The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 186: The Sage Fights Together with the Great Spirit

I thanked the Great Spirit.

“Sorry for having you help. I appreciate it.”

“I’m merely doing my duty as a defense mechanism.”

The Great Spirit responded coolly.

She was one of the defense mechanisms that protected the world.

Although she rarely acted, she possessed tremendous power.

From the perspective of humankind, she was practically a living disaster.

I also consciously controlled my actions to make sure I’m not being hostile to the defense mechanisms.

Because the beasts of the outer world were the opponents this time, we ended up in such cooperation because our interests aligned.

She was a very dependable ally.


The Great Spirit silently gazed at me.

She seemed to notice something.

Then spoke up as if she was impressed.

“I see that you’ve been defeating the beasts around. I also appreciate your efforts.”

“It’s my duty as the Demon Lord.”

I replied in a similar manner to hers earlier.

The Great Spirit probably sensed the miasma of the beasts contained inside me.

She must have inferred my actions from that.

Both of us happened to wish for the beasts’ elimination.

Although the Great Spirit was unreasonably strong, she was only an individual regardless of how strong she was.

There was a limit to how quickly she could subjugate them.

Perhaps that was why she wanted my cooperation.

The Great Spirit continued and pointed out.

“It seems that the beast which consumed your spirituality has been driven away.”

“Aah, I had a hard time doing so, but I managed to solve it.”

I answered as I remembered Gwen, who was imprisoned.

I intended to explain this matter later, but it seemed that the Great Spirit already noticed that without needing me to mention it.

I was glad since it saved me the trouble of explaining it.

I used sensory magic and searched for the beasts’ reactions.

The number of beasts within the Demon Lord’s territory has decreased considerably.

They likely died due to a series of battles.

The places I went to were the fiercer battlefields, where executives were to keep the situation under control.

Considering the reactions I just sensed, it seemed that the beasts on the other battlefields would be managed well by the army.

It seemed that the weapons that were being developed constantly played an active role.

As for the other nations, they were still being invaded.

They seemed to be struggling against the beasts with their special ecology.

Although they weren’t devastating enough to ruin a nation, they still suffered a considerable amount of damage.

“It seems that the beasts still remain.”

“Even so, the speed of subjugation here is overwhelmingly faster compared to other regions. The Demon Lord’s Army largely contributes to that fact. Because of them, the beasts’ spreads are being prevented. The damage to the people is also small.”

The Great Spirit expressed her impression.

It was surprising.

I never thought she would say such a thing.

The mission of the defense mechanisms was only to keep the world safe.

The lives of mankind weren’t included in it.

Rather, they even considered them as hindrances in some cases.

As I said that, the Great Spirit supplemented her opinion.

“I don’t want to increase the number of casualties unnecessarily. Protecting the world is still my priority, but I will save people if I still have the strength to spare.”

“…I see.”

I was surprised as I replied to her.

It was unexpected of her to respond like that.

The first time I met the Great Spirit, she was slaughtering people out of rage.

Even without taking that into consideration, her words and deeds gave off a conspicuous impression of inhumanity.

It was hard to imagine her taking action to save others.

After a lot of hesitation, I tried to confirm with the Great Spirit.

“Did you change your course of actions?”

“—It must be your imagination.”

The Great Spirit denied my doubts.

It felt like she meant to say something else.

However, if I asked her too much, she might end up in a bad mood.

I decided not to push the matter further.

Perhaps there was something that made her change her mind.

“I will proceed to destroy the beasts on this continent. Can you help me with that?”

“Of course I will.”

I gave an immediate response to the Great Spirit’s request.

It was something we ought to do as soon as possible.

There was an undeniable possibility that the beasts’ reinforcements might come soon.

Before such a thing could happen, I wanted to diminish their strength as much as possible.

By using the beasts of the outer world as sacrifice to the Valley of the Dead, my powers would also be amplified.

Moving to exterminate them would only give me an advantage.

“In that case, we will split up and defeat them.”

The Great Spirit turned away and flew to the sky beyond.

She disappeared into a distance beyond my line of sight in the blink of an eye.

Although it was hard to tell from the conversation earlier, she seemed to be quite enthusiastic.

She’ll likely tell me off later if I do it too slowly.

As I worried about that, I left Grom and Yuura by transferring away.

I went towards a beast’s location that was far away from where I was.

After that, the Great Spirit and I defeated the beasts in various places, and we managed to expel the beasts within the continent after about half a day.

There wasn’t any particular danger and we managed to quickly reduce their numbers.

As a finishing touch, I transferred the members of the Demon Lord’s Army — that were spread about the different battlefields — around after the battles, and made them collect the beasts’ carcasses. That was the end of the turmoil.

And so, the continent came to experience brief tranquility.

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