The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 164: The Sage Learns About the New Threats

After leaving the audience room, I felt a strong dizziness.

It made me involuntarily stop and hold onto the wall with one hand.

In addition, the black stain reappeared in my field of vision.

It sporadically flickered and shaved my consciousness.

Even when I tried to shake it off with my hand, I couldn’t feel anything.

It seemed to be a hallucination and didn’t appear to have any substance.

As I struggled with the hallucination, I felt nausea next.

Of course there was no way I could vomit since I was an undead.

It merely made me feel uncomfortable.

Even so, I managed to move my legs down the corridor.

I could feel that something was wrong with me.

When I tried to transfer, I noticed that the flow of magic power had also been disturbed.

It seemed it was better to refrain from using advanced magic while I was in this state.

I had no choice but to continue moving on foot.

What the hell is this?

I was confused by the phenomenon that was happening to me.

I had never thought I would suffer these kinds of symptoms ever since I became an undead.

I felt worse as time passed.

Even as I tried to mitigate the effect through the use of magic, it wasn’t very effective.


I was suddenly struck with a sharp, splitting headache and I put my fingers on my skull.

I put so much force on my fingers that they produced a digging sound.

Parts of my bones really did break.

However, I also felt that the pain had been alleviated somehow.

I decided to keep walking with my fingers stuck in my skull.

Occasionally, fragments of the bones would collapse and fall.

While trampling upon the fallen bones, I headed toward my room.

“Damn it…”

“It looks painful. Are you okay?”

I could hear a voice in front of me.

When I looked up, Yuura was standing there.

However, I soon realized it wasn’t her.

The aura she emitted was not that of Yuura’s.

The power contained in her body was also extraordinary.

I called out that person’s name.

“The Great Spirit, huh…”

“Yes, that’s right. I came to inform you about something today. It is a very important matter.”

The Great Spirit responded indifferently as she proceeded to talk one-sidedly.

About half of her words failed to enter my head.

I understood that I was supposed to pay attention to her.

However, the headache and nausea I was suffering from made me unable to concentrate.

I used a bit of holy magic to purify my head.

Immediately, my skull melted along with the burning pain.

However, the severe pain helped in covering up the suffering that had been caused by the symptoms.

It looked terrible, but the effect was decent.

While I was suffering from the symptoms, the Great Spirit just stood there quietly.

She was waiting for the opportunity to speak without saying anything.

I glanced at my purified fingertips before confirming it to the Great Spirit.

“It seems it isn’t something you can tell me later.”

“Indeed. It is something that must be divulged as soon as possible. It is also related to the abnormality that is plaguing you right now.”

“What did you say?”

I reacted to the Great Spirit’s words.

My current condition was obviously abnormal.

It felt like several illnesses had piled up, something that was supposedly impossible to happen to an immortal.

It seemed the Great Spirit knew the cause of it.

“Do you want to talk about it here? Or do you want to switch locations first? I don’t mind either way.”

“…Let’s switch locations first.”

Although I wished to hear what she wanted to say as soon as possible, we were currently in the castle corridor.

Someone could unintentionally eavesdrop.

We should talk in a place where nobody could interrupt us.

I moved and invited the Great Spirit into my room.

I was about to fall down several times along the way, but I managed to endure it using my mental strength.

The symptoms were getting worse rapidly.

The writhing black stains were increasing at the rate that it gradually started to cover my field of vision.

I let the Great Spirit sit on the sofa in the room.

I sat on the sofa across from her.

My body felt heavy.

Even as I felt like fainting, I decided to continue talking.

“There should be no worry of anyone eavesdropping here.”

“It looks pretty painful. When did the symptoms start to appear?”

“It began just a few moments before you appeared.”

“I see. It seems we’re not too late. We can still make it.”

The Great Spirit said so with relief.

Although I couldn’t read her feelings from her appearance, it seemed I could feel something close to familiarity.

Even as I felt that, I mentioned something I was concerned about.

“What do you mean we can still make it?”

“I will tell you about it right now.”

The Great Spirit corrected her posture.

She then began to speak with a flat tone.

“If I were to go straight to the conclusion, it’s about the situation that led to the defense mechanism’s activation. In other words, the world is in danger of getting destroyed.”


I was silent when I heard that.

I then asked her after a short pause.

“I know you are not someone who jokes around, but is it really true?”

“I can only say the truth. A world crisis is definitely imminent.”

“Then, what kind of crisis is trying to destroy the world?”

I asked her another question.

According to the information network of the Demon Lord’s Territory, there was no crisis in the world presently.

At most, it was about the conflict of the human nations against the Demon Lord’s Territory.

The scale was also too small to be qualified as a world crisis.

At the very least, nothing that could have likely triggered the defense mechanism’s activation had happened.

Despite my thoughts, the Great Spirit directly spoke to the core of the problem.

“From outside our world, transcendence existences have begun to invade us. One of those beings is responsible for the abnormality you are experiencing.”

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lol things jumped from Heroes vs Demon Lord dramas to Defense war against Alien/Outer God ?!