The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 160: The Sage Reconsiders the of the Continent’s Situation

“By the way, has the treatment been going well?”

“We are mobilizing additional magicians and making progress while taking breaks in between.”

“I see.”

I nodded when I heard a positive response.

What I meant by treatment was one of the things that was currently being researched here.

Due to Baruch, the Former Four Heavenly Kings’ plot, the Republican citizens had been turned into demonkin.

I eventually secured them in the capital.

Currently, those demonkin live on as military personnel or civilians.

They were forced to put up with their current circumstance since we hadn’t found a method to turn them back into humans.

But the other day, the treatment method was finally found.

However, we couldn’t completely restore things.

Their transformation was irreversible.

Regardless of how much effort we put in, we couldn’t turn them back into humans.

This fact was known during the early stages of research and couldn’t be disproved by any means.

Therefore, I suggested plastic surgery through the use of magic.

The characteristic of demonkin would be cut off and replaced with a substitute.

Then change the color of their skin and eyes accordingly.

Through this method, we succeeded in making them human, albeit only in appearance.

Obviously, they stayed as demonkin inside, but it would be hard to tell unless the other parties were people capable of detecting magical power.

It was close to impossible to tell them apart from normal humans solely from their appearance.

At the very least, it would allow them to mix in with other races and go on with their lives without much trouble.

It took quite a bit of effort before we managed to establish this treatment method.

Since the treatment itself required multiple usages of various magics, it would require multiple people to work on it to make even it possible.

Currently, we were currently in the process of teaching the methods to those affiliated with the Demon Lord’s Army.

We only gathered trustworthy magicians in the project and proceeded with the plastic surgery onto demonkin who requested it.

The number of demonkin was so large that it made it impossible to resolve all at once, but our attempts were steadily making progress.

With this, the friction between races which was the source of my worries, should be considerably reduced.

The demonkin who received their plastic surgeries were happy.

I heard their new appearance was generally well received and they could now live comfortably.

When I had the time to do so, I also helped with the surgery to contribute to solving the problems of the demonkin as much as possible

It wouldn’t be long until all the plastic surgery applicants were treated.

“Tell me immediately if there’s a problem. I’ll handle it.”

“Certainly! We’ll keep you informed of the progress through regular reports.”

“Ah, please do.”

While we were having such a conversation, I checked the development of the laboratory with the director.

Some of the technology that was developed here would be provided to the various parts of the Demon Lord’s Territory.

It would be adopted in towns and villages to enrich their daily lives.

Perhaps due to the general subsidies given to them, the citizens often sent us gifts of appreciation.

Meanwhile, our weapon development was also promising.

The main factor should be due to the director herself being particularly enthusiastic about it.

Weapons that couldn’t be adopted into the army due to certain issues were also being invented one after another.

Although the director was practically in charge of almost every field, she seemed particularly keen on developing weapons.

The number of it grew so large that we would probably have trouble managing it soon.

Since they were weapons, we couldn’t dispose of them carelessly, and we also couldn’t just send them to random places either. 1

It has gotten to the point where the staff have started to discreetly request dedicated storage for them.

The idea we came out with was to remodel the vacant lots and the underground region of the capital as part of the laboratory.

This wasn’t done solely due to their request though.

Expanding the site of the laboratory would also widen the director’s scope of activity.

Accordingly, it would turn the director into one of the defensive measures of the capital.

Her abilities basically only affect the laboratory.

To put it another way, she could exert all her power within the laboratory.

Just by the addition of the director, the defense of the capital would become very strong.

Even in my absence, it would make assaulting the capital harder.

Unforeseen circumstances could always occur.

I prepared many defenses in place, but being too prepared wouldn’t put me at disadvantage.

As soon as a concrete plan was decided, I intended to consult with the director.

I figured she would agree without much argument.

Perhaps she wouldn’t be too happy to be included as a defensive measure, but it would also make the laboratory much wider in process.

The more area available, the more research she could carry out at the same time.

As the size of the site widened, her numbers would also increase accordingly to match it.

The director truly developed an exceptional ability.

To be honest, were she not under my command, I would immediately go kill her.

Her power possessed that much danger.

Just by increasing her aggression, she could likely destroy any of the nations on the continent.

I hoped I could hold on to her reins well enough so she could continue her research and innovation

“How was the gun from the last time?”

“You mean the rapid-fire type. The golem’s strength was enough to support the knockback2. However, its reload time leaves much to be desired.”

“Hohou~! Thank you for the helpful opinion.  I will review the design and create  an improved version later.”

The weapons produced here so far have been raging on the battlefield.

Even after the death of the Demi-God, the conflict continued on the continent.

The neighboring nations were still attacking the Demon Lord’s Territory as usual.

However, those attacks were mostly conservative.

They didn’t invade deeply into the Demon Lord’s Territory, and only fought under the goal of seizing some territory.

It seemed nations that didn’t have outstanding power couldn’t make a strong move.

There was no information on any Herald appearing for the last six months.

Since there was a possibility that they were still moving in secret, I had spies to look for them.

They found traces of attempts to recreate the ritual magic, but most of them failed.

The spell to uplift an ordinary person into a Herald became widespread in the form of an uncertain rumor.

However, the method to achieve it remained unknown.

It was because the Demi-God thoroughly purged all evidence.

It seemed his effort has born fruit.

Regarding the imitations that occasionally produced a success, I went and destroyed those.

Whether it was due to World’s Will or some sort of unknown logic, there was still a chance that such a thing could be established somehow.

I really had to stay careful.

A method to artificially create Heralds should never exist.

It would definitely lead to further chaos in the world.

It could also lead to new racial discrimination.

It was also my role to coordinate the power relations of each nation.

If the number of Heralds could be increased at will, power struggles would be inevitable.

Therefore, it was necessary for me to deter it.

Fortunately, there were no signs that the movements of each nation were escalating.

They had been devastated by a series of wars, which drained their fighting power to exhaustion.

For the time being, it seemed they would concentrate on replenishing their strength and stabilizing their national power.

It took a great deal of effort to continue the war.

It was extremely difficult to continue a war that hardly produced desirable results.

They imposed a great burden on their people, which likely led to an increase in the citizen’s dissatisfaction.

Once the people’s distrust grew too high, the survival of the nation would be jeopardized.

All in all, the only thing the nations have managed to seize was the Republic’s territory.

Moreover, it was something that the Demon Lord’s Army went out of their way to give to them by losing on purpose.

Regarding the territory of the Republic, it had been divided and was managed by each of the nations.

However, due to its geographical location being in a constant state of excursion and turmoil, their governance was often neglectful, leaving it in a half-abandoned state.

As a result, the people who lived there eventually formed their own local government system.

According to Luciana, it would likely form a new nation eventually.

As a side note, both the Holy Scepter Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom who were responsible for the ritual magic have perished.

They were greatly worn out by the war with the Demon Lord, and the resulting dissatisfaction and pressure from their people destroyed them.

As the people kept pushing responsibility to others for the war, it led to a revolution that broke out in both nations.

After the de-facto destruction of both nations, they were reborn.

These were events that happened during the last six months, so it was quite turbulent.

It made the change within the Demon Lord’s Territory seem insignificant.

Since I thought it would end up as a swamp of problems that would last for a long time, I was quite surprised when I found out that a new country was found in their place.

It was good that I was saved from the trouble of interfering.

In this way, various things happened in various parts of the continent.

However, if I looked at the big picture, the situation didn’t seem as bad as it sounded.

Although there were still some casualties, the hostility between nations has diminished.

Their policy to subdue the Demon Lord has further solidified.

I wanted them to proceed this way.

The only problem at the moment was regarding those spies.

The director should be able to find some clues within the next few days.

I would continue to investigate beneath the surface while waiting for her progress report.

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