The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 172: The Sage Confronts Challenging Enemies

Immediately after transferring, I decided to target John first.

Since he was the operator of several weapons, I wanted to kill him before he could use them properly.

Fortunately, John wasn’t that capable at combat in close quarters.

He was an inventor whose true skill was in developing weapons and armaments.

Baruch was also not that good in close quarters combat.

Therefore, it would be wise to keep a close distance to both of them.

I sharpened my senses and kept observing their movements.

John hadn’t noticed where I was yet.

He was still holding his gun while recklessly exposing his back.

It seemed he couldn’t catch up with my movements after all.

I stepped in and swung my magic powered sword.

It slashed without a problem and severed John’s head at his neck.

Blood threatened to spurt out from the cross section.

John held onto his gun and collapsed to his knees.

I then turned around and aimed at Baruch with an arc of my sword.

However, I noticed Baruch moaning strangely and chose to stop my attack.

Black mucus poured out from his mouth.

It dripped down to his feet, evaporated, then floated around Baruch like a noxious gas.

It was a super-concentrated curse and acted like a defensive wall in all directions.

That curse didn’t seem to go towards me.

And Baruch didn’t look in my direction.

He already judged that he wouldn’t see the transfer, so he prepared an automatic defense spell, huh?

The curse would activate once it touched its target, and it was a very harmful type.

I shouldn’t carelessly inhale it.1

After using a counter-spell to suppress the curse, I transferred away to keep some distance.

Then I shot a fireball from my wand.

However, the fireball was an enhanced version that was mixed with miasma.

The black fireball went straight to the wall made of the curse, wrapping around Baruch and burning him.

Baruch instantly dissipated like a shadow and collapsed into the desert.

He never got up and turned into ashes.


The body produced a foul stench of burning human flesh.

It was something I hadn’t been able to sense anymore as an immortal.

Since it has been a long time since I had such a sense, the odor felt strong and offensive on my nose.

I glanced at the wand to drive the smell out of my consciousness.

The tip of the wand cracked.

The damage immediately spread from there and the wand shattered entirely.

It seemed that the wand couldn’t endure the rot of miasma.

It was an expected result.

A common wand wasn’t made in consideration to accommodate miasma.

I ended up using a wand out of an old habit.

Even though it was a product of an illusion made by my spiritual world, I didn’t think I would end up destroying it again.

While I wasn’t sad about it, it felt ironic somehow.

Once I shook off the remains of the shattered wand, I turned to look at Gwen.

She was still lying down there with a nasty smile glued on.

Even though the pair she brought here was killed, she still held her composure.

I felt an unpleasant premonition.

“Don’t you look away, asshole.”

John’s voice was heard from behind me.

The sound of gunfire was heard at the same time.

I used protective magic to create a thick glass-like barrier.

The bullet struck there.

The bullet that clashed with the protective magic was rotating at high speeds around its central axis.

But instead of stopping, the momentum of the bullet seemed to increase.

It scattered out black mist as it shaved off at the protective magic.

The bullet seemed like it would pierce through the shield at any moment.

Is this the characteristic of bullets from another world? No… that’s not it.

As I observed the bullet, I noticed it was enchanted with a shamanic spell.

The spell imbued in it was quite powerful.

The bullet was gaining its momentum by absorbing the protective magic it hit.

It seems it was a bad idea to block it.

I jumped sideways and moved away from the bullet’s trajectory.

The bullet pierced the protective shield and flew away.

It didn’t seem to rebound.2


I looked at the direction where the bullet came.

There stood John with his gun pointed at me, with Baruch beside him.

The wounds both of them had suffered were disappearing.

It wasn’t their corpses who stood there, but the intact versions of themselves.

Even as I observed their bodies, I didn’t see any trace of a strange spell being applied to them.

Both John and Baruch were indeed revived.

Is it a characteristic of the spiritual world?

Since I wasn’t aware of the laws that governed this space, I couldn’t deny that possibility.

Unlike reality, perhaps reviving the dead was easy to accomplish here.

At the same time, Gwen began to explain with a loud, boastful voice.

“Both of them have become indestructible! As long as their spirituality exists, they can reconstruct themselves as much as they want! Since both of them possessed extraordinary spiritual power, I guess it will be hard to completely destroy them!”

I was convinced as I listened to her triumphant voice.

Then, I realized why she specifically chose these two to be brought here.

They were practically invincible inside the spiritual world.

Perhaps she had judged that their spirituality wouldn’t be inferior to me, as the Demon Lord, thus she chose them out of all the other strong people out there.

And indeed, people who possessed a strong spirituality like they did were rare.

Gwen chose her people well.

“Okay, let’s go for round two immediately.”

“Did you get scared? Since you call yourself the Immortal Demon Lord, you should be able to overcome this, right?”

The pair boldly uttered their provocation.

Although they should have remembered how I slain them just now, they didn’t seem affected by it whatsoever.

They had already overcome their fear of death.

And they were prepared to be slain over and over where they stood.

…I guess I have no choice. I have no other method to deal with this.

I raised my magic powered sword.

This outsider called Gwen truly did an annoying thing.

Although I would have liked to complain about it, it was difficult to do so in the situation I was in.

I had no choice but to finish this thoroughly.

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