The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 187: The Sage Looks Over the Situation on the Continent

Three days had passed since I returned to reality.

The Demon Lord’s territory was regaining its calm.

There were no signs of the beasts within the territory anymore, and the restoration work was currently underway all around.

The Demon Lord’s Army had been dispatched to various locations and they began to provide supplies and build temporary housing.

First of all, people’s clothing, food, and shelter had to be secured.

Fortunately, we had enough supplies and manpower for that.

At present, there seemed to be no particular problem regarding that matter.

It was difficult for a while, but there seemed to be no devastating damages done.

This was thanks to the efforts of the Demon Lord’s Army and the executives.

I couldn’t thank them enough.

The Great Spirit and I also eliminated beasts in every nation.

But due to the intricacy of information nowadays, a lot of confusion was swirling about.

It was a sudden situation for them all.

Although the threat of the beasts had passed for the moment, it couldn’t be helped that their major cities halted because of it. 

It was to the point some people began to think of different conspiracy theories or that it was the end of the world.

Although this disaster actually came from outside of our world, there was nobody who could point that out amongst them. 

There were only a few people who were aware of what the beasts of the outer world were.

Even if I disseminated such information, it would only serve to cause further confusion.

I was planning to use spies to leak information eventually, but my stance was to wait and see for the moment.

There were tons of things to do within the Demon Lord’s territory alone.

Unless it was an urgent situation, I could leave the other nations to their devices for the time being.

Every day is like raging waves these days…

As I stood on the balcony of the castle, I enjoyed the night breeze for a bit.

Since I was an undead, physical exhaustion had nothing to do with me, and my magic power was also constantly supplied.

Even so, mental fatigue couldn’t be ignored.

If I overdo it too much, there is a risk of making harmful decisions.

Therefore, I tried to rest frequently.

There were many subordinates who worried for me, especially during these two days.

So much so they considered exercising a plan to take turns and keep me under watch.

I had obliterated my own body to enter the spiritual world, but that seemed to be a poor move.

Although it couldn’t be helped considering the situation then, I had forced my subordinates into hard times.

I was begged by them to adopt a safer method if a similar situation arose.

To think I got worried over even though I’m an immortal. I sure am a lucky person.

As I looked at the castle town with that thought, a familiar presence appeared overhead.

The one who landed next to me was the Great Spirit.

I heard she went to share information amongst the defense mechanisms, but she returned early.

I thought it would take longer.

Considering the current state of affairs, perhaps they tried to end it early.

However, I didn’t remember calling on the Great Spirit to come.

So I asked her. 

“Do you need something?”

“I’ve come to give you the progress report. You must be curious about the situation on the other continents.”

“…You’re right.”

I nodded obediently.

It seemed that the Great Spirit inquired about the situation of the other continents from the other defense mechanisms.

Although I knew a little about it through the use of spies and perception magic, I would be grateful if even more accurate information could be obtained.

As I told her that, the Great Spirit began to explain with the least amount of words necessary.

It seemed that the beasts which openly rampaged on the other continents were also annihilated.

Although none of those beasts matched the other defense mechanisms in terms of power, some cunning beasts went into hiding.

They couldn’t find their locations and were busy searching for them.

It seemed that people like me, who could accurately sense the beasts’ locations, were rare.

“Why did you tell me such information? Do you want me to help other continents as well?”

“I have no such intentions. I am not in position to force you after all.”

The Great Spirit replied resolutely.

She didn’t seem to be lying or trying to deceive me.

I tilted my head in thought.

I thought she wanted to ask me to help search for them…

Perhaps the situation wasn’t that urgent yet.

However, I felt more concerned about my situation from her answer.

I felt like I hit empty air since I expected her to force me to accomplish such a thing.

As I felt a little relieved, the Great Spirit coldly pointed out.

“You just thought of me as an uncontrollable disaster, didn’t you?”

“…It’s just your imagination.”

I shook my head lightly to hide my guilt.

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