The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 183: The Sage Sees a Glimpse of the Beast’s Thoughts

I looked down on the ship and the shark from the sky.

The shark rushed and tried to bite the hull of the ship.

Cannon fire was shot out accordingly, suppressing the beast’s offensive attack.

It was the result of Doldar’s commands.

Logan also seemed to assist the ship by using spirit magic.

By using spells in accordance with the instructions, it helped the ship to make sudden accelerations or turns.

Although this action didn’t stand out, it was essential in the current situation.

I guess I should reduce the shark’s power first.

According to the information I learned, the shark’s ability was generally known.

It was certain that it would be disadvantageous for us if it stayed in a body of water.

So I unleashed a shockwave through magic to blow the shark away from the water and expose its body.

As the shark received the shockwave, it rolled onto the land while knocking down the trees in its way.

The shark laid in the middle of the forest and made a watery noise as it bounced.

It only suffered minor wounds and it didn’t seem to have hindered its movement.

It possessed a strong physique even if one ignored its regeneration ability.

I used magic and exposed the area to high heat until the region turned dry.

In a blink of an eye, the vegetation withered and turned the forest there into a desert.

Due to the high heat, spontaneous combustion occurred in some places.

The shark was at the center of it.

Without a body of water, it could no longer regenerate itself.

Once I eliminated the factor which made it hold its advantage, I unleashed even more spells.

At that time, the shark dived into the soil and began to swim.

It minimized its size further and increased its speed.

It seemed that it was capable of swimming inside the soil as well.

Perhaps it was the ace in a hole that was meant to be used in this kind of circumstance.

But it didn’t matter.

I landed on the ground and shot out a chain of magic.

As the chain stretched out like overgrown roots, it scattered around the soil and bound the shark tightly.

Since I heard that its fangs were capable of dismantling magic, I restrained it in a way which would prevent it from making use of its fangs.

Furthermore, the chain also removed miasma.

The shark could only run wild without being able to escape the restraints.

Its resistance was gradually weakening.

Now that I’ve fought them multiple times, my ability to deal with them has also improved.

The beasts of the outer world contain miasma within them.

As I could dominate over miasma, I could take advantage of its ecology.

In this way, it became a one-sided battle.

As miasma was sapped from the shark, it twitched in its small size.

There was no sign of it trying anything more.

After confirming that, I grinded the shark into fine dust with a magic powered sword.

The shark, reduced into a myriad of flesh pieces, didn’t regenerate and stayed as it was.

It ended too easily.

I used sensory magic.

It seemed that the shark was the only beast in the vicinity.

The battle in this location seemed to have concluded.

Just as I thought of that, a suspicious presence appeared behind me.

The thing that suddenly emerged possessed the power of a beast.

—It’s a transfer, huh.

I turned around and flashed my magic powered sword, parrying the dagger that was swung down.

Sparks flew upon collision of the two blades.

The person who launched the surprise attack jumped away with flips.

It was a lean man who landed with lithe movements.

His mowed blond hair was quite peculiar, and his limbs were thin and gangly.

He wore dingy clothes and was holding his dagger backhandedly.

His red eyes sent me hungry looks.

“Tch, I thought I could have eaten more…”

The man clicked his tongue in regret.

He roughly wiped the drool from his mouth with the back of his hand.

At that time, a set of sharp teeth could be seen.

Its shape was reminiscent of a shark’s.

As I glanced at the chipped tip of the magic powered sword, I asked the man.

“Did you use that shark?”

“Aah, that’s right. I used it to lure you out, but to think you would come out as expected.”


It was an unexpected answer.

I thought he was just trying to kill me upfront, but it seemed that he had his own strategy.

Apparently, I was recognized amongst the beasts of the outer world.

“It’s the information we got from that tentacle girl. The greatest bait to have — for the man who named himself the Demon Lord — was to mess with the world and he would appear on his own.”

The man said so in a mocking tone.

It seemed that he was exasperated that I actually appeared as intended.

Perhaps the tentacle girl he was talking about referred to Gwen?

Since Gwen explored my memory, it wasn’t weird for them to have information about me.

However, Gwen was currently imprisoned.

I doubted she could contact the outside world without the director detecting, so the information should have been spread before she lost against me.

The man laughed while playing with his dagger.

“She should’ve died since I couldn’t sense her anymore, but it feels refreshing. I’ve always been annoyed with her, after all. You have my thanks for that.”

“I see.”

Gwen seemed to be hated.

It was understandable considering her personality.

But it also seemed that the beasts of the outer world weren’t that united.

“Well then—“

The man wielded his dagger and took his stance.

A sharpened killing intent was directed at me.

It was so strong that the space itself creaked.

“I’ll eat you and take your power for my own.”

The man declared that and pounced ferociously.

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