The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 146: The Sage Listens to the Wishes of the Loyal Vassal

“So it finally came. What are you going to do? Ignore it?”

“Of course I’ll agree. I don’t know what he will do if I decline.”

I gave Luciana the letter I just read.

The demigod possessed a cheat-like level of space magic.

Since his control over space magic was greater than mine, it meant that he could even gouge out the whole continent if he wished to.

The only reason he didn’t was because he didn’t like to kill.

His only goal was to dismantle the Demon Lord’s Army.

Therefore, he refrained from any actions that would provoke others meaninglessly.

In addition, the whereabouts of the demigod were unknown.

But since he would reveal himself on his own accord, nothing could be more convenient than that.

I would also like to defeat the other party like he had.

There was no way I would miss this opportunity.

“The opponent is strong. Are you intending to send the Demon Lord’s Army there?”

“I haven’t decided yet, but I think I’ll go alone.”

The demigod was most likely acting alone.

Even if we went with a lot of people, it would only increase the number of targets for him.

Through the use of space magic, it would be an easy feat to destroy them all in a single sweep.

It was a pretty troublesome ability.

Even if I brought a companion, I doubted I could protect them.

After Luciana read the contents of the letter, she folded it away.

She then advised me while she sat at the desk.

“I think Demon Lord-sama will be fine, but be careful. Don’t lose focus and end up letting him escape.”

“I know. I won’t show him any mercy.”

The heralds possessed great power and exceeded their limits in abnormal situations.

The fight against the Valkyrie last time was a good example.

The closer she was to death, the more she went beyond my expectations.

They brought forth their power in that kind of trend.

“I’ll try my best to prevent causing damage as much as possible, but please be thorough in your defenses. In the case of an emergency, you can evacuate.”

“Okay okay, I know that. I can protect myself, so don’t worry.”

Luciana waved her hand dismissively as she responded in her usual relaxed tone.

It was probably because she trusted me.

I had to live up to her expectations.

At that time, the door of the entrance was opened.

The one who appeared was Grom.

“Excuse me.”

After bowing, Grom approached me with quiet steps.

He gave off an air of mysteriousness but looked a little nervous.


Luciana, who seemed to notice something, left the room.

In the silence, I asked Grom.

“What is it?”

“Demon Lord-sama, regarding the duel against the demigod, would you please allow me to accompany you?”

Grom knelt in front of me as he begged.

I couldn’t understand the intention behind such an unexpected request.

It seemed he was aware that the demigod had contacted me.

Did he hear it from the spy?

With his authority, it wouldn’t be strange for him to know about the letter.

“I intended to entrust you with the protection of the Demon Lord’s territory though.”

“I already requested Diella, the previous Demon Lord, to do so in my stead.”

Grom answered immediately.

To think he already made the necessary arrangements, he was oddly well-prepared.

Perhaps he had already planned it for a long time and only proceeded to put it into motion now.

I didn’t realize he was thinking about it so carefully.

But it was still unclear why he wanted to fight against the demigod so much.

So I asked Grom.

“Why do you want to accompany me?”

“I always felt that I have never helped Demon Lord-sama when it matters. During the battle against Saint Makia, not only was I useless, I even held others back. Even though I did contribute in subsequent battles, the fight against the heralds was still largely left to Demon Lord-sama.”

Grom explained.

This was something I was hearing about for the first time.

He conveyed his true thoughts and astonishing feelings with his words.

“It’s about the right person in the right place. Grom, I do recognize your work. Do not be so self-deprecating.”

“Even so, I wish to fight next to Demon Lord-sama. I am well aware that this is a selfish request, but could you please allow me to accompany you in the fight against the demigod?”

Grom pressed his forehead against the floor and pleaded.

He tried to make his big figure as small as possible as he expressed his wishes.

After a moment of silence, I nodded.

“Very well. I’ll allow it.”

“Aah, thank you very much. For your sake, I will do my best to destroy the good.”

Grom raised his head as he emotionally declared so.

I felt uncomfortable with his words.

“…Shouldn’t you say ‘destroy the evil’ there?”

“Although we act for justice, we’re still evil – without a doubt. As the demigod is trying to defeat evil for the sake of good, he would naturally be considered as good.”

Grom had used such wording with those implications.

Those were expressions based on my principle in becoming an indestructible evil.

“Indeed. You’re right.”

We were the absolute evil.

We might move for the sake of achieving world peace, but we have killed countless good people in the process.

And this massacre would continue endlessly.

Grom’s words were etched deep into my heart.

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