The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 185: The Sage Seeks Peace for the Continent

I went to a remote region of the territory.

There were burnt objects scattered around, as if to cover the bare ground.

Those objects were cylindrical and about the size of human beings; both ends of their body was thin, as if they’d been squeezed.

Feather-like objects grew uniformly on those strange objects.

Apparently, they were the burnt corpses of mysterious creatures.

The number of those objects sprawled on the ground was no less than one hundred thousand.

And from those corpses, the remnants of miasma could be felt.

It seemed that they were the beasts of the other world.

So they’ve already been defeated.

I looked up to the sky.

Grom and Yuura were up there.

It seems that the pair was in charge of this battlefield.

Judging from the carcasses, it seemed that their battle was aerial.

Looking at the situation, it seemed that they were here alone.

There was no problem with that judgment.

If they brought along subordinates who were incapable of flight for aerial combat, they would naturally only end up as burdens.

It was a good decision for them to come only with the two who were highly mobile and had great power.

However, there was something I was more curious about.

The place that drew my attention was right beside them.

The Great Spirit was floating there.

Apparently she also participated in this fight.

I would have never thought she would choose to fight alongside the Demon Lord’s Army.

Considering her personality, it was likely an arbitrary decision.

She was still at a different place when I was still in the audience hall, so she must have come to participate when I was still busy fighting on the other frontlines.

It should have been a one-sided trampling in that case.

She was perfect in terms of power.

Even if the enemies were beasts of the outer world, I doubted that they could properly go against her.

As I observed the three, Grom finally noticed me.

He flew straight down towards me.

“Demon Lord-samaaaaaa!”

Grom screamed as he crashed to the ground.

The ground was forced up a little as dust arose.

Grom staggered and stood, crawling up from the shallow hole.

And the moment he laid eyes on me, he fell to his knees again.

“I-I-I-I’m really glad that you are alright…ugh!”

Grom trembled and cried.

Tears were overflowing from the flames of his eyes.

Although I didn’t understand how he managed to cry despite being made out of bones, it didn’t feel weird since it was Grom.

He gave off the impression that having such a reaction was natural for him.

I looked at Grom’s whole body.

There were traces of minor wounds everywhere.

It should be the wounds he got during the battle against the beasts of the outer world.

“You’re wounded. I’ll heal you right away.”

“No no! This degree of injury is not enough to cause a problem! There is no need for Demon Lord-sama to bother fixing it.”

Grom shook his head violently.

He seemed to be considerate towards me.

At that time, Yuura landed in front of me.

She analyzed me and spoke.

“Checking on the Master’s condition — no abnormalities found. I am happy that you’ve returned.”

Although Yuura’s voice and appearance made it hard to read her emotions, it seemed that she was pleased.

I bowed at them.

“I have troubled you, I appreciate your efforts.”

“What are you talking about?! It is very natural for us to fight as minions of Demon Lord-sama.”

Grom proudly said so.

Even as Yuura nodded in agreement, she tacked on another fact immediately after.

“Reporting to the Master — the individual named Grom was so saddened by the Master’s absence that he was the only one who was late to the sortie. It required the individual named Luciana to scold him before he finally—“

“Yu-Yuura! Don’t say any more than that! I already told you that it was a confidential matter!”

Grom was agitated and hurriedly tried to cover Yuura’s mouth.

However, Yuura slipped past his hand and took some distance.

She then said in a cold tone.

“Rebutting to the individual named Grom — the person I report to is the Master. Do you mean to ask me to hide a fact from the Master?”


Grom was just groaning regretfully.

It seemed he had no words to counter that.

Although it was a trivial matter to me, their dispute was quite fierce.

As I watched on without opening my mouth, the Great Spirit landed behind me.

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Yuura is merciless…

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She is just being herself…