The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 161: The Sage Watches the Training

That afternoon, I visited the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory.

There was an endlessly large lake in the vast wasteland.

It was something I had created with magic.

There were two large ships floating on the lake.

The ships were anchored as they were lined up at a certain distance.

In between the two ships, there were soldiers of various races fighting each other.

Although it looked like a pretty fierce battle, it wasn’t a real war.

It was a training session that had assumed the face of a battle at sea.

In recent years, nations from outside the continent have frequently interfered from across the sea.

The typical examples would be through dispatching spies, negotiating with nations on the continent, and providing supplies.

Most of them seem to be related to the Demon Lord.

I didn’t mind that in particular.

It meant that the infamy of the current Demon Lord was finally spreading all over the world.

Grom had even rejoiced in tears when he had learned of that.

Considering these circumstances, we decided to carry out this training.

It was better to assume that people outside of the continent would advance and it would develop into a battle at sea.

I had initially intended to build a lake within the Demon Lord’s Territory, but the location was changed due to Diella’s forceful request.

According to her, she wanted to make use of this land.

Since her claim was legitimate, I decided to follow it through.

The main participants of the training were the soldiers affiliated to the Demon Lord’s Army.

For the time being, it was being carried out only with applicants, regardless of their race.

They were less armed than usual and had a lighter appearance overall.

The soldiers were split into camps by red and blue clothes.

The goal of the training was for either camp to capture the flag installed on the enemy’s ship while both camps fought.1

“Kuhahahahahahah! Move aside, I’m passing through! Anyone who wants to die may come forward!”

On the top of the ship, there was Diella who was shouting while wearing red clothes.

She danced lightly as she shot the guns in both of her hands wildly.

The soldiers who were wearing blue clothes were hit by the bullets and knocked over, while some unfortunate ones fell into the lake.

Occasionally, her allies who were wearing red clothes would also get caught in it.

Then, they would hurriedly move away from her shooting range.

Diella’s aim was both poor and rough.

She probably just fired those shots without much consideration.

Because of that, both the camps feared her.

By the way, the bullets being used were the non-lethal type, which were made out of resin.

Although it would hurt to get hit by it, it wasn’t enough to kill.

Most of the soldiers were carrying similar weapons.

Diella’s fighting was quite lively.

She had requested to participate in the training, but it seemed it had merely been an excuse to have fun.

There was no doubt of it when I saw her current appearance.

For the time being, I had been permitted to build these kinds of special terrains from now on as well.

There was really nothing in the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory.

All it had was its vast terrain, with almost everything having been abandoned.

If there were any changes, it would be the rubble that scattered occasionally.

Its current state wasn’t being used at all.

If these kinds of fields increased in numbers, it would mean an increase in Diella’s playground as well, so it was a good deal for her.

“Is there anyone who can stop me?! I’ll accept anyone who dares to challenge me!”

Diella was moving around freely.

She made use of her chains of light and showed off her three dimensional maneuver.

Her fighting style wasn’t restricted by the field above the ship by the least.

As expected, her talent for combat was exceptional.

Then behind her, a high-powered magic reaction transpired.

Diella frowned as she detected it.

She thrust a chain of light against a pillar of a ship, allowing her to use the pendulum-like momentum to move at high speed.

A flash of an axe passed through her location just a moment after.

“Hohou, you’re quite capable! As expected of the Previous Demon Lord. Huhuh, this sure makes my pirate’s blood boil.”

The person who happily laughed was Doldar the Dullahan.

He gushed out purple lightning from his axe.

He was wearing blue clothes.

The wolf head tied to his neck revealed its fangs as he smiled.

Doldar was speaking fluently, which would probably be hard to believe for those who had seen his usual self.

He usually only regained his reason momentarily, but he stayed lucid for some reason.

His skill was sharp as usual.

He happily rushed toward Diella and somehow managed to evenly match against her.

If it was just based on pure combat ability, Diella was definitely better than him.

Nevertheless, both of them managed to clash evenly.

It wasn’t like Diella was holding back either.

The fact that they were on top of the ship might have stimulated Doldar’s instincts and allowed him to exert his full potential.

It was a scene which clearly showed the reason why he had been known as a great pirate.

It stood as a reason for why the Previous Demon Lord’s Army had never made a move against Doldar.

“As soon as he got on the ship, he became lucid. Perhaps his blood as a pirate is boiling because of that.”

I heard a voice beside me.

When I looked to my side, the elf chief Logan was standing there.

He was soaked from head to toe.

And somehow, he seemed to be in a bad mood.

It seemed Logan had just come out from the lake.

That was why he was soaked like that.

I asked him.

“It seems the training is going well.”

“It’d be perfect if Diella and Doldar could be a bit calmer.”

Logan answered while scraping his hair.

His gaze, full of criticism, was aimed at the pair who were fighting above the ship.

He had a blatantly annoyed expression.

I managed to see a glimpse of why. It was because Doldar had knocked him into the lake.

If Logan hadn’t immediately activated spirit magic for protection, he would have undoubtedly suffered a grave wound.

Even so, Doldar didn’t seem to reflect on that.

I could warn Doldar about it later, but there was no guarantee he would still be lucid by then.

Meanwhile, the other soldiers were also struggling.

As they struggled, they did their best to invade each other’s ship.

They also actively shot their guns.

The battle between the two camps was about to reach its climax.

“Acquiring the latest information regarding the war situation — order updated. Second unit is to standby. Third unit is to maintain the defense at the front line.”

At the end of the ship, Yuura was commanding the blue camp.

It seemed she was learning how to command her subordinates without directly participating in the frontline.

I had heard she had received advice from Henry, and it seemed she was indeed learning seriously.

Yuura, who was clumsy, was growing steadily.

Doldar also gave on-site instructions, forming an exquisite show of cooperation.

By the way, the commander of the red camp was Logan, but he was in this state right at the moment.

Confusion ensued due to Logan dropping out, driving the red camp into inferiority.

Diella, the general of the red camp, was just doing what she liked. Perhaps she didn’t even notice that Logan had dropped out.

She seemed busy in her fight against Doldar.

The soldiers who fell into the lake went ashore one after another and began to watch the struggle of those who still remained.

Those people who had already dropped out were chatting despite their camps’ battle.

There were even those who gave their kudos as they had fun watching them.

While they had gotten the chance to practice themselves on the training, it seemed they were able to relax as well.

The atmosphere was quite peaceful.

Perhaps they felt good after moving with all their might and dropping into the water.

After that, the situation didn’t improve and the training ended with the blue camp securing the flag.

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