The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 162: he Sage Receives the Results of the Analysis

A few days later, the director reported that the spies from back then had suddenly died.

I was surprised by this because it was so unexpected.

They hadn’t shown any signs of such a thing happening, but they just suddenly stopped breathing in their sleep.

As expected, it wasn’t something I could simply ignore.

To find out the truth, I immediately headed for the laboratory.

As soon as I transferred to the basement, the director rushed in.

She repeatedly bowed her head in apology.

“I’m terribly sorry, Demon Lord-sama! This happened even though we were observing them at all times…!”

“Don’t worry about it. Perhaps not even I could have prevented it.”

I calmed the director down.

What I told her wasn’t necessarily meant to comfort, but it was a fact of the matter.

A state where the director observed them at all times meant that all defensive measures within the laboratory could be launched at a moment’s notice.

Things could hardly be more secure than that.

Even if it was me monitoring the spies instead, the result would likely still be the same.

The failure this time was practically unavoidable.

There was no reason to blame the director for that.

Rather, in the midst of unknown variables, I should praise her for her willingness and effort in doing the analysis.

I moved to an isolated room under the guidance of the director.

She seemed to be in a slump as she brought me there.

“It’s this room… please go in.”

The center of the room I was invited in had the spies lined up side by side.

I couldn’t feel any life from them.

They definitely seemed to be dead.

They had surprisingly peaceful expressions.

Their expressions had been painted in agitation and fear the last I saw them, but none of it remained on their faces.

If I just looked at them, they really seemed to be sleeping.

The director stood beside the spies.

She put her hand on the nape of one of them.

“There are no traces of trauma, illnesses, or curses on them. It’s a genuine sudden death.”


I bent down in front of the corpses.

There was indeed no trauma on them.

I couldn’t feel any abnormal flow of magic power either, so it was truly a common corpse.

Then I examined the eyes of the corpses.

As expected, I couldn’t find any abnormalities there either.

Even if I focused my gaze there for a while, I didn’t receive any kind of mental interference polluting my mind.

There was no feeling of being peeked at.

There aren’t any traces of a spell being used, and the cause of death is also unknown. This is troublesome.

I pondered while examining the corpses in order.

The fact that it looked this normal, made it feel unnatural instead.

I didn’t understand why they suddenly died.

It was all too mysterious.

All of the corpses were in the same conditions as well, which made me even more confused.

“We got outsmarted. It seems the caster judged them to have exhausted their usefulness and disposed of them.”

Their sudden deaths were most likely not of natural causes.

The caster who planted their set up in the spies’ eyes must have done this remotely.

Although I didn’t know how they achieved that, it was clear that something was done to the spies.

“Did you find out anything from the analysis?”

“Indeed. It’s summarized in a document.”

Another one of the director’s copies came in from the doorway.

She handed me a bunch of papers.

The things written in there were the contents from the analysis of the spies.

The details of what the director investigated were described vividly.

It seemed she tried to solve the mystery from various aspects.

According to the report, there was indeed a caster of some sort.

It seemed as if the caster was observing us through the eyes of the spies.

And because I met with the caster’s eyes back then, I received a mental interference attack.

There were no other special effects.

These spies seemed to have been treated as surveillance devices.

It seemed something or someone had used them for reconnaissance in the Demon Lord’s Territory.

Unfortunately though, it was unable to lead to clearer clues, but it indeed helped to make progress.

The amount of information in our hands was increasing steadily.

Eliminating unnecessary possibilities was also an important task.

Of course, it wasn’t like we did excessive human experimentation on them.

It was unlikely that the director’s analysis was directly linked to their sudden death.

“When I met my gaze with them, I indeed heard some noises… It’ll be wonderful if we could grasp the coordinates of the other party though.”

“Do you feel mentally affected?”

“Not at all. As you can see, I’m still as energetic as usual!”

“…That’s good to know.”

Seeing the director give her reply with a smile made me feel at a loss on how to respond to her.

According to the document, it seemed that the director had stared at the spies’ eyes many times.

It was also stated that she stared at it for days without blinking.

That was definitely a fact despite it sounding like a hyperbole.

Although she was detached from common sense, the director was always like this from the beginning.

It wasn’t an effect from the mental pollution.

For the time being, I was able to grasp what I learned at this point.

There was no point in staying here for any longer.

I was worried since we still didn’t know who the perpetrator was or what their goal was, but it wasn’t like panicking would be of any help.

As I reorganized my mind, I instructed the director.

“I will leave the corpses here for the time being. I would like you to continue to analyze them. Contact me if you learn anything new.”

“I understand! I’ll definitely produce some results!”

Although the spies have already died, the analysis itself was making progress.

We could only continue to explore.

I left the director who responded enthusiastically and returned to the audience room.

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