The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 143: The Sage Sees the Power of the Valkyrie

As the Valkyrie swung her spear, the golem was decapitated.

At that moment, a small spark was generated.

She sent her magic power into the golem through her spear, hindering the spell inside.

It was just a momentary obstruction.

However, it was enough time for the golem to lose its shape and collapse.

The golems that received the spear returned to the soil, its former shape.


The Valkyrie’s spear fluttered and pierced the golem’s chest in the blind spot.

Sparks fluttered again and the golem collapsed.

Even if I attempted to reconstruct the spell, the Valkyrie’s magic power inside it would hinder it, causing it to fail.

That is a strange reaction. Is that a characteristic of a Herald?

The magic power that the Valkyrie possessed was a little different from ordinary people.

The quality and quantity of it wasn’t an issue.

However, its nature is quite peculiar, as it possessed the ability to interfere with magic.

This seemed to be the reason why she used soul repose on me.

Although it wasn’t peculiar enough to be described as a unique ability, it was still troublesome for me who used a lot of magic.

Anyway, I should think of how to fight this.

If I take too many measures, she might force me into a corner instead.

I needed to turn the tide in my favor.

Looking at the few golems I have left, I used my magic.

The ground around began to wriggle and transform into another earth golem.

When I generated about thirty of them, I sent them to attack the Valkyrie.

This was the repeat from the earlier.

The Valkyrie was struggling with the constant attack of the golem.

She was a brilliant spear fighter.

Her skill to pour magic power into a golem was also first class.

Strictly speaking, that wasn’t considered magic.

But the effect of magic inhibition it brought might be superior to common magic. 

Even if I evaluated her without the power of soul repose, she possessed the power worthy of a Herald.

Meanwhile, her subordinates were annihilated.

They all died in the onslaught of golems.

They were slaughtered one by one by the almost infinitely generated golems.

It was an insidious method, but it was also a surefire way to victory.

All I needed to do was to keep producing golems from a distance.

They were all distracted by the golem and couldn’t afford to retaliate.

Only the Valkyrie remained now.

However, she wouldn’t go down easily.

She was still fighting well against the golems who approached her from all sides.

I did this to drive her into physical exhaustion, but the Valkyrie’s attack got more intense instead.

The spear struck faster than the eye could see, accurately destroying the golems.

Her tremendous skill in handling spears was definitely first-class.

So much so that it was comparable to Diella’s skill, who was also a spear fighter.

In other words, it could be said she achieved the greatest level of skill in this world’s standard.

I did hear she is a master of spear technique, but to think she is this capable…

Even though I heard about it through a report, it felt completely different when witnessing it directly.

On top of that, she was blind.

She must be fighting by sharpening her other senses.

How much training did she do to reach that realm?

The ritual magic certainly sublimated her as a Herald.

However, without sheer effort, it was impossible to reach this level of power.

Most of the abilities I had were something I borrowed.

The things I acquired through sheer effort were few and far between.

Therefore, I felt dazzled by the strength of the Valkyrie.

It naturally depressed me a bit.

However, it wouldn’t affect my magical operations.

I used most of my focus to observe the Valkyrie.

I was learning her combat method and habits at the expense of a large number of golems.

If it was possible, I would like to uncover her trump card.

The thing I must be wary of was being taken by surprise and receiving a fatal injury due to an ability I wasn’t aware of.

The Valkyrie was awakened as a Herald.

She should possess some sort of power other than the power of soul repose.

By using this golem onslaught, I needed to make sure she revealed that skill without putting me in danger.

…I guess it’s about time?

Looking at the moment, I raised my arm then fired a ray of light from it.

The Valkyrie was about to pierce the golem with her spear.

I intentionally aimed at the moment of her attack.


Valkyrie’s evasion was slightly delayed.

The ray of light hit her shoulder and burned that spot.

The blood splashed out.

Even as the Valkyrie was about to drop her spear, she managed to endure it and backed away.

She defeated the golems while creating some distance.

Then I shot a series of rays of lights at her.

The Valkyrie used her spear to deflect it.

It was a transcendental technique.

Normally, one hit would be enough to end her.

She managed to respond without using any magical means.

The Valkyrie was undoubtedly a masterpiece.

So much so that it felt regrettable to kill her.

Of course, there was no way I would hold back against her.

Such carelessness and arrogance would likely lead to my death.

I would continue to use certain measures until the end.

While one of my hands was busy shooting out the ray of lights, I spawned a lot of golems.

This time I conjured fifty of them at once.

They all rushed toward the Valkyrie.


The movement of the Valkyrie’s spear was accelerated blatantly.

Through the series of attacks that exceeded the limit, the overwhelming density of the golem was decimated.

I shot rays of light as I watched.

I kept shooting to kill the Valkyrie, while ignoring the fact it might hit the golems.

The Valkyrie, who defeated the golems, used a series of movements to parry the rays of light.

Over time, the reaction of the custom-made golem slowed down.

It seemed the power of soul repose was strengthened.

Valkyrie was demonstrating her strength at the last minute.

What a vain struggle…

I responded by increasing the output of the custom-made golem.

It put a lot of strain on the golem, but I couldn’t afford to care about that right now.

The battle was about to reach its climax.

I couldn’t afford to hold back.

Even overloaded, the custom-made golem kept unleashing the ray of lights.

The Valkyrie kept deflecting it using a single spear.

After a series of exchanges, I finally managed to hit one of her legs.

In addition, a hole was opened through her belly.


The ray accurately pierced the throat of the rebellious Valkyrie.

She opened and closed her mouth as she shook.

She tried to use her spear as support but couldn’t make it in time, and she fell forward.

Is this the end…

As I tried to see the end of the Valkyrie, I was astonished.

When she was about to hit the ground, she suddenly stepped forward.

It was the leg with a hole due to the ray of light.

She then kicked the ground and dashed towards me in a forward leaning posture.

It was acceleration that pierced the void.

Although I immediately shot a ray of light, I missed.

“Demon, Lord…!”

She muttered such a murky voice as she vomited blood.

As Valkyrie’s range reached me, she thrust her spear at me.

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