The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 165: The Sage Grasps Part of the Mystery

“From outside of our world…? What do you mean?”

I was a little confused.

Although the Great Spirit spoke of it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, it was a term I was hearing for the first time.

And though I was also curious about transcended existences, the topic had jumped suddenly so it made me confused.

On the other hand, the Great Spirit continued to talk in a clerical way.

“Are you aware of what lies beyond the sky?”

“I heard it was a void where no magic power existed.”

I answered her with the knowledge I learned from my time as a human.

Back in the past, there was a magician who tried to ascend as high as possible into the sky.

However, he lacked the magic power to sustain his flight all the way and ended up falling to his death.

It was because the concentration of magic power decreased after one reached a certain altitude.

Although it wouldn’t directly harm one’s life, it would make one’s magic become unstable as its effectiveness worsened the higher you go.

Therefore, no one has ever reached into the wide expanse beyond the skies.

Some scholars even claimed it was where God lived.

Coupled with the fact that no human could reach that area, that theory received a certain amount of support.

Obviously enough, I didn’t believe in such a myth, but I didn’t have any other evidence to try and disprove that claim.

However, the Great Spirit seemed to be aware of what lies beyond.

“That answer is half-correct. Although magic power indeed does not exist there, the area itself isn’t a void. Once one goes beyond the sky’s limit, the area outside the world is revealed.”

“The one who is causing my abnormality is an inhabitant of the outside world?”

“Yes, and they are also scheming to conquer this world. We, the defense mechanism, refer to them as ‘the beast of the outer world.’”

“The beast of the outer world…”

I muttered.

Since she even told me the name used among the defense mechanisms, it meant that things have become quite serious.

It seemed that the problem was bigger than what I had imagined.

“The beast of the outer world consists of several individuals. Some collude with each other, but most of them are acting alone. They are cleverly hiding their locations now, but they will eventually reveal themselves to the public.”

“None of my spies managed to detect anything. They should be able to find them if such a thing existed.”

“They are monsters that exist outside of our realm. The laws of this world don’t necessarily apply to them. You should be aware of that as well.”

I couldn’t say anything to object to the Great Spirit.

It was exactly as she pointed out.

Not only was I unable to detect those beasts of the outer world, I was now also riddled with mysterious disorders.

It was totally pathetic of me.

I was in no position to claim something like that.

“I browsed over Yuura’s memory, it seems you’ve met eyes with those foreign spies.”

“So that was the problem after all.”

“Yes, they had all become underlings of those beasts. By having met their eyes, you are probably also being eroded by it even now. You might be in a state similar to an illness right now, but it would develop beyond repair if it stays like that.”

I already had inkling about what the Great Spirit was warning me about.

I thought I had repelled the mental pollution, but it seemed I was actually affected by it.

It merely triggered itself after some time.

The fact that I didn’t find out about it was due to my own immaturity.

The ability they used was not magic.

Even so, it was still my duty as the Demon Lord to deal with it regardless.

As I admonished my own fault inwardly, I asked the Great Spirit.

“How can I solve my condition?”

“Once you defeat the beast who contacted you, your ailments will disappear on its own.”

“Even if I wanted to, I don’t know where the beast is.”

The Great Spirit shook her head.

She reached out and touched my cheek.

“It is not my job to search for you. And I think you can find it just fine on your own.”

The Great Spirit moved away from me.

She looked out the window and spoke with a vague tone.

“The beast of the outer world infests everywhere. My area of jurisdiction is this continent, but I ask you to help get rid of it once I find them.”

“Very well. Leave it to me.”

I replied immediately.

The enemies were transcendent existences.

Since their ability was effective even against me, their power was really anomalous.

And those existences bore its fangs to this world.

There was no way I could ignore them.

If they were left alone, my ideal — world peace would become harder to reach.

Fortunately, this was a shared goal with the defense mechanisms. 

In other words, I could ask for cooperation.

That was very motivating for me.

“Once your disorders are cured, I will come talk to you. Please do it as soon as you can.”

The Great Spirit said as her presence thinned.

Just when I thought she would leave just like that, she brought up to me.

“There’s something I forgot to tell you about.”

“What is it?”

“The thing that makes you suffer seems to be rooted in your spirit.”

“My spirit, huh…”

I ruminated over the words of the Great Spirit.

Then I expressed my gratitude to her.

“That’s valuable information. It sure helps.”

“I hope it will be a clue to the solution.”

After she responded, the Great Spirit’s presence truly disappeared this time.

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Dietz Nutz
Dietz Nutz
1 year ago

Hmm, so isekai world Or mmorpg purgatory, where this outer world entity bestow upon them the power of such irregularity is meddling with Dwight’s world affair? Seems arrogant the fact that such manipulation on the world should better early on rather than introducing something that doesn’t even amount to betterment of the world, should just go for that empty stack of nothing on the world, just existing without anything..

Of course that would be bland, the title then turn to new world: default terrain.