The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 169: The Sage Confronts the Beast

The silver-haired woman in front of me wasn’t a person from my memories.

She was clearly an abnormal existence in this space.

I wielded my wand and prepared to use magic.

I had already confirmed that I could use magic without problem on my way here.

The sensation I felt was similar to when I used it in the real world.

Although the woman was some distance away from me, it was still within the range of my magic.

My spell could reach her in a blink of an eye.

Perhaps the silver haired woman detected my intention; she held onto her own shoulder and seemed to put on a show of trembling on purpose.

“Awawa, don’t put on such a scary expression. I might end up crying.”

“Answer my question. Who are you?”

I asked without any emotions in my words.

As the woman stopped pretending to be scared, she bowed gracefully.

“I don’t have a specific name… so let’s just call me Gwen for convenience. I am one amongst those you refer to as the beast from the outer world. I am now in a spiritual form and have intruded into this place.”

The silver haired woman — Gwen casually introduced herself.

Although I had already expected it, she was the beast from the outer world after all.

She had invaded my spirituality through the eyes of those spies.

Furthermore, she was still eroding my body even now.

Gwen asked me with an unpleasant smile.

“Dwight Havelt-san. I have watched your words and behavior carefully up until you came here. Have you come to kill me?”

“It’s not just you. I will eliminate all the beasts from the outer world. That is my duty.”

The beasts from the outer world were appearing in various locations around the world.

Such a situation forced the defense mechanism to activate.

In other words, it could be said that such a phenomenon was directly linked to the crisis of the world.

Therefore, those beasts were an existence that would ruin peace.

From my perspective, they were enemies that had to be destroyed.

Gwen suddenly danced in joy.

She happily danced with nimble movements that made it seem like she wasn’t dancing on top of the desert.

“To become the indestructible Demon Lord and reign as the sole absolute evil, is it? I do respect you for that.”


“You have an expression that seems to ask why I know that. Of course I know about it. I saw your memories after all. I have already watched the early half of your life properly! So much so that I am confident I can answer any question related to you regarding that period of time.”

Gwen put her hand on her chest as she said so.

Her gestures and expression fueled my discomfort.

She must have done that on purpose.

She must be aiming to agitate my nerves and ruin my focus.

“Well~ You sure have it hard, to be executed after you managed to save the world. Isn’t this kind of tragedy quite rare? When I saw that memory, I felt like crying, seriously.”

“Why are you aiming for me? What is your goal?”

I ignored her playful words and continued to ask questions.

Gwen shrugged in disappointment.

“I guess this kind of emotional attack won’t work… Rather, do you expect me to tell you easily? I am not that honest of a person, you know?”

As I looked at Gwen, who laughed happily, I came to understand that trying to strike a conversation with her was useless.

Regardless of what I said, she would continue to avoid answering.

She seemed to have no intention of treating me seriously.

I made my magic power flow through the wand and produced a magic powered sword on my empty hand.

Gwen saw that, and her smile deepened as expected.

“Ooh, so you feel like fighting. How barbaric. As expected of a Demon Lord. But make sure you are prepared. Despite how I look, I am quite strong, you know?”

“It doesn’t matter. I only do what needs to be done.”


Gwen kept her smile.

The corners of her mouth lifted to the point that it seemed to tear apart.

She looked up at the sky and exhaled deeply.

“Your firm determination is a wonderful thing. Truly — I̞͋̕t̺͑̈ ͌̚m͓a̝̓͜k̹ë́͒̎s̈́ͣ͒ ̷̐͋m̘̓͡e͛ ̺wͥa̜̔̿n̯͋̿t̲̜ͪ ͑̎ͣť̯̿o̠̜͌ ͛ͨ͝e̐ͫà̵͘t̪̲̊ ̻̫ͤyͨo̭ͮ͐ũ͜1

For a moment, Gwen’s voice got distorted.

Her outline turned ambiguous and she became like a shadow that had lost its feeling of opacity.

Just as I thought the edge of her whole body was fading, it transformed into a number of tentacles.

Her appearance which was formerly humanoid was now made up of countless tentacles.

They eerily pulsed and writhed.

I couldn’t feel any trace of human nature from there.

It was as if a concept of chaos was shaped by malice and took form.

However, those tentacles soon disappeared.

As Gwen instantly returned to her former appearance, she leaked a wry laugh as she put her hands on her mouth.

“Oops, excuse me. It seems my true form leaked out just now. To think such a maidenly secret ended up being seen, it sure is embarrassing~”


I didn’t react as I observed Gwen.

Currently, her appearance was no different from that of a human’s.

However, her essence was of an unreasonable monster’s.

It hid an appearance which well deserved the name of the beast from the outer world.

“Well then, let’s drop the idle talk and proceed to the main subject. It seems the fight between us is unavoidable anyway.”

As Gwen clapped her hands, she started spinning on the spot while talking.

She began to organize the topic while making various gestures.

“I will tell you many things if you manage to defeat me. It’s my so-called big service. But if you lose, I will take over your body. That should be fine, right?”

“Yes, that’s no problem.”

I activated my spell as I nodded.

A chain extended from my fingertips and wrapped around Gwen’s neck.

It then proceeded to head inside her body.

She stroked her neck, but the chain was no longer there.

I explained to Gwen which doubled as a warning.

“It’s a geas2. Our exchange just now became the catalyst for its activation. If the chain is broken, the soul involved will be cursed.”

“Uwah, you really went and did it. You really don’t take any chances… doesn’t this mean I can’t back out on my words? Damn.”

Gwen grumbled annoyingly.

The thing that was clear from her personality was that she wouldn’t keep her promise.

She wasn’t trustworthy and could calmly use any cowardly means necessary.

Therefore, I decided to take initiative and force her to keep her promise.

From what I could sense from the spell, Gwen was properly bound by the pledge.

If she backed out on her words, her soul would instantly be cursed.

Perhaps the beast from the outer world had some sort of method to dispel that effect, but judging from Gwen’s words, the method seemed to be very troublesome.

Although it was a little worrisome, I had proven that magic was effective against the beast from the outer world.

This was somewhat of a big discovery.

This showed that I had a decent chance of winning.

We faced each other in the desert at night.

A dry wind blew through around the two of us.

Gwen was first to break the silence.

“— Well then, let us begin and have a fulfilling time killing each other.”

Gwen’s atmosphere changed.

The killing intent she exuded was clearly aimed at me.

She delightfully shook her finger as if she was dancing.

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