eventually grow mentally. Don’t you think so, Dwight?”

“…Why are you asking me?”

“Since it is you, the Demon Lord who was formerly a Sage. I thought you would have many experiences thanks to that, tell us about it. We won’t spread it to others, so don’t worry about that.”

Diella ribbed at me with her elbow.

It didn’t hurt, but it was strangely annoying.

As Luciana saw our exchange, she spoke with a smile.

“Diella-sama, I thought you were bad at maintaining confidentiality? I had the impression that information would slip from your mouth in no time.”

“Lu-Luciana! If you say that, Dwight won’t feel like talking!”

Diella hurriedly tried to block Luciana’s mouth.

She seemed to be trying to prevent her flaws from being exposed, but I was already aware of such things.

It would be meaningless to try to hide it now after all this time.

With such a casual atmosphere, I continued on with the topic.

“I did have a change in my mentality. I don’t know if it’s correct to say I grew mentally, though.”

“Hou hou, what kind of change was it?”

Diella stopped moving and asked as she looked at me curiously.

“It made me be able to face my own ugliness and stupidity. I was always turning my back and refusing to admit it during my days as a human.”

“Your own ugliness…”

“That’s right. I definitely won’t approve of my own actions. However, I do think it was necessary to do so. It was necessary to become an everlasting and evil Demon Lord.”

As Diella heard my declaration, she folded her arms as a difficult expression crossed her face.

“I can only think of it as a shura’s path no matter how many times I hear of it… Well, I’m aware you wouldn’t have compromised your actions. So I won’t give you any opinion regarding that, but I’ll give you this instead.”

Diella held her hand out in front of me.

Magic power concentrated on her palm.

Then a scale was conjured up.

It’s surface was lustrous and was similar to lapis lazuli in color.

“It is a scale imbued with my power. If there comes a time when your life is in danger, it will save you once. Don’t forget about it.”

“I appreciate it.”

I received the scale.

Luciana puffed her cheek beside us.

She complained.

“Hey, it’s unfair of Diella-sama to do that. Are you intending to steal Demon Lord-sama’s heart?”

“Kuhaha, I merely gave a gift to my promising junior.”

Diella put a proud expression on her face.

She continued to look at me.

At that moment, she turned serious.

“Hey, Dwight.”

“What is it?”

“Know that I am your reliable senior. You can consult me on anything.”

Diella put her hand on my shoulder as she smiled warmly.

As our gaze met sharply, I looked away.

“…I’ll consult you when I’m really in trouble.”

“I see, so you consider me as your secret weapon! Umu umu, that sure sounds great.”

Diella nodded, she was in a good mood.

I don’t understand how she came to such a conclusion, but it seemed she was satisfied with my response.

Luciana came up beside me and whispered.

“Demon Lord-sama, you’re getting better at handling Diella-sama. Did you study up on how to do it?”

“I only learnt it for the sake of a peaceful everyday life.”

I answered formally as I glanced a pitiful look at Diella.

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