The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 155: The Sage Commits to His Atrocity

“Really, what a terrible opponent we just faced! I thought I was boned. I had to admit he had the strength to back up his claim of being a demigod.”

In the room of the royal castle, Grom spoke in an exaggerated manner.

He was laughing cheerfully as he sat on his chair.

He wasn’t behaving like someone who was reduced to dust just a while ago.

Grom managed to revive when I poured my magic power and miasma into his remains.

Somehow I felt his power grow as well.

He was still as immortal as ever.

Although I was sure I would be able to revive Grom, to think he would immediately go back to work afterward made me feel something close to dismay.

I suppressed such feelings and asked him,

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m in great shape! As you can see, there is no lasting damage. This is all thanks to Demon Lord-sama. Thank you very much.”

“Don’t worry about it. It is my duty to protect my subordinates.”

I was secretly relieved when I saw Grom stand up and thank me.

He had considerable resolve as he challenged the demigod.

As a result of respecting his will, Grom was decimated and nearly extinguished.

Although Grom’s struggle ended up deciding the battle, if something went wrong, he might have never been revived.

With that in mind, I was glad to be able to survive together with Grom.

“If I were to say my regret, it would be the fact I couldn’t witness Demon Lord-sama’s gallant figure. How did you manage to defeat the demigod?”

“Fumu, let’s see…

I recalled the battle.

As I was about to search my memory about it, the door of the room opened.

The one who appeared with agile movement was Diella, the previous Demon Lord.

She saw Grom and raised her voice.

“Ooh! You managed to revive properly!”

Diella rushed to touch Grom all over without hesitation.

Although she managed to confirm Grom’s safety, her action put a damper on Grom’s mood as his flame shook.

“Predecessor. Didn’t you see the sign that nobody should enter hanging on the door? What’s your business to suddenly interrupt Demon Lord-sama’s words?”

“Don’t be such a stiff. Aren’t we getting along well?”

Diella laughed cheerfully and hit Grom’s shoulder.

Grom looked annoyed.

He probably didn’t hit back because I was in front of him.

He was aware I would scold them if they fought here.

“I came here to visit you both. I have heard that both of you fought a deadly battle against the demigod. I’m glad both of you are fine.”

Diella rummaged her bosom as she spoke to Grom.

She then put a small glass bottle on the desk.

There was clear liquid filled inside of it.

“There, I brought you liquor for immortals. Drink it and be grateful.”

I observed the liquor.

I felt pain in my head just by doing so.

The liquid was so clearly mixed with holy elements.

So much so it numbed my hand just by bringing it close.

“…Where do you get this from?”

“I made this myself! I mixed divine magic into fire liquor. It would leave a mild taste in your mouth.”

Diella proudly explained.

She seemed to have prepared it in good intention, but the holy element was too strong.

Perhaps she was too enthusiastic when she made it.

This liquor wouldn’t bring adverse effects to a living person who drank it.

Rather, it would be able to keep undead away from the said person for some time.

However, if either I or Grom were to drink this, it would be like drinking poison.

It would make our body melt from the inside.

It was several times more potent than normal holy magic.

Diella handed such a thing to us with a smile.

I couldn’t feel any malice in her face.

She truly made it for the sole purpose of a sick gift.

As I realized that, I obediently received the bottle of liquor.

“…I’ll drink it later. Thank you.”

“I’ll await your feedback!”

Diella said so triumphantly.

Being given this much expectation, I couldn’t deceive her.

I would taste it once I made various preparations.

It would be alright as long as I wouldn’t get completely purified by it.

Afterward, we had a friendly chat.

Once the topic came to a stop, Diella stood up.

“Well then, I should go soon. I have to inspect the new tank.”

Now I thought about it, her modified tank was wrecked during the battle against the Steel Knight.

The shock depressed her for a few days, but it seemed she had already overcome her defeat.

She was working on it positively.

I stayed silent about her involvement with weapon development despite being unaffiliated with the Demon Lord’s Army.

I intended to stop her if she goes too far.

Since Diella kept it within the limit, I wouldn’t say anything about it.

As Diella opened the door, she suddenly turned to me.

She called my name as her smile disappeared.


“What is it?”

“Your intention is something to be amazed about. Please hold on to your own sense of justice from now on. I will cheer you on.”

Diella spoke with a friendly tone.

As I was surprised by her unexpected words, I replied with a nod.

“—I know.”

“Kuhaha, that’s a good attitude to have.”

Diella laughed lightly and left the room this time.

Sounds of her footsteps immediately went away.

Grom shook his head without hiding his dismay.

“She is a noisy fellow as usual…”


That was how Diella normally acted.

I had nothing to say about that now.

As we ran out of topics to talk about, Grom seemed to remember something and asked me.

“By the way, what are you going to do for the future? Both the Holy Scepter Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom should have suffered considerable damage as they lost their Heralds.”

“I intend to talk to Luciana about it from now on. Grom, I want you to join us.”

“Hah! Leave it to me. I will make use of the knowledge I have to help Demon Lord-sama.”

Grom stretched his back and saluted.

I could see his absolute loyalty there.

He would never betray me, even if he perished.

I could see his spirit and determination in his attitude.

However, the situation where Grom could perish wouldn’t happen easily.

Even if he was completely defeated, he could revive a few days later without a problem.

As I looked at the appearance of the loyal vassal, I thought back on the recent series of events. 

I took yet another step on the path of atrocity.

It might be a mundane expression, but I carried the lives of the sacrificed people.

The demigod was also added to the count.

I trampled over his justice.

Since I managed to come out victorious, I had to work harder from now on.

World peace was nearing its realization.

I intended to thoroughly become undying evil and dominate the flow of the world.

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