The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 188: The Sage Approaches the Core

The Great Spirit looked up to the empty sky.

A few beats later, she changed the topic as she seemed to suddenly remember something.

“By the way, it seems like you were using my appearance back then.”

“Yes, I did.”

When I went to subdue the beasts in the other nations, I used illusion magic to make my appearance look like the Great Spirit’s.

By doing so, I could save the continent without changing the impression of the Demon Lord.

As such, I pushed all the achievements to the Great Spirit.

Since the Great Spirit was also subduing the beasts elsewhere, I thought that it was a good idea.

If it was a transcended existence like the Great Spirit, nobody would find it weird for her to exist at several locations at the same time.

As a result, she was being worshiped by the people now.

It seemed that she was being treated as a guardian deity.

Considering the standing and the significance of the Great Spirit’s existence, it wasn’t exactly wrong either.

Meanwhile, the Demon Lord — in other words, me — had my reputation turn for the worse.

Rumors spread that I was the culprit behind the uproar that happened.

Similar hearsay was also spread amongst the people of other continents.

The Immortal Demon Lord wasn’t satisfied with just dominating one continent and finally began to invade across the oceans.

Only the Demon Lord was capable of manipulating those mutated demons. [T/N: in case you forgot, people thought the beasts of the outer world were mutated demons.]

Everyone was convinced of it, and it wasn’t weird for them to think of it that way.

As if to prove that, the Demon Lord appeared in the most baseless of rumors and conspiracy theories.

Humans must have wished to think that this was the case.

As expected, there were only a few bad impressions within the territory, where the reconstruction work was underway, but some did think that it wouldn’t be weird for I, who made use of undead, to actually do it.

As people gradually regained their composure, they needed a target to vent their emotions, such as anger and sadness, on.

And they just happen to choose the Demon Lord for that.

It was a perfect target since they could easily hate me without repercussions. 

I personally thought that it was a good development.

The embodiment of evil was solely the Demon Lord.

It would make it easier for people who were enemies to work together that way.

A dispersion of evil due to the beasts’ invasion was a matter of concern.

But since people thought I was the one responsible for it, it was really convenient for me.

If they came to learn that the beasts came from outside the world, it would only cause further confusion.

It would be much more peaceful if they just interpreted it as the Demon Lord’s deed.

The public opinion was getting closer to my ideal.

Even so, using the appearance of the Great Spirit without permission was a completely different matter.

As I apologized for that, the Great Spirit responded bluntly.

“I’m not angry about it. I’m merely confirming what I sensed. However, please ask for my permission beforehand if you want to do the same thing next time.”

“Alright, I promise.”

I nodded obediently.

The Great Spirit, on the other hand, asked a question in a slightly awkward tone.

“…Is it worth it to hide your appearance that way?”

“I was able to maintain the people’s evaluation of the Demon Lord thanks to that. Thank you.”

“That’s good then.”

The Great Spirit said so as she looked out at the castle town.

I took a peek at her profile.

I couldn’t read her emotions though.

I wonder what she meant by that question?

At the very least, she didn’t seem to be offended by it.

That was a fortunate thing for me.

“Do you have any plans for the future?”

“We will be continuing our reconstruction work within the territory while monitoring the other nations.”

“I will be waiting for some time. Once the beasts appear on the continent again, I will go deal with it.”

“You won’t go help the other continents?”

I was curious and asked.

The Great Spirit shook her head.

“There are other defense mechanisms besides me so it isn’t necessary. They also have their pride and dignity, so uncalled for support could be considered an insult. My primary role was to defend my jurisdiction, which is this continent.”

“I see.”

I gave a short reply.

The topic ended there.

Silence fell around us.

It strangely didn’t feel awkward.

Eventually, the Great Spirit spoke out without warning.

“Is there something you want to ask of me?”

“…So you can tell.”

“Of course. I am the Great Spirit after all.”

She gave off a slightly proud reply.

I doubted that being a Great Spirit was related to being able to guess my thoughts.

But it would be rude to point that out.

It shouldn’t be mistaken since she said so, I think.

Anyway, since she asked, I would just receive her consideration gratefully.

I spoke out with that thought.

“The thing I wanted to ask you is about the Will of the World — about its identity.”

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