The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 166: The Sage Promises the Previous Demon Lord

In a closed room of the royal castle, I sat on the chair in the center.

Innumerable spells were engraved on the floor, walls, and ceilings.

It was so dense that one couldn’t see their original color anymore.1

Although I worked without a break, it still took me a whole day to complete it.

Similar spells were also thoroughly applied to my body, so much so that it was even done all the way to the edge of smaller bones.

The reason for its faint glow was because it was reacting to my magic power.

It made me feel a little pain, but it wasn’t something to worry about.

Grom, who was standing by, looked at me with anxiety painted on his face.

“Um, Demon Lord-sama. Are you really doing this…?”

“Of course.”


Grom grumbled petulantly.

The flame in one of his eye sockets was about to go out.

He was already restless from earlier and had been pacing around the room until just now.

“We should be able to track the beast’s location if you wait a little longer. I don’t think you need to go this far, right?”

“Warning to master — this is a very dangerous attempt. Suspending now is recommended.”

Luciana and Yuura added.

Both of them cared for my safety but I shook my head despite knowing the danger.

“Unfortunately, I have no time. My body is eroding rapidly, and slowing the progress of erosion using magic has already reached its limit.”

Five days had already passed since the Great Spirit first gave me the warning.

To resolve the situation, I chose to create a new forbidden spell.

By combining and improving existing spells, I could use it to better my current condition.

The thing inscribed on both the room and my body was that very forbidden spell.

Once activated, it would obliterate the user’s body and forcefully send their soul into the spiritual world.

I intended to eliminate the cause that way as it would hopefully allow me to locate the whereabouts of the one who applied their ability on me.

According to the Great Spirit, my mentality was being eroded by the beast of the outer world.

Although I couldn’t detect it on my own, it was the Great Spirit who diagnosed me so it shouldn’t be wrong.

Once I asked for Yuura’s opinion as well, she told me the same thing.

Perhaps it was something that only a spirit could detect.

Due to its nature of obliterating the caster’s flesh when used, this forbidden spell was unusable for living persons.

It was something that only I could use since I could easily revive myself using the bodies of the undead I created.

I could understand why Grom and the others were worried about it, since they had witnessed my suffering for the past five days.

Once I told them what the backlash of the spell was, they tried to convince me to use safer measures.

On the other hand, Logan was just watching me as usual.

He then shared his opinion to Grom and the others.

“Since Dwight has already decided, I won’t oppose it. This is indeed the best course of action we can take right now.”

“I also agree on that matter. Well, since it is the commander, he should be fine.”

Henry said in a relaxed tone as he drank liquor.

These two were completely confident in my power.

They didn’t object since they had judged that I could definitely overcome it.

It was a contrast to Grom and the others who were worried for me.

Of course, I honestly felt gratitude to both groups.

I told Luciana.

“The spell itself is a simple one. It’s unlikely to fail.”

“I’m not worried about that though…”

“Please believe me. I’ll definitely return.”

At that time, the door was opened quite forcefully.

There was only one person who would blatantly enter a room where access was heavily restricted.

That person —the Previous Demon Lord, Diella— looked around as she tilted her head.

“What? You all gathered here together to argue?”

Diella went straight towards me.

She stood with an imposing stance in front of me and talked.

“Dwight, I heard you are trying to enter the spiritual world to destroy an unknown entity?”

“I’m about to use a spell that will allow me to do that.”

I nodded as I responded.

Then Diella gave me a cold smile.

The sharp atmosphere she exuded gave off a feeling similar to killing intent.

The others in the room unconsciously took on their combat stances.

She looked down at me sitting on the chair.

“I don’t mind if you end up getting possessed, but I’ll take the Demon Lord’s Army if it happens. I’ll kill you as well. Do prepare for that, okay?”

“I have no need for such preparation. I will definitely return.”

“Fumu, that’s a good resolution to have! Great, great!”

With the earlier atmosphere having immediately dissipated, Diella clapped her hands in satisfaction.

She then addressed my subordinates.

“It’s because you guys exuded such a dreary atmosphere. It feels like a funeral, you know?”

“Doesn’t Diella-sama worry as well?”

“Of course I do. He is the man who defeated me so much that I wanted to know how I could possibly kill him.”

Diella responded immediately and put her hand on my shoulder.

She then told me in a serious manner.

“I will take care of things while you are away. Just feel at ease and go.”

“…Sorry about that.”

That was the only reply I could give her.

Because of Diella, the atmosphere in the room became united as one.

I could only be grateful for her earlier performance.

I stood up from my chair.

As I looked around, I quietly declared.

“Once I return, the war against the beast of the outer world will begin. Everyone, I want you to prepare for it.”

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