The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 170: The Sage Has An Unexpected Reunion

Although I couldn’t feel any magic in it, power swirled around the air, with Gwen at its center.

For some reason, that power felt similar to miasma.

The overwhelming concentration of it would decay any human that approached.

Eventually, Gwen began to float a few inches of the ground.

She smiled bewitchingly as the sand scattered around her.

“I will show off something special for Havelt-san.”

“That’s unnecessary.”

I used my magic.

Vines of ivy grew out from the desert and tried to restrain Gwen, but they were repelled before they could even touch her.

The vines started eroding from their tips.

“Oops, that was dangerous. I thought that would kill me just now.”

Gwen made a motion of patting her chest in relief, but her face held a sneer.

Contrary to what she said and did, she wasn’t upset by it at all.

The power that swirled around her deconstructed the magic power of the ivy and rendered the spell ineffective.

I was able to confirm that the spell structure was dismantled at the moment of contact.

Most spells would be destroyed without fail.

Fortunately, the magic of pledge was still active, but I would have to think of another method to attack her.

“The preparation is complete. Well then, see it for yourself!”

As Gwen raised her hands, the sand on her left and right grew a mound from the ground.

Out from the sand came two men.

One had short, chestnut hair and wore glasses.

He wore common clothes and there was no special feature to his appearance.

However, the eyes that stared back reflected his obsession.

The man with glasses took a step forward and raised his hand in greeting.

“Yo, it’s been a long time. I really wanted to meet you again. It seems you’ve got some flesh now? You sure look manly.”


I was stunned.

I couldn’t think of anything to say back, so I simply shifted my gaze to the other man.

That man had blond hair and was well-dressed in fashionable, aristocratic clothing.

His neat face wore a disproportionately evil smile, and his green eyes didn’t even hide his hostility.

“Dwight Havelt, you now wear that nostalgic face. It reminds me of ten years ago.”


I was still speechless.

I couldn’t believe the phenomenon that was happening in front of me.

The people who appeared on the left and right of Gwen was the inventor, John Doe, and one of the former four heavenly kings, Baruch, respectively.

“And so, I have called for people who are closely related to you! It’s such a moving reunion, right? I sure am a kind person!”

“What is this? Are you resurrecting the dead?”

“Did you forget? This is your spiritual world. I just searched through your memories and chose these two to come here.”

Gwen happily explained.

As I listened, I understood the gist of it.

She probably restored them by using my memory as a base.

Although it was limited to the spiritual world, she managed to execute pseudo-resurrection.

Although it was an ability far removed from common sense, it wasn’t something to be surprised about by now.

Gwen was one of the beasts of the outer world after all.

Her ability wasn’t something which could be understood by current magical standards.

“However, they are not mere imitations who happen to have their memories intact, you know. Both of them are unmistakably genuine, after all.”

“That’s impossible, I have killed both of them before.”

When I denied it, Baruch shook his head playfully.

He then told me as if reminding me.

“There are always exceptions in everything. I thought I already taught you that last time.”

“Regarding Baruch-san, I pulled away his spirituality from the soul that was imprisoned in a laboratory. I had quite a problem since the director there noticed my attempt, so I barely succeeded in pulling it off. To be honest, it wasn’t worth the effort~“

She must have revived them when I was still lost in the desert.

There should be a huge fuss in the laboratory around this time.

The staff there should have detected an abnormality in Baruch’s soul.

According to Gwen, she was actually resisted by the director when it happened.

I was worried about the director’s safety.

But I could only pray for now.

“As for John-san, his spirituality still remained in his corpse so I took it. It seems that the person you killed back then was only the main personality.”

“That’s how it is. I thought I might eventually go insane, but I am not dead yet. It makes me convinced that I survived just for this moment.”

John spoke with a sarcastic smile.

He was a person with two personalities.

Back then, I fought a deadly battle against him in the Magic Kingdom.

I killed John by the end of battle, but it seems I only managed to kill off one of the personalities back then.

According to Gwen’s words, John’s soul has undoubtedly perished.

However, his spirituality still remained in his corpse.

Since I mainly sensed things through magic power and soul, it made sense that I failed to detect that.

Gwen had no reason to lie in this situation.

Perhaps all she said regarding this matter was fact.

Currently, Gwen brought John and Baruch to invade my spiritual world, then she used my memories to recreate their forms.

She sure does whatever she wants…

Gwen seemed more prepared than I expected.

Perhaps she had immediately begun her preparation the moment she detected my entrance into the spiritual world.

Although her frolic attitude stood out, it seemed that she was actually quite cunning on the inside.

She truly was an unfathomable opponent.

“Well then, I will just watch you guys fight over there~ Doing this makes me quite tired.”


As Gwen turned and walked away, I tried to shoot magic at her.

Then John blocked my way to interrupt me.

“I won’t let you go. You have to defeat us first.”

John buried one of his hands into the desert sand.

The thing he pulled out was something like a black gun.

It was an object I had never seen before.

Perhaps he used some sort of ability to make it.

But I thought John had no such ability during his lifetime?

He did possess extraordinary creativity and skill to realize ideas, which greatly developed the Magic Kingdom.

But he definitely possessed no power to conjure weapons out of nothing.

In that case, perhaps Gwen granted him some sort of power when she revived him.

John pointed his gun at me.

“I need to pay you back for killing me. That’s why I was revived after all.”

“As for me, I was killed twice by him. I was even forced into continuous suffering after that, so I ought to possess the right to retaliate. Don’t you think so?”

Baruch cheerfully stated.

Although he remained calm on the surface, his gaze insisted on claiming his revenge.

Gwen, who backed away far from us, eagerly watched our confrontation.

It seemed she intended to leave the fight against me to the pair.

Although it’s troublesome, I have no choice but to defeat them again…

It was an unexpected rematch, but what I needed to do didn’t change.

I just needed to put in a little more effort to deal with it.

I just had to fight steadily.

As I grounded my thoughts, I wielded my wand and magic powered sword in preparation.

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