The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 145: The Sage Receives News of the Demigod

The deaths of the two Heralds shocked the neighboring nations.

Each of the nations had been paying attention to the battles and were looking forward to the performances of the Steel Knight and the Valkyrie.

However, those battles only ended with their deaths.

The fact that only the current Demon Lord was victorious remained.

Both the Holy Scepter Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom, who took the lead in the fight against the Demon Lord, were denounced by other nations.

They were accused of being hungry for premature glory that caused both heralds to die, when they could have survived if they had moved more carefully.

Various complaints and slander flooded the two nations, causing a considerable spread of chaos in management.

From my perspective as a third party, it was a totally stupid endeavor.

People just didn’t try to cooperate with each other.

I was aware that they had formed an alliance in secret and signed a nonaggression pact.

However, they only did that for the benefit of their own nations.

There was no nation that seriously thought about subduing the Demon Lord.

Even though they still had no idea on how to defeat me, they were only looking forward to what awaited after my death.

I wouldn’t refer to that as evil.

However, they were too poorly coordinated.

From my efforts as a Demon Lord, I had managed to induce a situation where no conflict would occur.

However, there were still issues to be solved.

Every nation still had the leisure to think of their own benefits and, despite the current situation, they were still trying to outperform other nations.

I was aware that the leaders of the nations were those kinds of people.

It was just that, when I faced their nature this way, I couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Of course, they also have responsibilities in their position.

They have to protect their nation and ensure its prosperity.

I was hoping that some sort of compassion could grow within them, but it seemed unlikely to happen.

One must never expect goodwill from others.

I was also betrayed countless times.

If people had a future they sought, they ought to grasp it with their own hands.

Therefore, I induced fear and hatred to create an ideal situation.

After all, that was the most secure method for peace.

Looking at the big picture, I had to make a move myself.

I needed to reduce as many uncertainties as possible.

Based on such a policy, the Will of the World was really troublesome.

It conflicted directly with my wishes and tried to interfere with me every time.

That was the incarnation of absurdity.

It was an absolute device used to eradicate evil.

Although its identity was still a mystery, I was certain some sort of force was involved.

It caused various phenomena to ensure my demise at all costs.

Was the Will of the World also interfering with this matter?

Since there was no clear standard, I couldn’t make a sound judgment on it.

Regarding the Will of the World, I would have to figure it out eventually.

I had a feeling that it would forever block my path.

If I could solve it, I would do so without hesitation.

Things would be much different if I could at least either prevent or avoid it though…

Once this war ends, I might need to seriously investigate it.

I still have a lot of time to spare for that.

The Demon Lord’s Territory was already capable of staying in operation without me.

I would like it to keep growing till it eventually becomes completely independent.

By doing so, it would make it easier for me to be free-moving.

However, I need to deal with the demigod first.

I shifted my thoughts to the immediate problem.

The two Heralds were already dead.

There was only one person left that was produced from the ritual.

I was almost certain it was the man who was known as a demigod.

However, I didn’t know where he was.

He was a user with terrifying mastery over space magic.

He could move anywhere without constraint, so it was nigh impossible to predict his hiding place.

Even the magic workshop of the Holy Scepter Nation was also destroyed thoroughly by the demigod.

Therefore, I could only wait until he made contact.

For the time being, various countermeasures were already being deployed.

Even that demigod wouldn’t be able to transfer into the capital without me noticing it.

At that time, Luciana entered the audience room.

As she came running at me, she whispered and reported.

“Demon Lord-sama, there was a letter given to a spy. They said that the letter was already in their hands when they noticed it.”

“…I see.”

I just gave a curt reply to that.

Currently, other subordinates were busy with their paperwork in the room.

The reason why Luciana was whispering was to prevent fear-inducing information from spreading.

Rumors could spread quickly.

Unless I slaughtered the people in the region, it was impossible to prevent it from leaking.

That was why I tried to keep important information from regular subordinates.

I might publish it if it was necessary, but some things I need to keep secret.

“Have you read it yet?”

“Not yet. It would be bad if something happened if I opened it, right?”

Luciana was talking about a curse-like ability.

There were some sorts of curses that activated once something was opened.

It was wise of her to not open it carelessly.

“Here, take it. Be careful.”

“I know.”

I received the letter and analyzed it.

I found no particularly suspicious points, and there was nothing unusual about it.

I peeled off the wax and opened the seal.

I opened the letter and confirmed the content.

I nodded once I read to the end.

“Fumu, I see.”

“What was written there?”

I answered Luciana, who peeked at the letter.

“It is a request from the demigod. The date and place for the duel have been decided.”

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