The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 174: The Sage Shows Off his Capability as the Demon Lord

John and Baruch resurrected from the desert below again.

They were about to ride onto the nearest tank.

In the meantime, another group of weapons activated and started firing at me.

I’m tired of seeing this.

I coldly thought.

The rain of incoming ammunition was sucked into a portal I’d cast using space magic.

The exit was set right above John and Baruch’s heads, so that overwhelming firepower struck them as it was.

The series of bombardments that jumped through space caused a big explosion in the desert.

A sinkhole opened at the explosion site, with John, Baruch, and their tank at the center, erased without a trace.

What I used just now was the skill of the demigod I once fought against.

I imitated his spells and improved on them.

It was very convenient since I could defend and counterattack at the same time without splitting my attention.

John and Baruch reappeared a little further away while boarding a small boat and approached once more.

They appeared some distance away from me.

It seemed that they judged that it was dangerous to resurrect within visible distance.

Perhaps they were wary of the space magic from earlier.

I had dealt with their attacks using protective magic and magic powered swords up until then, consciously trying to avoid using cheat-like techniques.

Then, once they got impatient, I launched an absolute counterattack in the form of space magic.

Perhaps the psychological damage they suffered was too great.

So much so, that it was enough to reduce their fighting spirit and force them to use more passive methods.

It seemed my effort to preserve it till now was worth the wait.

Now’s a good opportunity to end it.

As I settled on that decision, I was about to chase after John and Baruch.

However, an unmanned weapon stood in my way and turned their barrels to attack me.

As I raised my magic powered sword, I used that person’s swordsmanship skills and slashed against the incoming barrage.

The wide variety of weapons from a different world possessed enough power to kill me.

As the fighting continued long, I managed to obscurely understand their civilization.

Said other world might be far more developed than this world.

Regardless of how weak humans were, as long as they were taught how to wield the weapon, they could control mighty power.

However, in front of an overwhelmingly powerful individual, it was practically meaningless.

After all, those weapons were no different to toys made of steel.

They were unable to achieve a performance beyond what they were designed to, and that was their limit.

They had no room for growth.

Although they get better once their design improves, I think that that is different from growth.

On the other hand, humans sometimes exerted an unbelievable amount of power.

They even made use of crises as an opportunity for growth, and could even reject common sense sometimes.

I have tasted such potential many times.

Heralds were the physical symbols of human potential.

They should also be starting to feel such limits too.

I transferred and reappeared directly in front of John and Baruch.

They were trying to avoid me by steering their ship away.

It seemed that they were afraid of my spell interception after all.

It wasn’t out of their fear of death.

It was because they learned that it was useless even if they tried.

But I won’t let you escape.

I brought forth ivies from the desert and dragged the ship down.

The ship was half sunk into the sand.

This way, they shouldn’t be able to move.

As they were at a loss as to what to do, John taunted me.

“Demon Lord! We will kill you and go back to reality! Then we will destroy the world! We would have no noble purpose for that, it’s just to harass you!”

I detected clear malice from within John’s eyes.

I could no longer see the eyes of a warrior who once carried something on his back with great responsibility from before.

There wasn’t any trace of dignity, only personal grudges remained.

“We aren’t saying this as a bluff, we are serious. Dwight, know that your naivety will destroy the world…!”

Baruch also tried to provoke me.

They seemed to have clicked with each other due to the similar situation they were in.

With me as their common enemy, they were able to communicate heart to heart.

As ironic as it sounds, that was the shape of the world I seeked for.

They managed to embody that.

A group of weapons fired at me soon after.

John and Baruch were among the things that were launched at me.

It seemed that they intended to drag me down and explode with them.

It was a reckless tactic as usual.

Obviously, the incoming barrages were again imbued with shamanic magic.

I wouldn’t come out unscathed if I got hit by it directly.

My consciousness would likely never return to the real world if that happened.

Even as I was convinced of that, I calmly used my magic to counter.

As I made a mountain-sized golem out of sand, I used its body to receive the barrage in my stead.

Along with the continuous chain of explosions, the golem was also eroded by the shamanic magic.

Even as it eventually collapsed, none of the barrage managed to reach me, and John and Baruch were caught up in it and died once again.

“This is a great opportunity.”

I activated yet another forbidden spell and reversed the gravity around me.

The weapons lined up were dragged up with the sand.

It swirled into the sky as it was.

The weapons hurriedly fired their barrage.

The launched shells, however, were also subjected to the strong gravitational pull and stopped dead in their tracks.

They didn’t manage to proceed any further and continued to float without exploding.

Even as new weapons appeared in the desert, they failed to resist the reversed gravity and got dragged upward.

Even the weapons from the other world were unable to resist my forbidden spell.

They were all mercilessly drawn to the sky.

As the night sky filled with weapons, I concentrated the gravity in one point.

It was the spot where the moon overlapped.

The weapons were forced to that point all at once, and compressed with loud screeches of protest.

Their robust exterior collapsed.

Even as they exploded, they were all mixed into one, becoming a sphere made of sand and steel.

It looks spectacular. I think it was well made.

As I observed the sphere, I felt a flicker of magic power there.

Immediately after that, a gunshot sounded as the bullet ignored the gravity.

I swiftly swung my magic powered sword and split the bullet.

The bullet returned to being sand and fell as it was back below.

John and Baruch were on the surface of the sphere.

Even as they were pulled in by the gravity, it seemed that they moved in such a way so that they didn’t get crushed by the things around them.

I isolated both of them within a barrier and transferred them away from the artificial magnetic field.

That barrier was something that could imprison the spiritual body.

Even if they committed suicide, it was impossible for them to escape.

This barrier spell was developed in the midst of this battle.

Since I made it based on their spirituality, it was impossible to break from inside.

It was very hard to construct a new spell during combat, but I somehow managed.

“This is the end.”

I created a blade of wind inside the barrier and chopped John and Baruch into small pieces of flesh.

Then, I burned their remains with high temperature and compressed said barrier down to the size of my palm.

This would prevent them from resurrecting any longer.

Both of them would perpetually stay in their spiritual state as they were imprisoned there.

Now they no longer a danger to me.

They had already exhausted all their options in our series of battles.

I was aware that they had no hidden aces.

They shouldn’t be able to make use of shamanic magic or weapons in their current state.

Although it took a lot of time and effort to make this happen, it was all good since it was successful.

John and Baruch’s abilities were simple, yet anomalously strong.

Even if I searched desperately around the world, I doubted that I could find a standing army that could come out victorious against them.

It would be difficult even for the Demon Lord’s Army to win.

However, that was all they amounted to in the end.

All I needed to do was to suppress them with superior violence.

In this battle, my victory was practically guaranteed since they failed to kill me even once.

As I left the barrier in the desert, I went towards Gwen.

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