The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 184: The Sage Cuts the Beast

The raised dagger glittered as it reflected sunlight.

I repelled the dagger that struck down at me.

After a momentary collision, he proceeded to launch an additional attack with the dagger.

It was a move that tried to slip past my defenses.

I barely managed to parry it and launched ivies from the ground.

The man dexterously evaded, took some distance, then immediately transferred behind me.

I already predicted that move.

As I twisted my body to avoid the backstab, I rode on the momentum and returned with a slash.

A little bit of blood flew along with the arm that swung out.

The man jumped away and raised his face.

He had a wound on his chin.

His blade blurred as he swiftly raised it to look at his reflection.

The blood oozed and dripped.

The man wiped it with his thumb to check and stared at me incredulously.1

“Damn you…”

I didn’t respond at all.

I merely raised the magic powered sword again.

Although the man possessed a good technique, it was still a far cry to that person’s swordsmanship.

I also held an advantage in terms of an effective attack range.

There was nothing here that put me at a disadvantage.

The man launched a fierce attack from there on.

However, his irritation made his movements become boring.

It was easy to predict his series of brute force attacks.


As I evaded the protruding dagger, I cut off the man’s arm.

His arm’s elbow spun as it flew into the air.


Although the man growled, he showed no signs of retreating.

On the contrary, he became more aggressive.

Even though I slashed at his face in reflex, the man kept his angry expression.

His body melted like mud and began to elongate.

In a blink of an eye, he transformed into a flat metal belt.

After the man became a belt, he rushed towards me at an unnaturally fast velocity.

He crushed my ribs as he passed through me.

At that time, a part of my miasma was also robbed from me.

It seemed that the miasma was absorbed at the moment of contact.

“Kihahahahahaha! What’s with this taste…! Isn’t this the best I’ve ever had?!”

The man raised in a joyful tone as he swam mid-air.

At the tip of the belt, there was a human-like mouth.

Perhaps he left it there on purpose to provoke me.

As the belt-shaped man flew around, he once again rushed at me.

It seemed that he intended to devour all the miasma I was worth.

Considering the destructive power of his fast charges, my whole body would be crushed before I could counter.

As the man approached, my thoughts singled to one.

I guess I should try that…

I unleashed the power inside me.

Immediately after that, one of my arms lost its solidity and became a shadow-like texture.

Then, it transformed into a countless number of tentacles.

The overflowing tentacles entangled the belt-shaped man.

Regardless of how fast he was, there was no escaping the tentacles that were folded out like a wall.

The great rush was just intercepted.


As the man was sucked in by the tentacles, he returned from his belt shape into a humanoid figure.

It seemed that he couldn’t maintain that shape if he didn’t have enough miasma.

In fact, it was unclear which form of his was his original appearance.

Whichever the case, he was definitely weakened.

I manipulated the one arm that turned into tentacles and constricted the man to the limit.

The flesh and bones in his whole body were immediately crushed.

The feeling of destruction was firmly felt.

Fumu, it seems I’ve managed to reproduce it well.

These tentacles were Gwen’s ability.

I was in possession of her power and contained it in a way so that it was sealed in my spirituality.

I could make use of it without needing to switch my consciousness and it was quite useful.

Unlike normal spells, it had the characteristic of using miasma to activate.

It seemed that I could transform it freely depending on how I adjusted it.

If I felt like it, I could also become the mountain of tentacles I saw in the spiritual world.

However, I wouldn’t put it into practice unless it was really necessary.

Considering I also made use of swordsmanship, it was easier to fight in a humanoid appearance.


The man wrapped in the tentacles was rampaging about.

The constriction from earlier should have caused quite a wound, but he was surprisingly still fine.

As expected of a beast of the outer world.

Although his appearance was that of a human’s, it seemed that he didn’t die as easily as one.

With that said, I had just killed the immortal shark.

It also gave me an idea on how to defeat him.

As I enchanted the forbidden spell of flames into the magic powered sword, I cut the man along with the tentacles.

I moved my hand skillfully to prevent him from retaliating.

Although I heard a muffled scream, I ignored all of that and proceeded with the task.

The forbidden spell burnt the man’s entire body and soon turned him into ashes.

Even after waiting for some time, he showed no sign of resurrecting.

It seemed that he was completely slain.

As I canceled Gwen’s power, the torn tentacles returned into bone fragments.

I made use of miasma to function as the lost arm.

Although it wasn’t very durable, the arm was fragile to begin with so I didn’t mind.

After collecting the shark’s carcass and the man’s ashes, I sent both of them to the Valley of the Dead.

I also collected the man’s severed arm properly.

Although the laboratory could make use of it in various ways, I also felt that it might become a new seed of trouble.

There was a chance he might resurrect himself suddenly.

The most frightening thing was that it is likely to make the director’s passion go berserk.

Since the risk was very different from all previous research, it would be safer to just bury it at the Valley of the Dead.

…I should have asked for more information before defeating him.

I looked back on my interactions with the man.

Although I killed him due to the momentum of the battle, I didn’t regret it that much.

Since I was in a hurry right now, I could just ask Gwen about it later.

Since she could send my information to the other beasts, she should also be familiar with their inner workings as well.

By this time, the director’s supervision should have worn her mind out.

It should be easier to ask her for information now.

Once the situation is settled, I would go to check.

After that, once I reported to Logan through telepathy, I transferred to the next battlefield.

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