The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 181: The Sage Controls the Rampage of the Beasts

A strike of lightning unleashed from my fingertips towards the crack on the ground.

As the lightning struck a frog, it quickly ricocheted to surrounding frogs.

The lightning strike pinballed between the crowd of frogs, producing tens of thousands of dead bodies from a single strike.

Due to its high density, sparks were flying from the crack.

The Demon Lord’s Army hurriedly evacuated to prevent themselves from getting caught in it.

The bursting lightning strikes gained momentum and shot around the crack.

That was the characteristic of the forbidden spell I used this time.

As long as I, the caster, didn’t stop it, it would continue to strike semi-permanently.

It was practically an infinite amount of attacks that couldn’t be defended against.

The frogs that were struck by the forbidden spell dropped down to the bottom of the crack one after another.

The frequency of their division dropped, and their population was evidently reduced.

Those who tried to climb above ground were mercilessly burned to death.

The reason why my spell was especially effective was probably due to the Will of the World.

I could ignore the abilities and characteristics of those beasts right now.

Although that was already proven during my battle against Gwen, it seemed that it was also effective against the other beasts.

This was a considerable advantage for us.

It was practically the fated nemesis of those beasts.

There was probably nothing as troublesome compared to this to them.

It’s just that this power is way too convenient.

As I looked down to the overrun frogs, I was suspicious of my own change.

The interference of the Will of the World seemed to induce strengthening tailored to the enemy after all.

In other words, the power I got this time was meant to defeat these beasts.

Although it was unclear as to why I was chosen, it was a welcome support considering the current situation.

Even so, I shouldn’t be arrogant.

A slight carelessness could lead to my own demise.

I certainly got the ability to resist those beasts.

However, the power I got wasn’t absolute.

I must never be overconfident and make my moves steadily.

The frogs were still writhing at the bottom of the crack.

There were no more trying to climb up and the lightning strikes were still raging on.

They would be completely destroyed eventually even if I leave it as it was.

All we needed to do now was to keep an eye out to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

When I thought so, I suddenly noticed a strange reaction.

I detected suspicious movements occurring at the bottom of the crack.

I explored it more through sensory magic.

This is—

One of the frogs was absorbing the corpses around it.

The corpses were quickly taken in like an avalanche.

Not only could they split, but it seemed that they could also fuse themselves.

The miasmic reaction was expanding rapidly.

The lightning strikes from the forbidden spell stalled for some reason and soon disappeared completely.

It seemed that it got swallowed along with the corpses that were absorbed earlier.

Eventually, a giant frog appeared on the ground and pushed the crack apart.

It was about as big as a castle.

Although it remained transparent, the power I felt from it was comparable to a dragon.

There were no more frogs inside the crack.

It seemed that all of it was absorbed into this one huge individual.

As I observed it, its peculiar single red eye landed me.


I felt a tingling sensation in my heart.

It felt like my spirituality was about to be eroded again.

However, it was no longer effective against me.

After my encounter with Gwen, I developed counter magic for mental pollution while analyzing her.

This prevents them from entering my spiritual world to cause physical suffering again.

Although I didn’t test its effectiveness beforehand, it seemed to be working without a problem.

It could be said that the factor for concern, which was the mental pollution, was overcome.

The giant frog opened its mouth and seemed to be stretching something out.

As I observed it, I noticed that it was its tongue.1

Just as I was about to cut it with the magic powered sword, an arrow stabbed the approaching tongue.

The tongue’s trajectory was deflected and it licked the void.

“It’s not the time for you to look away, you frog bastard!”

Henry shouted out provocative words from the ground.

After he made the Demon Lord’s Army retreat, he went to attack the frog on his own.

The arrow unleashed from his bow now hit the frog’s lone eye.

The giant frog shook in the air.

It was a silent scream.

Red mucus flowed down from its damaged eye.

The giant frog turned its attention to Henry.

It approached him and shot a lightning strike from its mouth.

It was the forbidden spell it absorbed from earlier.

It seemed to be capable of voluntarily releasing what was stored inside its body.

Henry avoided it with brilliant moves.

As he continued to evade the series of lightning strikes, he also counterattacked with his bow amidst movements.

He continued to damage the giant frog for the short time he attacked.

The giant frog didn’t split.

Perhaps it has lost its splitting capability now that it has fused into a single entity.

Even so, Henry’s courage was amazing.

Although he was a genuine human being, he managed to fight in more than equal terms against the beast of the outer world.

For him, who had no magical aptitude, to face the beast with his trained body, bow and arrows alone.

…I shouldn’t lose to him.

I shouldn’t just watch their battle.

With that in mind, I cast another forbidden spell.

What I unleashed was hyper-gravity, which crushed the giant frog and pulled it to the ground.

Naturally, the giant frog resisted violently and tried to escape.

Then, I sprinkled a ring of fire made of forbidden spells around it.

By burning the limbs of the giant frog, it both restrained and hindered2 its movements.

As its resistance lessened, I deployed a cage-like barrier, then compressed it inside using gravity.

Due to the multiple forbidden spells, the frog became one tenth of its original thickness.

I attacked it several times over just in case, but it showed no reaction.

The giant frog seemed to be completely dead.

I scrutinized the crushed corpse.

A large amount of miasma remained in its corpse.

Since I couldn’t sense any trap on it, I transferred it away using space magic.

Its destination was the Valley of the Dead.

By sacrificing it to that valley, it would increase my strength.

There should be no particular harm.

Soon, the power supplied to me became stronger.

The rate of increase was incomparable to when I sacrificed normal corpses there.

Just as I thought, it seemed that the beast of the outer world was considered a sacrifice of the best quality.

“As expected of the Commander! That was a wonderful way to finish it off.”

“I only managed to hit it with the spell easily because you drew its attention. I appreciate that.”

I praised Henry, who waved from the ground, through telepathy.

I was practically stealing his credit.

The thing that should really be valued was how he and the Demon Lord’s Army did their best and managed to suppress the damages done.

I couldn’t help but feel lucky to be blessed with such talented subordinates.

“I’m going to the other battlefields now. Can I ask you to take care of the aftermath?”

“Yea, leave it to me! I’m expecting to hear your story afterwards.”


After the conversation, I transferred away to the next battlefield.

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