The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 180: The Sage Goes to Exterminate the Beasts

After I finished giving instructions, I glanced at the throne.

The keepsake sword and her remains inside the crystal were there.

Although the opponent this time was powerful, I doubted I would get a chance to use that.

It wasn’t like I had any basis for this assumption.

It was just my intuition, which made me feel like the time to use it hasn’t come just yet.

Since I chose not to use it, I deployed sensory magic.

As I expanded the detection range, I felt a number of suspicious reactions to the magic.

It wasn’t a reaction to magic power, but a scattered existence which held power similar to miasma instead.

Since the reaction was similar to Gwen’s, these presences should belong to the beasts of the outer world.

There were several places where the beasts appeared within the Demon Lord’s territory alone.

Although none of them gave off as strong a reaction like Gwen did, there were many of them.

It reminded me of a mass attack by multiple armies.

The Demon Lord’s Army seemed to intercept them at various locations.

The executives and those who held similar levels of authority were responding to the attacks using their own methods.

That wasn’t a bad move.

They managed to do an almost optimal job despite my absence.

Because of this, the damage within the territory was kept at a minimum.

Far less when compared to what the other nations suffered.

Normally, I would move to support the other nations, but I have to think about how to do it.

The impression of the Demon Lord would change if I blatantly went to help.

I needed to avoid that at all costs despite the circumstances.

Anyway, we had to deal with the problems within the Demon Lord’s territory first.


I analyzed my own body.

As I searched carefully, I noticed a strange power inside me.

This power was neither my own magic power, nor the miasma supplied by the Valley of the Dead.

It was a blessing granted out of nowhere.

It was the Will of the World.

It seemed that they still lent their power to me.

While I didn’t know how long it would last, I would make use of it this time.

Through the dialogue, I understood the true nature of the Will of the World, albeit vaguely.

I was thinking of confirming it with the Great Spirit later.

For that reason, I have to deal with this situation quickly…

I transferred to the nearest battlefield.

It was a lush meadow where the Demon Lord’s Army was already deployed.

They lined up endlessly in a horizontal line, forming several of such rows.

If one looked closely, it was a formation which surrounded a long crack in the ground.

The Demon Lord’s Army was attacking whatever was inside the crack.

Guns and various magic spells were fired at command.

They quickly switched between rows, repeatedly attacking without pause.

According to my sensory magic, there was an unusual number of creatures lurking inside the crack.

The Demon Lord’s Army seemed to be attacking them.

As I was checking out the war’s situation, the person in charge of this war zone, Henry, rushed towards me.

“Hey Commander! You finally returned. It’s great to see that you’re well again.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I quietly responded to Henry who thumped my shoulder in greeting.

The subordinates seemed to be aware of my arrival, but they continued with their attacks.

They understood that the command to attack should be prioritized over courtesy on the battlefield.

They were trained well.

Meanwhile, Henry put a hand on his waist and asked me.

“Since you came here, can I expect some support?”

“Yes, that’s right. Since I came late, I’ll use my power to make up for it.”

“That helps. We’re almost running out of hands to play.”

Henry pointed to the crack.

I nodded, then flew to the sky while keeping the telepathic connection with Henry and observed the situation from above.

Then, I learned the true nature of the creatures that gave off the miasmic reactions.

There were a large number of frogs in the crack trying to crawl up to the ground above.

They weren’t just normal frogs either.

Their bodies were transparent like water, revealing the outlines of their bodies only when the light shook or reflected off it.

Only their single, bloated eye held a bright red color.

Each of these abnormal frogs in the horde possessed miasma.

And it was quite a concentrated amount as well.

At the very least, that amount was enough to turn the living into undead.

The attacks of the Demon Lord’s Army exploded the eyes of those frogs.

The frogs were injured then fell to the bottom of the crack, writhing and splitting itself along the way.

The frogs only increased in number and stuck themselves to the walls of the crack, proceeding to climb for the ground above once again.

So those frogs are beasts of the outer world too…

Although they looked different to Gwen, there was no doubt about it.

The beasts of the outer world seemed to be a general term for various species.

At the very least, I found no sense of unity between the two’s appearances.

I continued observing.

Amongst the frogs that seemed to split infinitely, there were some which died without doing so.

On the other hand, there were also those who split on their own without needing to receive any attack.

I couldn’t see any logic that governed their behavior.

They had a bizarre ecology.

There was no doubt that they weren’t creatures that existed in this world.

The Demon Lord’s Army was still handling it so far and managed to stop their advances to the ground.

But it was only a matter of time.

As the frogs kept growing in numbers, the number of attacks would eventually not be enough to deal with them all.

In addition, the Demon Lord’s Army was becoming increasingly exhausted.

While there wasn’t any direct damage done yet, some had already retreated to the back end to rest.

Some even seemed to suffer mild mental pollution from confronting those frogs.

I asked Henry, who was on the ground, through telepathy.

“Tell me how this happened.”

“Ah, okay.”

Henry then briefly explained the core of the problem.

According to him, these frogs suddenly fell from the sky.

They then began to devour livestock, crops, and even humans around the area.

The Demon Lord’s army rushed to the location after receiving the information and proceeded to wipe them out.

However, due to the frog’s nature to split, the battle quickly turned difficult.

In the end, they decided that eliminating them all was impossible at the moment, so they drove them into the crack to prevent them from messing with the ground above.

This was the current situation.

Although those frogs were weak, it seemed that restraint magic was ineffective against them.

Because of that, they had no choice but to drive them into the crack through continuous attacks.

The reserve magicians were analyzing their corpses and looking for spells that could be effective in defeating or stalling them, but there wasn’t any definitive solution found yet.

“I was preparing to seal the whole crack itself, but it seems that it is no longer necessary. Commander, do it with style.”

“Leave it to me.”

I acquiesced to his expectations.

I was very grateful to the Demon Lord’s Army for managing to buy so much time.

Without them, the damage to the territory would have been beyond repair. 

Therefore, I swiftly cast the forbidden spell towards the frogs that filled the crack.

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