The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 175: The Sage Learns of the Unexpected Truth

“No no, isn’t this weird? How is this possible…? How did you end up winning?”

Gwen spluttered and trembled while stepping back.

A strained smile was plastered on her face.

Her behavior was completely awkward, and destroyed her initial lackadaisical attitude entirely.

It seemed that she didn’t expect that I’d be able to defeat John and Baruch.

It was an unexpected turn of events.

As I walked straight towards Gwen, I told her.

“I was stronger than them. It’s just that simple.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. How did you manage to contain my mental pollution? You suffered so much because of that in real life, didn’t you?”

Gwen said so in an irritated tone.

Because of her schemes, I was affected by her mental pollution.

More specifically, I began to suffer conditions which were supposedly impossible for an immortal.

I always forced myself to endure its symptoms.

I occasionally covered up the pain using my magic, but it didn’t change the fact that I suffered nonetheless.

But currently, I didn’t feel it at all.

My state was strangely fine, and my condition has improved.

On the contrary, I felt power springing up from the depths of my being.

I couldn’t remember when I ended up in this state.

Perhaps I didn’t notice it because I was too absorbed in the combat.

Even as I found it curious myself, I responded to Gwen.

“…It seems that it healed naturally.”

“That’s impossible! The mental pollution I spread out was perfect. If you exert more power, you’re supposed to get weakened by it faster. Yet here you are, fresh as new?! This couldn’t happen unless you took some sort of countermeasure!”

Gwen revealed her plans from anger.

Apparently, she set up more nefarious plots than I had expected.

If what she said was true, then it was a pretty vicious ability.

If everything went as Gwen planned, it would have been impossible for me to defeat John and Baruch.

If I got weaker the more I exerted my power, I couldn’t go all out.

Especially since they weren’t opponents I could defeat without doing so.

Yet I somehow managed to win in an almost perfect manner.

The weakening didn’t trigger to begin with, and I managed to exert my power as the Demon Lord all I wanted.

It was a far cry from what Gwen had planned.

It seems her hindrance has failed.

Although I didn’t know what she did, it was lucky for me.

I could uncover the truth later.

I needed to prioritize my confrontation with Gwen right now.

“Really, I wanted to win easily if possible …”

Gwen began to bite at her nails in regret.

Half of her body lost its solidity and turned into tentacles of shadow.

The tentacles approached me at high speeds.

As I saw its trajectory, I parried the tentacles away with my magic powered sword.

As the tentacles jumped out like whips, they swung down beyond the speed of sound.

I flashed my magic powered sword once again.

This time, I managed to cut off the tip of the tentacle.

“See! How have you managed to counter that so naturally! Those things are supposed to phase through physical obstructions, you know?!”

“I can’t answer you even if you complained to me.”

I shot out black lightning as I replied to her.

Gwen blocked with her tentacle.

Even as the tentacle’s surface scorched, it recovered in no time.

The cut tip also began to regenerate at the cross section.

“To completely bypass my defenses, that’s quite absurd of you… it gets worse if I include your power as the Demon Lord into the equation. I can’t find any related ability that makes this possible from your memory either, it’s annoying.”

Gwen took a stance while moving her tentacles around.

It seemed that she had finally stopped playing around.

She observed my behavior with a bitter expression.

After a while, Gwen sighed in disgust.

“Looking at your expression… it seems like you really have no idea. Very well, I will check you thoroughly.”

Gwen squinted as she analyzed me.

A surprised expression appeared on her face, followed by an amused smile.

It seemed that her question from earlier had been answered.

Gwen, who relaxed her stance, scratched at her head with an indescribable expression.

“You see, Havelt-san.”

“What is it?”

“It seems you are not aware of it, but… do you know that you are getting power from the Will of the World right now?”

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