The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 130: The Sage Participates in the Banquet

That night, I was in a certain big building in the elf village.

That place, which was usually used to hold meetings, was currently reserved for the Demon Lord’s Army.

It was the measure taken by their chieftain, Logan.

The people who gathered in the room were executives of the Demon Lord’s Army or those with similar positions.

There were many dishes lined up on the table.

All of those were jointly made by the elves and Grom.

I lost my sense of smell due to turning into an immortal, so I couldn’t enjoy its scent.

However, looking at the sight of delicious dishes lined up seemed to satisfy my heart.

There were many barrels of liquor in the corner of the room.

Even if the number of people in the room were multiplied tenfold, the amount prepared was still enough for all of them.


On the slightly elevated stage, Diella was holding a glass.

She looked around at the others, including me.

After a moment of silence, she opened her mouth.

“Everyone, for your participation today, I gave you my heartfelt thanks. Therefore, I—“

“Cheers to the liberation of the Republic!”

Henry interrupted her speech and shouted.

He had fire liquor in his hand.

Judging from his red face, it seemed he had already drunk several cups of it.

With his voice as a signal, the banquet of the Demon Lord army began.

There were friendly chats between the participants.

Even so, it sure sounded weird to celebrate the liberation of the Republic.

Normally, people would celebrate their victory instead, but in the case of the Demon Lord’s Army, it was indeed a thing to celebrate.

The Republic was a territory that we had planned to abandon from the beginning.

Not only would we not feel burdened, but we also wanted to hurry up and force the territory onto other nations so we could concentrate on other tasks at hand.

While I was having such thoughts, Diella complained to Henry.

“Archer! We already decided to have me bring an opening speech! Don’t tell me, are you trying to rebel…?!

“Don’t be stingy with the details on the seat for liquor. Your capacity as a predecessor would be known, you know?”

“Nu, you said a logical thing to shake me off…”

Their dispute wasn’t a serious one.

It was closer to playing around.

Even when the other party was the previous Demon Lord, Henry still had his usual attitude.

Not only did he avoid compromise, he even took advantage of her in the end.

It should be okay even if I left them alone.

As I judged that, I looked down at the table.

There was a glass placed there with translucent white liquid inside.

When I shook the glass a little, I could tell that the liquid inside was a little viscous.

As I looked closely, there were countless red grains mixed in it. 


I brought the glass to my mouth and swallowed its content.

Obviously, it would be impossible to swallow normally since my body was entirely made out of bones.

The liquid flowed down from my jawbones and mercilessly soaked the other bones on the way.


The soaked part began to give off a strange feeling.

At that moment, Luciana sat in front of me.

“How’s the taste?”

“…It’s bitter. It also felt spicy.”

I told her my impression of the liquid.

The bitter and spicy tastes were certainly transmitted on the soaked part of the jawbones.

I had no tongue to discern a sense of taste.

The reason I could taste it regardless was probably due to the liquid containing some magical element.

It was devised so even immortals could enjoy the feeling of eating and drinking.

Luciana explained as she pointed at the glass.

“I adjusted what the director prepared. I had the Bone Minister taste test it and he gave a decent evaluation. Does it make you feel like eating?”

“Aah, this is good. I appreciate it.”

It was a drink developed for my sake.

Although it had no purpose for the living, it surely took a lot of effort to make.

This by no means tasted delicious.

However, that wasn’t a big deal.

The important part was I managed to taste the drink.

For me who has lost my sense of taste, it was a big step forward.

That was the worth of this luxury item.

It was something I realized after I stopped being human.

The trial and error of making spicy food by application of holy magic had been carried out for some time.

In the laboratory, other than weaponry this kind of thing was also being developed.

It was something I was grateful for.

“I’m glad. When I tasted it myself, it tasted so horrible that I couldn’t confirm the result, so I was worried.”

Luciana stuck out her tongue and formed a bitter smile.

It was certainly not something a normal person would take the initiative to taste.

Even so, she must have made many prototypes to achieve this result.

Luciana was as devoted to me as Grom was.

The reason she was affiliated with the Demon Lord’s Army seemed to be because she was fascinated by my power.

As long as I could keep reigning as the strongest existence, she would continue to follow me, it seemed.

She was truly a reliable subordinate.

As I was chatting with Luciana while drinking the liquid, I heard a noise behind me.

When I looked at it, there was Doldar who was wandering around with a fork in both of his hands.

“It’s neck… there are not enough necks…”

Doldar was moaning as he usually did.

His old wolf head was chewing a thick piece of meat.

His gaze was looking at the food on the table as if he was licking over it.

Did what he eat get absorbed properly in his body…?

As I had such a trivial question, a figure appeared in front of Doldar.

It was Yuura.

She pointed her finger at Doldar.

“Warning to the individual named Doldar — Stop your wild act immediately. I would proceed to suppress you if you do any more than this.”

“It’s no good… I need, neck…”

Both parties were enveloped in an atmosphere where neither was willing to compromise.

Of course, it wasn’t a hostile situation.

There was no need for me to arbitrate.

“It sure is peaceful.”

“You’re right. It makes me want to smile looking at it.”

As we watched the interaction of the two, Luciana and I drank our respective drinks.

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