The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapater 177: The Sage is Amazed at the Words of the Beast

“No… well, I’m terribly sorry… I’m reflecting on it, I really am.”

Gwen said from inside the barrier with a gloomy expression.

Those words of apology were directed to me.

As she touched the barrier, she lightly pushed and stroked at it.

Obviously, the barrier didn’t change.

Gwen begged me with an uneasy expression.

“I will no longer go against you, so can you let me out?”

“I can’t believe you. There’s no way I’ll release you.”

“I didn’t mean what I did. I’m just following orders! I was threatened that I would be killed if I didn’t obey… so I can be considered a victim.”

Gwen insisted with teary eyes.

She covered her face with both of her hands on the way.

I could hear sobbing.

I coldly pointed out.

“That’s a lie. I can tell immediately.”

“Tch, so tears of a beauty don’t work. I don’t know how to convince you then.”

Gwen giggled wryly as she moved her hands away then sighed as she shrugged.

As expected, she wasn’t crying at all.

Everything was an act.

Really, this is annoying…

I felt like holding my head.

I tried to exhale but noticed I couldn’t.

My arm that reflected beyond my sight was only black bone.

We were in the real world now.

The current location was a room in the basement of the laboratory, a closed room without a door.

It was a section that only I, who could directly transfer in, and the director, who controlled the whole facility, could enter.

The barrier that trapped Gwen was located at the center of the room.

After my battle against John and Baruch, I fought Gwen in the spiritual world.

If I stated the result plainly, it was my overwhelming victory.

With the Will of the World boosting me, none of her abilities were effective against me.

Since I always held the advantage, there was no way I could lose.

The battle itself was done so quickly that I thought for a moment that it might’ve been a trap.

As I analyzed Gwen while in battle, I managed to pinpoint her location in the real world.

Although I had a hard time identifying it, I managed to detect it by tracing it to the source by her spiritual body.

At that point, I fled from the spiritual world and proceeded to strike at Gwen, who was at her hiding spot in the real world.

She immediately recalled her spirit and our battle resumed.

Although the stage of the combat was the real world by then, the flow of the battle was almost the same.

I held my superiority and pressured her continuously and cornered Gwen into a state between life and death.

It was at that moment when I painfully realized the influence of the Will of the World.

There were no notable events in the subsequent process.

First, I pulled Gwen’s body away with extreme force then isolated it.

Then once she was practically incapacitated, I brought her to the laboratory, and here we are now.

Perhaps I could’ve still won even without the support of the Will of the World, but I doubted that I could’ve won that easily on my own.

That was how strong Gwen was.

She wasn’t known as one of the Beasts of the outer world for nothing.

It was understandable that the defense mechanism activated with the emergence of beings like her.

It seemed that the world was truly in danger of destruction.

Of course, I intended to prevent that destruction.

We continued to develop countermeasures for that purpose.

Since my mental pollution has been completely cured, I could do my preparation in perfect condition.

Gwen was laid down inside the barrier.

She kept groaning listlessly in a sloppy posture.

While lying on her back, Gwen stared up at the ceiling.

“I wonder, when was the last time I got caught like an lab animal like this? I tell you, this is quite an achievement, okay? So much so that you can continue to boast about it for thousands of years!”


I looked at Gwen in amazement.

She still kept her attitude despite her current circumstances.

She should understand her situation right now.

Despite that, she didn’t seem pessimistic and might just continue with her jokes if left alone.

Since I was tired of taking her words seriously, I just ignored most of her words.

By the way, the thing that isolated her was the specially made barrier for her.

She couldn’t escape physically, and it also blocked her spirituality from being sent elsewhere.

The same was true for her soul.

An absolute coordinate was marked on her, which would pull her back if she tried to leave.

Even in an unlikely situation wherein she managed to slip past the barrier, she couldn’t get away as her coordinate was fixed.

Gwen was blatantly trying to escape until a while ago.

Once she understood she couldn’t, she no longer showed her attempt to do so.

She has been quite lazy since earlier.

Even so, I wasn’t assured enough to take my eyes off her.

Although most of her abilities were sealed, she was still the one of the Beasts of the outer world.

She was an existence that invaded the world without warning.

It was best to be vigilant against her.

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2 years ago

Uh, wow. Look, I’m all about getting on with the plot, but not when it’s just an insta-win against a major enemy. I get the battle would’ve been easy with the WoW’s support, but it just feels weird…

1 year ago
Reply to  Larrybob

perhaps author also won’t bother with overwhelming victory depiction.