The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 135: The Sage Experiences the Power of the Heralds

“Let’s go — Demonic Dragon Rakshasa, advance!”

Diella declared loudly.

As she entered the hatch, the modified tank pushed forward.

It approached the Magic Kingdom’s Army at tremendous speeds.

“We’ll go too!”

At a distance, Henry issued his own command as he readied his bow.

It seemed he was trying to take advantage of Diella’s advancement.

She frequently entered the battlefield in a similar manner.

Henry also seemed accustomed to handling her.

The Demon Lord’s Army received the command and began to advance all at once.

The tank unit acted as vanguard, and the gun units were following it in an orderly manner.

It was a formation that was not much different from what I saw in training.

They were well-organized in the sweltering battlefield and functioned as a killer weapon.

The general of the army, Henry, was riding on top of one of the tanks.

He was kneeling there as he held his bow up.

His form was surprisingly stable, as he seemed unaffected by all the vibrations.

Henry aimed then shot his arrow.

In the face of the incoming arrow, the Magic Kingdom immediately raised a magic shield.

However, Henry’s arrow pierced their walls easily and exploded in the middle of the army.

It was a loud destructive sound that one might have suspected was caused by large-scale magic instead.

Fresh blood burst forth and the soldiers blew up into lumps of misshapen flesh.

The mutilated corpses were scattered along the trajectory of the arrow.

The result of that single arrow made the soldiers of the Magic Kingdom’s Army fall to the ground in fear.

Their morale was completely destroyed.

I could understand their feelings.

A powerful arrow was released from a distance that magic couldn’t reach.

Moreover, it couldn’t be blocked and was also difficult to avoid.

From the enemy’s perspective, they naturally would want to complain.

Then Henry shot an additional arrow.

This time, the arrow was aimed at the Steel Knight.

I told him not to kill the Steel Knight since I wanted to interrogate him, just in case, but maybe Henry didn’t remember that.

It would be troublesome if he dies here though…

Such thoughts of mine proved to be needless worry.

The Steel Knight swung the halberd.

The arrow was deflected right beside him.

It then continued to fly onward and hit an empty spot far behind and dug deep into the ground.

The Steel Knight seemingly suffered no damage.

As expected of modern heralds.

I was honestly impressed.

To deflect Henry’s arrow using a single person’s power was beyond what normal humans could do.

While the halberd itself was a great magical weapon, to defend just now would have been the skill of the user.

If he only relied on the weapon, he would have been shot dead in no time.

“Nice, you’ve got some skills!”

Henry was rejoicing.

Far from being regrettable, he welcomed the appearance of a worthy opponent.

It was a Henry-like reaction.

“I’ll show off my strength too!”

Diella’s modified tank bombarded the area soon after.

Shells and rays were alternatively fired at the Magic Kingdom’s Army.

Even as they deployed protective magic, it was breached as expected.

A big explosion occurred one after another.

The place where the Magic Kingdom’s Army was at, disappeared under black smoke.
Using sensory magic, I found that the lives there were crushed one after another.

Standing before overwhelming firepower, the scene became pandemonium.

Even if I expressed that the opposing army took great damage, it seemed to be lacking.

The surviving soldiers shot at the modified tank with their guns.

Although their bullets did hit the tank’s armor, it merely produced sparks before being deflected.

The armor, which appeared to be a mixture of scales and shells, was produced using Diella’s ability.

It was something she loved to use when she fought seriously, so there was no way it could be fragile.

It boasted superior defensive capabilities that were unmatched by ordinary tanks.

“KUHAHAHAHA! How weak! Is there anybody here who can entertain me?!”

Diella fired off another bombardment.

Each time it happened, the Magic Kingdom’s Army suffered severe damages.

The situation was overwhelmingly one-sided.

The Demon Lord’s Army stopped their march some distance away.

Then, they began to shoot their guns and cast magic from there.

It seemed they had decided to use Diella as a decoy while they attacked from a safe distance.

It was a solid tactic to minimize the damages on our end.

It seems I have no part to play here.

I watched them as I thought that.

I wanted to test the performance of this golem, but I could just do it another time.

If I intruded unnecessarily, it would be boorish of me to rob my subordinates of their spotlight.

Deilla and Henry, especially, would complain about that.

At that moment, a horse appeared to cut through the black smoke.

The one who rode it was the Steel Knight, along with a few cavalry following, and approached the modified tank.

As expected, he is still alive.

The modified tank aimed at them in response then fired.

The horse that the Steel Knight rode followed his center of gravity and evaded it.

A shell hit one of the cavalry directly, reducing them into fine dust that was blown away by the wind.

The Steel Knight and his group continued to rush forward without showing any intention to slow.

“It’s kinda brutal, but it’s not a bad move! I shall praise you for it!”

The modified tank fired off a series of light rays along with the chipper voice of Diella.

Each time, a cavalryman was slain.

Those who failed to avoid it had their upper body erased as they died.

Under such circumstances, only the Steel Knight managed to survive.

He avoided it using his skillful horse riding abilities and sometimes he deflected with his halberd.

He even made use of his subordinates’ deaths to give himself time to move forward.

It was done with terrifying skill and sheer focus.

He understood that such a sacrifice was the best course of action and had the resolve to do so.

Eventually, the Steel Knight arrived in front of the modified tank.

It assisted the gun installed on and had it attack in all directions for short range shooting.

It wasn’t something you could avoid just by moving aside.

On the other hand, the Steel Knight jumped, using the horse’s saddle as his foothold to propel himself up.

He left the horse to receive the rain of bullets and die, then he tried to attack the modified tank from above.

Once he landed on top of the tank, he ran while swinging his halberd.

The shell and scales armor were easily chipped off and destroyed.

The metal plate of its inner surface was exposed.

In addition, it disturbed the flow of magic power.

That attack just now might have damaged the internal combustion engine.

Sparks were blowing out from various places.

The Steel Knight then got off from the top of the modified tank and thrust his halberd into the flank of the tank.

He then lifted the modified tank with his halberd as it was, making use of centrifugal force to throw it far away.


Diella let out a shout of shock.

The modified tank rolled about as it collided with the ground, eventually causing an internal explosion.

It began to burn while making intermittent explosive sounds.

The Steel Knight put his hand on his halberd.

The tip of the halberd was slightly dented.

It was probably bent when the tank was thrown.

The Steel Knight grabbed the dented spot and forcefully fixed it back.

He then swung it about a few times, trying to detect any abnormalities with it.

After doing so, he approached the Demon Lord’s Army with resolute steps.

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