The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 182: The Sage Overlooks the Naval Battle

I transferred to the eastern part of the territory.

There was a vast river flowing there, sandwiched between forests on its left and right.

A ship was advancing along the river.

With the wind against their black sail, this was the ship of the Demon Lord’s Army.

Occasionally, unnatural acceleration took place, likely due to the propulsion power attached on board.

That ship was developed for combat, infused with various technical capabilities.

There was also a black shadow slinking alongside, parallel to the surface of the water.

Only its big dorsal fin was seen on the surface.

As the shadow eventually leapt up, it revealed its appearance when out of the water.

The thing that proceeded to open its mouth and attack the ship was a shark enveloped in miasma.

It had a dark gray body surface, reflecting the sunlight and tinged with a dull glow.

That shark should be the beast of the outer world.

The magic cannon attached to the ship fired at it, unleashing shells to explode into the belly of the beast.

Blood and flesh burst out.

The shark twisted its body and fell back into the water.

The region of the river where it fell was stained red and black.

Just as I thought that that would be the end of the shark, it resumed its movements underwater without delay.

Judging from its presence, it was aiming for the ship.

They don’t seem to be struggling against it.

I transferred to the deck of the ship.

The subordinates were busy working there, constantly reloading the shells and keeping the shark in check.

Their movements were extremely agile, showing that the overall situation was under control.

This was probably the result of the training conducted in the Previous Demon Lord’s territory.

There was a person who stood at the center of the large group and shouted his instructions.

It was Doldar the Dullahan who kept screaming with his axe held up.

“Unleash all the magic you can throw out! Put your worries regarding magic power consumption aside! Once that shark goes down for good, I’ll treat you all to special liquor!”

A dashing voice boomed from the wolf head.

The subordinates responded with loud, gleeful voices.

Their raging offensive attacks successfully held back the shark’s attack.

The morale of the subordinates was always at its peak, allowing them to exert more effort than usual.

As expected of a great pirate.

I was impressed with Doldar’s commanding ability.

His moniker of “The Thunderbolt” wasn’t just for show.

The battle here at the ship was dominated by Doldar.

It seemed such a fact didn’t change even if his enemy was a beast of the outer world.

Although Doldar possessed amazing solo-fighting capabilities, he didn’t rely on that alone.

He emphasized on inspiring his subordinates to draw out all their power as a whole.

He showed a different strength from Henry, who also commanded the army.

Meanwhile, Logan came towards me.

Considering the situation, he should be Doldar’s assistant.

As Logan stepped before me, he smiled lightly.

“It seems you returned safely. I’m relieved.”

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ve troubled all of you.”

“Don’t worry about it. We are here to help.”

At that time, a shockwave shook the ship.

It seemed that the shark tackled the ship.

Even as the subordinates panicked, Doldar’s single shout allowed them to resume their positions.

I asked Logan while watching out for them.

“How is the situation?”

“I’ll give a brief explanation.”

Logan nodded and quickly explained.

The shark had appeared without warning and seemed to attack the villages and towns along the river.

As it could freely manipulate its size, it could swim into any waterway, no matter how small it was.

It seemed that the shark made use of that characteristic to kill and eat people.

Currently, it has fixed its target as the ship of the Demon Lord’s Army and has been attacking us endlessly. 

It seemed quite obsessed with doing so and didn’t show any signs to retreat for now.

The troublesome part was the fact that the shark took no damage when it was submerged.

Since it showed excellent regeneration even underwater, it was practically immortal.

Because of that, the Demon Lord’s Army was unable to subdue it.

“Even when we tried to restrain it, the shark would just eat the spell entirely. Its fangs seem to possess the power to dismantle magical composition. Even spirit magic is also extremely ineffective.”

Logan complained.

Looking at his expression, his hardship was obvious.

Magic was a powerful means of attack for people.

Once that is rendered ineffective, the measures they could take were immediately limited.

The beasts of the outer world seemed to have shared characteristics which made spells hardly effective against them.

It couldn’t be helped that people would have a hard time against them.

The shark jumped up again as we talked.

A mass bombardment was launched, with all shells hitting its target.

As the shark dived back into the water, it returned to the river with blood all over its body.

Although that should have done a considerable amount of damage, my sensory magic detected how the shark swam in the water.

Its movements didn’t slow down at all, and it seemed as though its wounds were already healed.

Such tremendous regeneration ability it’s got here.

The shark held the geographical advantage in the water.

With the magic resistance and its regeneration ability added on top of that, it has quickly become an extremely troublesome opponent.

Although there was no fear of the Demon Lord’s Army to be defeated by it, they were also unable to deal a decisive blow to the shark.

The battle was forced into a stalemate.

As I grasped the situation, I decided on how to fight it as I strolled on the deck.

I could overcome this situation.

As I was convinced of that, I thanked Logan for his efforts as I passed by him.

“You did well to have endured this long. Leave the rest to me.”


In response to the words of my old friend, I returned to the air.

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