The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 142: The Sage Stands Against the Valkyrie

The transfer destination was the grasslands.

There was an armed group of about 20 people in front of me.

The one who headed the group was a woman in white armor.

She had blonde hair that reached her back and her eyes were perpetually closed.

I could feel magical power radiating from the spear she carried.

She was the Valkyrie.

Although she was blind, I heard she was a great spearman.

Looking at her dignified appearance, I could see that the information I had was not wrong.

I landed on the ground and activated the spell inscribed into the custom-made golem.

Magic blades were deployed on both arms, and they began to rotate at high speeds.

This weapon could easily cut even the toughest of tanks.

It would easily penetrate through the enemy’s defense.

The Valkyrie had a rugged expression on her face.

As she stopped moving, she quietly wielded her spear.

“You are…”

“You are the Valkyrie, right? I have some business with you.”

I walked forward without hesitation.

They slowly backed away as the atmosphere turned tense.

The one who led them was the Valkyrie, but the other members seemed to be powerful in their own right.

I could understand that just by looking at them.

Their power greatly exceeded common standards.

In addition, the equipment they wore was imbued with holy magic.

It was understandable how they would be the members of a small number of elites.

If I only paid attention to Valkyrie, I would likely get hit by a painful attack from the elites.

They were powerful enough to give off such an impression.

As I showed off the spinning blades, I told them.

“It seems you’re going to destroy the Valley of the Dead. I can’t overlook that.”

“As suspected, that land is closely tied to you…”

“Yes. It’s the source of my power.”

I nodded.

The Valkyrie asked suspiciously.

“Why are you revealing that? Now that we know, we have even more reason to proceed, though…”

“Corpses won’t be able to talk.”

I immediately answered them.

They took a breath.

There were even some who looked sick.

Perhaps they had imagined their own deaths, damaging their morale greatly.

Meanwhile, the Valkyrie pointed the tip of her spear towards me.

Although there was still some distance between us, it didn’t mean much considering both of our attack ranges.

“…I see. I understand your intentions. It seems that battle is unavoidable.”

“It is because you targeted the Valley of the Dead.”

Even if they chose to retreat right now, I would still eliminate them.

The choice to let the people who targeted the Valley of the Dead live didn’t exist.

The Valkyrie frowned stiffly.

“Now that I’ve confronted you like this, I can tell that you possess tremendous power. It is so terrible that it is worthy of the title of the Demon Lord. However… no, that’s exactly why I can surpass you.”

“You seem confident. Are there any grounds for that?”

“Of course there is. I’ll show it to you now.”

The Valkyrie raised her spear.

Magic gathered at the tip, swelling until it popped then spread.

The magic permeated over the area in rolling waves.

Immediately after that, the golem’s body felt heavy.

The operability of the custom-made golem suddenly deteriorated.

I couldn’t move the limbs well, and the weight forced me to my knees.

Because the activated spell got messed up, the blades on both hands also scattered.

Among the people who were here, I was the only one who felt the effects.

None of the people on the other side were weakened.

The Valkyrie asked me resolutely.

“How is it? Do you understand?”

“…This is soul repose1, isn’t it?”

I told her my answer.

The power that the Valkyrie gained when she turned into herald was known as soul repose.

It was a different type of anti-undead measure of holy magic.

She used this power to cause massive damage to the Demon Lord’s Army.

During the Republic’s Liberation War, the person who killed the most undead was without a doubt her.

“It is only effective against immortals, but it is very effective. I used this power to defeat your army. Soul repose doesn’t hit the enemy’s soul, despite its name, but their consciousness instead. I’m sure your true body which is not here also got damaged, didn’t it?”


It was as the Valkyrie pointed out.

The custom-made golem I used was merely a remotely controlled body.

If it was a regular purification attack, it would have either been rendered ineffective or at least become less effective.

I chose to use a golem body for that exact reason.

However, in reality, the effect of soul repose also extended to my true body in the capital.

That was the reason why control over the custom-made golem was interfered with.

Soul repose was the Valkyrie’s unique ability.

It was said that it functioned differently from magic.

Since that was the case, common spells wouldn’t work against it.

Considering that the damage reached my true body, which was far away, I couldn’t dispute that fact.

“With this, you can’t use your power properly. This means that victory is ours.”

The Valkyrie walked up to me with the spear loosely held in her arms.

Perhaps she was already convinced of her victory, as she had a gentle expression on her face.

“Please be quiet. I’ll try to purify you as painless—“

I activated magic before the Valkyrie could finish her words.

What I fired from the golem’s hand was an arrow constructed with magic.

It was fired directly at the Valkyrie.


She destroyed the arrow with a slash of her spear.

Although her eyes couldn’t see, she seemed to be used to moving like that.

Meanwhile, I stood up.

I flexed my limbs to check its condition.

It felt a little strange, but it was not fatal.

“—You’re naïve. Did you think you can beat me simply just by weakening me?”


The Valkyrie was stunned.

The others were also dumbfounded.

Until that moment, they had sealed the undead through the use of soul repose.

So they had absolute confidence in it.

However, such confidence was easily overturned.

It was no wonder they were surprised.

“I was aware of your command over soul repose. That’s why I showed myself this way, because I’m convinced I won’t lose. Your ability might be powerful, but there’s a clear difference in the purification method compared to holy magic. That is the difference of killing power towards an immortal.”

“Killing power…?”

The Valkyrie seemed unable to understand what I was talking about.

I generously explained to her.

“Unlike holy magic purification, soul repose is specialized to weaken the undead. It is difficult to negate the spell, but it lacks the power to finish the job.”


As the Valkyrie let out her regret, she gripped her spear tightly and released even more magic power.

The golem’s body became even heavier.

It was probably due to the output increase of soul repose, however, it was still within my expectations.

It wasn’t powerful enough to make me feel the imminent danger of death.

The power of the Valkyrie showed its worth when fighting against many undead at once.

A war through quantity was impossible against her.

As long as they were undead, they would lose a lot of power to soul repose.

And once their power was reduced, it was easy to defeat them.

However, it would be a different story if her opponent was an individual undead with overwhelming power.

If it was Grom or I who were the highest ranks of undead, we could force ourselves to act even under the effect of soul repose.

Although it did feel uncomfortable, it still wasn’t enough to be defeated by a few people.

“It seems you were getting impatient once you saw me, but that’s careless of you. You made the same mistake as the Saint did.”

As I said that, I used my magic.

There were rumbling noises born from the ground and out crawled dozens of golems.

It was an improvised army using magic that spread like roots.

Due to the effect of soul repose, there was no point in creating undead.

Sometimes, this kind of method was also good.

In front of an army of earth golems, the Valkyrie braced with her spear.

I couldn’t feel even a slightest trace of fear.

She declared with a dignified attitude.

“I am a herald. I can’t afford to give up here.”

“That’s a good spirit to have.”

As I replied that, I ordered the golems to rush at them.

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