The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 173: The Sage Turns to Counterattack

A steel ship sailed through the desert as it fired their cannons.

I avoided the high-speed shells by twisting my body this way and that.

However, said shells made a sharp turn from behind me and flew back in my direction.

Judging from black mist that surrounded the cannonballs, it seemed shamanic magic was imbued into it.

I somersaulted in the air, avoiding the shells once again.

Then, I used a forbidden spell to wrap the shells in black ice.

The shells malfunctioned and fell to the ground, hitting the tank directly below it and causing a big explosion.

That tracking ability is troublesome…

As I looked down at the burning tank, I felt killing intent come from beside me.

A bird of steel was about to rush towards me. 

According to John’s boastful stories, it seemed to be a weapon known as a fighter jet.

John and Baruch were riding inside it.

They had smug gazes as they sat inside the cockpit.

The gun mounted on the fighter jet fired away.

I blocked the bullets with the magic powered sword.

The sword was destroyed instantly, but it wasn’t a problem since I could keep conjuring more of it.

It was plenty enough to cut down those pesky bullets.

The fighter jet stopped firing and rushed towards me again.

There was no sign of it stopping.

It seemed that they intended to crash into me.

I ducked and cut off the fighter jet’s bottom half with the magic powered sword.

The jet passed by me and crashed while emitting black smoke, breaking apart midair.

A blast of fire columned upwards as it fell towards the desert.

That would normally be enough to instantly kill them, but they would revive themselves soon enough.

I saw it often enough to be familiar with it already.

More than half a day has passed since the battle first began.

We were still killing each other even now.

John and Baruch had already died hundreds of times, but they merely calmly resurrected themselves.

Then, they would proceed to attack me without becoming bored of the repetitive sequence.

On the other hand, I hadn’t died even once.

During our combat, Gwen warned me that I was apparently unable to revive—unlike those two.

Obviously, I was skeptical of most of her words since she was the one who said it, but I thought it to be true.

I could feel it in my bones.

This place was a special space known as the spiritual world.

Unlike Gwen, who could easily come and go to this space, or John and Baruch who no longer had flesh in the real world, there was definitely some sort of limit imposed on me.

And that limit would continue to restrain me unless my flesh in the real world was obliterated.

My situational disadvantage was undeniable.

Anyway, I was certain that I shouldn’t die in this space.

Therefore, I was fighting with great care for myself.

Yet, I was still not forced into a corner because of it.

I’ve got a general idea of John and Baruch’s tactic.

They continued to attack me with great firepower and without fear of death.

By continuing to attack me with reckless abandon, they should be aiming for me to suffer from fatigue and or a drain in magic power.

It was a very effective and practical tactic.

However, such a tactic had no meaning anymore.

They seemed to have incorrectly judged my ability as the Demon Lord.

I was perpetually supplied with magic power and miasma from the Valley of the Dead.

It was still effective, despite me being in the spiritual world, allowing me to keep unleashing powerful spells almost inexhaustibly.

In other words, I wouldn’t suffer from fatigue or a lack of magic power.

As long as I stayed alert, their attacks wouldn’t be enough to kill me.

Although I had to use some of the aces up my sleeve, I was able to deal with all of them.

Once I became aware of the things they were capable of, I only needed to respond accordingly.

The battle’s situation gradually turned in my favor.

On the other hand, both John and Baruch began to show their impatience.

Their fighting methods began to become rough around the edges and their attacks had become monotonous for some time now.

It seemed that they were also aware of their bad situation.

Gwen was watching the flow of our battle with a dubious expression.

She appeared to be moody but once she noticed my gaze, she deliberately showed a smile.

She seemed to be hiding something.

Although I was curious as to what she was hiding, it would be difficult for me to confront her right now.

I shouldn’t go at her while John and Baruch were still hindering me.

Gwen hadn’t shown any intention to join the fight so far.

It would be more troublesome if the three of them fought me all at once.

The current situation was preferable for me.

However, I want to finish this soon.

Those were my musings as I stood in the air, parrying the attacks from the weapons.

John and Baruch had become distracted as their attacks became messy. 

Gwen also looked bored and didn’t seem willing to support them anymore.

Even if they were indestructible, there were still methods to get around it.

I have experienced battles against an enemy with that kind of characteristic over my journey to subjugate the Demon Lord several times.

Once I understood their tactics and fighting habits, the chances of failure became significantly lesser.

It was about time to overturn this troublesome situation.

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