The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 131: The Sage Enjoys the Frenzy of His Subordinates

The banquet had reached the climax but the people were only getting more excited.

The food and liquor were quickly finished, and fresh batches were brought out to replace them.

The banquet only accommodated a small number of people, but the food was being cleared out quite fast.

I couldn’t touch ordinary food and liquor.

However, it was quite amusing to watch as the glasses and plates were emptied one after another.

I was currently in a corner of the room watching the chaotic frenzy of people.

Having such moments is also good.

I had such a thought.

Recently, I had gotten the time to mull over various things.

The situation of the continent was quite stable despite the conflicts.

There has been no phenomenon emerging from the Will of the World.

My only concern was regarding the two heralds — the Valkyrie and the Steel Knight.

Although they were not a big problem at the moment, these two heralds were certainly strong.

However, they were still within the scope of our calculations.

Although they possessed power equivalent to a thousand men, it wasn’t enough to urge immediate action from me.

The current situation made the other nations busy in rebuilding the liberated territory of the Republic and securing their portions of the land.

If they did attempt to invade the Demon Lord’s Territory, I intended to leave them to Henry and Doldar.

Unless they were greatly overpowered by the enemy’s abilities, or had people they ought to protect during the battle, their victory was practically guaranteed.

Recently, Yuura also wanted to participate in combat, so I might ask her to accompany them.

Yuura was quite strong on her own.

I heard that Diella occasionally trained her.

She surely acquired more combat capability from that, so I didn’t need to worry about her.

I would just enjoy the banquet tonight, and return to work once tomorrow comes.

As I was having such thoughts, Grom appeared from the kitchen.

He sat in front of me and threw a baleful glance to the other noisy people.

“It is lively as usual.”

“The people who are responsible for cleaning up afterwards will have a hard time.” 

“Leave that to us. This Grom shall impose forced labor on those drunkards. Although we are in a place to drink, this will teach those fools for not restraining themselves.”

Grom put his fist to his chest and pledged so.

It sounded like a joke, but he must be serious about it.

Without a doubt, he would definitely reprimand and collect all his drunken subordinates to do so.

Grom suddenly looked toward me.

His bovine skull exuded a calm atmosphere.

“Demon Lord-sama, are you enjoying the banquet?”

“I am enjoying it.”

Once I answered that, Grom nodded.

His eye flames flickered wildly to express his joy.

“I’m glad that you are. I put all my effort into cooking so that I could bring a custom made meal for Demon Lord-sama.” 

“Is it a meal for an immortal?”

“Yes. I practiced and somehow managed to make it. I think you will be pleased by the results.”


I was quite interested in what Grom was talking about.

It seemed that he has prepared a meal for an immortal.

I was also hoping to take part in more meals if possible.

“I look forward to it.”

“Thank you very much! Then I’ll bring it out immediately!”

Grom stood up enthusiastically and returned to the kitchen with light movements.

Logan came to me right after Grom left.

“Isn’t it great to have this kind of atmosphere sometimes?”

“You’re right. My subordinates are also enjoying themselves. It’s important to take a break every now and again.”

They regularly spend their days doing laborious work and battling in various locations.

It was a state wherein everyone practically spent their days working without any rest or breaks.

It may not have mattered to an immortal like Grom or myself, but everyone else was having a hard time.

Logan tipped his glass back.

The amber liquid decreased slightly.

Was it fruit liquor?

I recall him drinking the same thing over a decade ago.

I suddenly remembered such a thing.

“If it was you from before, you would have silently left the room. But you currently show no signs of doing that. It is a good change.”

“…I didn’t mean to come across as unfriendly though.”

I thought back on those days.

Indeed, I had less time to relax mentally back then compared to now.

I was constantly exhausted due to the burden of saving the world.

Logan continued to talk as I tilted my head.

“You’re just not aware of it. You were such a person back then.”

“Is that so?”

He confidently declared so.

Since he said it so clearly, perhaps I did give off such an impression back then.

He must have some basis to his argument.

Then I have no choice but to agree with it.

I then reflected on myself while understanding that.

“My perspective and consciousness changed once I got subordinates. I guess I also grew as a person.”

“…You have a way with words now. As expected of the Demon Lord, I guess?”

Logan slid an impressed gaze towards me.

It seemed my words were unexpected to him.

And as suspected, I was still uncertain of what he meant.

So much so that I thought he might have been exaggerating a little.

However, from the perspective of this old friend of mine, he might have seen a certain change in me.

If I have become more Demon Lord-like, I supposed it would be a welcomed change.

While I was surprised by that observation, Diella came in from the other side.

She walked unsteadily towards me.

The liquor in her glass constantly spilled over the edge.

In addition, her face was red.

She seemed to be drunk after drinking quite a lot of the banquet’s liquor.

Diella slowly slung herself across my back.

The momentum caused her drink to spill onto my shoulder and head.

Without paying any mind to that, she spoke breathily while slurring.

“What? Demon Lord, you say? Do you mean me?”

Diella used her free hand to keep poking against my skull.

A steady tock-ing sound could be heard at regular intervals.

She then looked at Logan with hollow eyes.

“Mu! Logan! You don’t drink much, do you? Just drink all you want! I’ll treat you to this occasion!”

Diella raised her glass and shouted.

Logan replied, annoyed.

“If you have so much free time now, then help by washing the dishes or serving the food. You are quite good with simple tasks, aren’t you?”

“How dare you treat me so insolently…? I am still the previous Demon Lord, you know?”

Diella muttered with dissatisfaction.

She seemed to be sulking a little.

At that moment, a dashing voice could be heard from the other side.

“Predecessor-ane-san! Come here for a moment!”

“Uhn? You mean me?! What do you want?”

Diella instantly regained her energy as she replied.

She still stuck to my back unfortunately, only turning her head to face Henry’s direction.

Henry wasn’t the only one there, Doldar and Yuura were there too.

At the far end, there was Luciana who was happily drinking away.

It seemed she was enjoying the entertainment.

Henry, who stood at the center, explained as he showed off his muscles.

“We’re competing to see who is the strongest! Do you want to try, Ane-san?”

“Ooh, you’re doing something fun! I’ll also participate!”

Diella left her glass behind and bounded towards Henry.

She was waving about her arms, seemingly in a good mood now.

Diella put her elbow to the table.

In front of her, there was Yuura who did the same.

She came in while donned in her custom-made golem, which she brought from who knows where.

The pair were facing each other and matching their arms’ positions; their hands were clasped together at the centre, upright.

They unleashed their power in that state, trying to push their foe’s hand to the table to decide the victor.

I had seen this happen before once in a while.

As Logan watched the series of events taking place, he murmured while looking at Diella.

“It seems there are stranger people than you. It is hard to believe she once plunged the world into darkness…”

“You’re right.”

I agreed with Logan’s words.

Before my eyes, Yuura pushed Diella’s hand to the table.

The impact shattered the table, and Diella, who was defeated in the competition of strength, was sent flying due to the momentum.

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