The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 137: The Sage Drives the Steel Knight into a Predicament

As Henry blew the Steel Knight away, he was sent rolling on the ground.

Eventually, the momentum slowed down. The moment it stopped, he calmly stood up.

From the hole in his abdomen, a mixture of liquid blood and magic power started spilling out.

However, the amount of leakage was quickly suppressed.

The hemostatic function had activated inside of him, closing up the damaged part.

It seemed similar functions were being applied to various parts of his body.

It was designed for continuous combat after all.

If I were to inform the director about it, she would be very happy.

The Steel Knight turned his free arm toward the Demon Lord’s Army.

At the same time, his arm below the elbow began to slide down and it came off.

What appeared from underneath was a metal cylinder.

It was a small tank gun.

I instantly recognized what it was.

I doubted I was mistaken, considering the structure and spell applied on it.

Sure enough, the cylinder, I mean, the cannon barrel soon began to condense magic power, and unleashed a ray of light.

It was aimed toward the Demon Lord’s Army.

Considering the firepower, even if protection magic were to be deployed, it would still be able to penetrate it easily.

It was probably the highest firepower the Steel Knight could manage to shoot.

I transferred my golem body toward the trajectory of the ray of light.

Even though my main body was still in the capital, I was capable of doing this much at least.

There was no inconvenience while using magic.

I deployed the built in magic powered sword and mixed miasma with it.

If it was a normal golem, it would have already been damaged by the effect of miasma.

However, this golem was custom-made.

It had acquired a certain degree of miasma resistance and was able to operate without problem.

In the face of the approaching ray of light, I swung down the magic powered sword.

The ray got cut off, greatly deviating its orbit.

It went to the sky as it was.

There was no damage inflicted to the Demon Lord’s Army behind.


I looked at the magic powered sword.

Its blade collapsed and the tip began to disperse into particles of light.

It seemed the inscribed spell was unable to endure the ray of light.

In addition, the arm that had been used for slashing was also slightly scraped.

It might have been affected by the ray of light when I had struck it.

I was being careful to not get hit, but there seemed to be some movement gap due to the remote control.

It seemed it got hit due to the difference in deflecting angle.

It was just a slight difference, but it could determine victory or defeat in combat.

Regarding its precise movement, I would ask the laboratory to correct it.

“Commander, sorry about that. That helped.”

“I don’t mind. It is my duty to protect my subordinates.”

I responded as I shook my head.

Henry was doing a good job on his duty.

I didn’t intend to blame him for that.

In the first place, I had planned to intervene in the battle depending on the situation.

Since I had found something that needed to be improved about the golem, there was nothing bad about the result.

“Just leave it to me from now on. You are to lead the chase against the Magic Kingdom’s Army.”

“Ok. Just call me when it gets dangerous.”

Henry obediently followed my instruction.

In fact, even if he had kept fighting, I was sure he would have defeated the Steel Knight.

I couldn’t imagine him being forced into a corner.

He would be able to win without any serious injury.

However, it would become more certain if I were to be the one to fight him.

It would be easier to suppress damage to allies, and it would be even easier to respond to unforeseen circumstances.

He considered his post and made his decision: to put up with his desire for combat and execute the instruction.

IT was exactly because he was aware it would lead to smooth victory of the Demon Lord’s Army that he decided to entrust the cleanup to me.

He is also growing as the leader of the Army.

The Demon Lord’s Army switched their target, made a large detour, and approached the Magic Kingdom’s Army from behind.

The Steel Knight didn’t move.

He didn’t even flinch as he kept his eyes on me.

If he moved toward the Demon Lord’s Army, I would attack him during that moment.

The Steel Knight realized that, and couldn’t deal with the Demon Lord’s Army that had begun to turn around.

He moved exactly as I intended.



I confronted the Steel Knight.

In the silence, it was him who made the first move.

The Steel Knight shot a ray from one of his arms.

I approached him as I avoided that.

On the way, my golem’s chest area opened and fired a cannonball.

It was a special bullet that could destroy the subject’s spell.

It was a new weapon recommended by the director.

Against the Steel Knight who depended on his golem body, it possessed a deadly effect.

If he got hit by it directly, he would be incapacitated in the blink of an eye.

The Steel Knight stepped forward as he wielded his halberd.

He seemed to be intent on deflecting the special bullet.

Considering his battle earlier, he should be capable of doing that without much difficulty.

—I won’t let you do that.

I used my magic.

A gust created on a single point, accelerating the special bullet.

The special bullet slipped past his halberd, which he tried to use to deflect it.

As he realized he couldn’t defend in time, the Steel Knight chose to evade instead.

As I saw that, I transferred behind him.

There, I opened both of my arms and grabbed him, then used magic to restrain the Steel Knight.

As a result, the special bullet hit his right leg.

It scattered into metal pieces.

The Steel Knight’s right leg came off and fell.

At that time, I felt an impact on my abdomen.

When I looked down, I saw a halberd stuck there.

The Steel Knight had attacked me through the hole on his torso.

He had made use of the close contact to counterattack.

However, it was nothing but pitiful resistance.

He had gotten a direct hit from the special bullet.

The spell destruction had already begun.

Regardless of what he did, he wouldn’t last long.

Of course, I won’t let my guard down despite that…

I began to absorb the magic power from the Steel Knight.

The golem part of the Steel Knight began to cease functioning, and the force of his resistance rapidly weakened.

I clutched his head area and grabbed the halberd to secure it.

I did everything to make sure he couldn’t move.

Meanwhile, the Steel Knight was repeating his fierce resistance.

He used his elbow to hit me, who was behind him, many times.

He also hit me with his knee, trying to break my stance to get free.

As I blocked all of that, he then exuded holy attribute light from his whole body.

It seemed the built-in spell had been activated.

He was trying to erode this armor.

Furthermore, various parts of his body opened, launching several blades with chains.

These weapons were also imbued with holy attribute.

The chains turned around beautifully, stabbing my back one after another.

The power of the holy attribute was poured into my body.

The golem’s body made a dull noise each time it was attacked.

However, the damage itself was minor.

It wasn’t enough to hinder movement.

I manipulated the golem’s body to reinforce its endurance.

If it was a normal body, it would have already been destroyed at this point.

The Steel Knight was also equipped with holy attribute armaments as countermeasures against the undead.

But unfortunately, the effect was weak.

The effect on the soul had also been suppressed by the function of the golem’s body.

I shall acknowledge you for being capable of this much despite not being a magician, but unfortunately, I am not an easy target.

While thinking calmly, I kept sucking his magic power.

The Steel Knight leaked a weak moan, lost his power and fainted.

I carefully restrained the Steel Knight.

In addition, I took apart all of his limbs which weren’t made of flesh.

It was unnecessary for the interrogation.

It wasn’t linked to his life or death.

The Steel Knight was barely alive.

In his golem part, there was a life-support system.

It seemed to be an emergency function.

It was devised to keep him from dying even in a state where his magic power was exhausted.

By putting a strain on his living heart, it forcefully produced magic power.

It was quite high performance.

His lifespan would be shortened due to that, but it wasn’t drastic enough to make him die within days.

It should be enough for interrogation.

Well then, I wonder how the situation is over there?

I looked behind.

The war situation was one-sided.

The half-destroyed Magic Kingdom’s Army was overrun without any means of resistance.

There were a few strong people mixed among them, but Henry mercilessly defeated them.

As expected, he was considered the highest peak of power among humans.

In terms of pure martial arts, nobody within the Demon Lord’s Army could match him.

This should stop the invasion of other nations.

The Steel Knight, who had showed great performance during the liberation war, had been incapacitated.

The army he led had also been destroyed.

Even the nations who had gained momentum wouldn’t consider careless invasion toward the Demon Lord’s Territory anymore.

In the meantime, I would extract information from the Steel Knight.

I needed to prepare countermeasures against the man who proclaimed himself to be a demi-god.

There were many remaining issues.

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