The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 156: The Sage Looks Back on the Development of the Demon Lord’s Territory

In the meadow illuminated by the afternoon sun, I looked on as the territory developed.

In the surrounding areas, workers of various races were engaged in construction work, and the on-site directors were sending out their instructions.

If I looked a little further away, I could see a familiar city.

That was where the main city of the Demon Lord’s Territory laid — the capital.

This place was the outer circumference of the capital, where we were trying to build a new city.

Half a year had passed since the battle against the demigod.

There were changes in various places; some more, some less.

The capital, which was the center of the city, was one of them.

With one development after another, the population was swelling explosively.

The refugees that came from all over the world, the groups of people who abandoned their villages, and the demi-human species who secretly tried to seek asylum from other nations were the main factors for this.

It was said that they heard a rumor saying that the capital would allow them to have a bountiful life regardless of their race, gender, or status.

In fact, that perception wasn’t mistaken.

By leaving simple work to the undead, the large-scale farmland operation had begun.

This made the food situation, which was already stable, become even better, making the prices even more affordable.

There was also no shortage of jobs.

The construction work in front of me was one example.

Due to these circumstances, the capital was constantly developing.

Of course, we also had a bad reputation around here.

It was a city governed by the Demon Lord who is trying to rule the world, after all.

I was the worst murderer in history, turning my victims into undead and making use of them.

That situation was too dangerous for most to dare move in as citizens.

I also actively tried to spread such an impression.

Nevertheless, people were still flowing in.

The people in the capital continued to grow in number, allowing the economy to revitalize.

The cause of this was already known.

It was all due to the people’s psychology.

For commoners and people with a social standing less than that, they didn’t care about the world’s affairs.

They prioritized how they lived their lives today above all else and had little to nothing to lose.

Therefore, they took the initiative to come to the territory under the control of the Demon Lord – which was considered the main source of destruction.

Obviously, not everyone in the world thought this way.

It was only a small portion of them.

Even so, their numbers were enough to constantly increase the capital’s population.

Other people who chose the same option would also continue to increase.

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t disappointed about it.

In the end, most people didn’t care about the fate of the world.

Bluntly said, they didn’t give a damn.

Pursuing their self-interest was more important than that.

It was the essence of human beings that had never changed since ancient times.

That person and I ended up being executed because of that.

Although it wasn’t something I could accept positively, it also wasn’t something that could be changed just because I denied it.

Changing that would be far more difficult than achieving world peace.

It was something that made a human, a human.

Now that I became the Demon Lord, I made use of that aspect.

As a result, the capital growth reached its peak.

I wasn’t in a position to complain about that.

Just as I aimed for, the conflict amongst humans steadily decreased.

The method I took wasn’t wrong.

There was nothing to be hesitant about.

As I kept watching the people working, a spy appeared behind me.

Perhaps due to their occupational habit, the spy extinguished their presence.

It was a wonderful skill.

Anyone around me would probably not notice it.

I asked without looking back,

“What is it?”

“Luciana-sama said she had something to consult you about.”

“I understand. I’ll head there right away.”

For her to call me directly, it must be something important.

As I detected Luciana’s location using perception magic, I immediately transferred myself there.

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