The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 152: The Sage Questions the Demigod

The demigod trembled as he listened to my words.

It was due to extreme anger.

He glared at me with bloodshot eyes and squeezed his voice out from the back of his throat.

“Mission… you’re saying that world peace is the Demon Lord’s mission? Enough with your nonsense! What the hell are you talking about?!”

“There isn’t a big difference between your ambition and mine. Our ideas are similar. It’s just that, there is a decisive difference. That is our resolve.”

I continued to talk.

The demigod didn’t launch his attack.

It seemed he was curious about the continuation of my statement.

It was precisely because he valued peace and justice that he was wondering what the Demon Lord, who supposedly held the extreme opposite of value, had to say.

“You just declared that you would die gracefully after you managed to dismantle the Demon Lord’s Army. You also said that your very existence would lead to a new age of turmoil.”

That in itself was a fact.

I could also imagine a similar future.

The demigod was an anomalous existence who could wield space magic as he liked. 

Once the Demon Lord’s Army was destroyed, nobody would be able to go up against him.

Once that happened, a conflict would arise with the demigod at the center.

Every nation would desire to bring him under their control.

Some might even see him as a hindrance and try to remove him altogether.

The conflict would inevitably occur.

Sacrifices would pile up to the point that it would be beyond repair.

Therefore, dying before chaos ensued was one of the best possible measures against it.

It would remove the root cause of the conflict.

It would be avoided because of that.

“However, who will maintain the peace of the world after that? Humans keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Even if you destroy the ritual magic, they will just try to gain power through another means. A conflict will still break out.”

“Humans can reflect on their mistakes and grow from them. Even if conflict arises again, those who live in that era will be able to solve—“

“That’s a naïve thought.”

I blocked his words with my affirmation.

The demigod faltered.

He summoned space distortion on both of his hands.

I pointed out his mistake without worrying about that.

“If you possess great power and wish to change the world, then go through with it until the end. Why would you choose to die and leave it to others?”


“If you truly did wish for world peace, you would have decided on saving the world for all eternity. You could act as the absolute justice to continue destroying all evil.”1

Although he stood on the opposite end, I had also become the Demon Lord for the same reason.

He could just turn into the unyielding force of justice that would continue to punish evil.

That was one of the possible answers.

Although I didn’t choose that option, I still had some empathy for such a choice.

However, that deviated from the claim and policy of the demigod.

It could be said that it directly conflicted with it.

“If you have no resolve to be the absolute justice for all eternity, that was all your life was worth. I’ll have you become the stepping stone for the Demon Lord instead.”

I took a step forward and the demigod was now within the range of my sword.

All I had to do was to step forward and slash him, then I could slay him in the blink of an eye.

Even if he tried to avoid it by transferring away, I would be able to cut parts of his body.

Then I would cut him further into pieces before he could rejoin himself.

By repeating that process, I would be able to kill the demigod.


The silent demigod was calm despite being pushed to the brink.

He stared at me.

As his gaze showed different colors, the demigod opened his mouth.

“…What a bunch of nonsense. Is that all you have to say? You may try to confuse me, but my thoughts won’t change. My heart isn’t that soft to be confused by your boring sermon.”

The demigod suddenly rushed forward.

He grabbed the space distortion in his hands and pushed it out toward me.

I parried it with my open hand.

My hand from the wrist below was obliterated.

The palm of the demigod was also torn deeply.

Even as he was bleeding, he rushed further.

“You said the best course of action was to not choose suicide but keep destroying the evil? That’s impossible. It isn’t something that can be achieved by an individual. The world doesn’t turn around based on pure idealism.”

As I detected some distortion behind me, I performed a somersault.

The demigod who transferred away appeared at that exact spot.

His hand was, as expected, still holding the space distortion.

His palm was morbidly twisted and spewing bright red blood.

The appearance of the demigod was blinking unnaturally.

His face was painted in pain.

As he bit his lips, trying to endure it, the demigod jumped and made the following attack.

“In the first place, an individual trying to dominate using their power is trivial in the face of the flow of the world. They will eventually be weeded out. In that case, it is better to give them a clear turning point and refrain from over-interference.”

I flew.

The demigod kicked the space and followed.

The distortions were shot more frequently, as well as the transfer.

He also launched irregular attacks from all directions.

I just kept avoiding them.

When I found it hard to do so, I cut the distortions with the keepsake sword.

Although my body gradually shaved away, I managed to avoid fatal damage.

The onslaught of the demigod kept becoming fiercer rather than showing signs of stopping.

“What we know as justice is something spun by a large number of people! It is, definitely, not something the Demon Lord can talk about!” 

Along with a strong shout, the distorted hand managed to touch my torso from the front.

As it dug in while squeaking, it instantly obliterated the black bones.

My body around that point began to collapse.

The demigod’s face showed that he was convinced of his victory.

He raised his other hand and tried to slam it into it.

I fluttered and flashed the sword.

I cut off the hand that had pierced me.

Then, I also slashed diagonally at the demigod’s body and made a return slash on his face.

The slash damaged the demigod’s right eye.

“Ga, hah…?!”

The demigod bent his back as he spat blood.

He was trying to reattach his amputated arms.

I prevented it by chopping those arms to pieces before that.

The demigod was holding his pieces of flesh as he staggered and fell downward.

He couldn’t break the fall and crashed heavily to the ground.

“—How half-hearted. Everything you did was so half-hearted.”

I muttered.

It was raining from above.

My whole body was soaked.

As I perceived the cold, I descended to the ground.

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