The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 189: The Sage Learns of the Essence

The Great Spirit stared at me.

I endured her gaze and stared back.

This was not a situation where I could falter.

It was time to show my resolve.

Perhaps the Great Spirit understood my resolve, so she proceeded to talk.

“The Will of the World, is it? Which part of it do you want to ask me about, to be exact?”

“Please tell me whether my interpretation and view of it is correct or not.”

“Very well. I can do that much.”

The Great Spirit agreed.

I thought she would be reluctant, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps she just happened to be in a good mood.

Or maybe she expected me to approach this topic?

Anyway, it was a great opportunity.

I decided to get into the main subject at once.

“I concluded that the Will of the World is a ‘manifestation of humanity’s wishes.’”

“Do you have a basis for that hypothesis?”

“It’s an answer I derived from what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced in the past. I also included the opinion of the beasts as a reference.”

As I answered, the Great Spirit exuded a mystified atmosphere.

She then asked me in a probing tone.

“…What do you mean?”

I explained my meeting with Gwen and my conversations with her.

Gwen said that the Will of the World moved for someone’s benefit.

Once I followed her train of thought, the identity of it should be clear.

I thought of various possibilities and came up with answers.

“The Will of the World causes a phenomenon that protects people. The heralds’ awakening is an easy-to-understand example.”

I experienced that myself.

All the heralds I had slain were all chosen by the Will of the World.

And they followed their destiny, and challenged me.

Of course, the same also applied to that person and I.

We received its support as a result of humanity’s desire to defeat the Previous Demon Lord.

It was also an example of the Will of the World to have functional weapons and spells that were otherwise incomplete.

It was all to regain the people’s well-being.

Even if a single person’s wish was ephemeral, an accumulation of them was enough to even distort the laws of the world.

Even during this turmoil, the Will of the World was also participating in the dark.

The reason I was given support despite being a Demon Lord was because of the appearance of the beasts of the outer world.

I must have been selected as the herald to slay those beasts.

It appeared that, during the initial invasion of the beasts, some people wished for the Demon Lord to deal with them in their stead.

They wished for the great evil to defeat the beasts which devastated various places.

Perhaps such a wish was made under the intention of having both the beasts and the Demon Lord slay each other.

Their prayer was relayed to me by the Will of the World.

And now, the additional power I had then has been stripped away.

The cause of it was clear.

It was because the rumors spread that the Demon Lord was the culprit of the beasts’ invasion.

As people’s desire was no longer targeted at me, my ability to deal with the beasts was also lost.

However, there was no particular problem with that.

My power as the Demon Lord was still present, only my ability to ignore the beasts’ abilities was stripped away.

I already prepared a special spell to deal with that, so there was no problem regarding combat against them.

Even if my opponents were the beasts of the outer world, I could still slay them without much problem.

“We refer to it as the Will of the World, but it isn’t something that an individual could manipulate in reality. It is a collection of innumerable thoughts — perhaps it is better to refer to it as an intangible guardian.”

As a concept which has protected the world since ancient times, perhaps it was established during the dawn of humanity.

It was said that it even destroyed some defense mechanisms in the past.

That was clearly not an action that benefited the world.

But if humanity willed it, it would slay whatever they wished for.

If I focused on that aspect, perhaps it was incorrect to refer to it as a guardian.

An executioner would be a better term, so to speak.


The Great Spirit listened to my views and went silent.

It seemed that she was scrutinizing my words.

After some thinking, she asked me as if trying to test me.

“The Will of the World would sometimes bring about bad consequences. If you didn’t stop it, there would be many disasters brought upon humanity. This might sound contradictory to an earlier view, but what do you think about that?”

In response to the question, I quickly reorganized the thoughts in my head.

It was a counterargument I had expected from the beginning.

I carefully conveyed the speculation I had prepared from beforehand.

“Perhaps the Will of the World isn’t a perfect mechanism. It only specializes in fulfilling people’s wishes without guarantee on future development. Therefore, it is possible for it to bring about an unfortunate result for humanity.”

This shortcoming represented the essence of humanity.

Everyone judged things from each individual’s perspective and acted according to their respective wills.

It wasn’t uncommon to have people who acted without care for the future.

The Will of the World has a similar nature to that.

It was too focused on defeating the evil known as me that it in turn generated more violence.

It didn’t speculate what might happen after I was defeated.

It was because humanity’s desire only cared about that aspect.

It was an inflexible concept, but it possessed a tremendous effect.

If it functioned well, it could grant miracles beyond possibilities.

Without exaggeration, it possessed infinite potential.

It has definitely supported humanity’s survival since a long time ago.

Even at present, it still aimed to eradicate evil.

The Will of the World was such a phenomenon.

“Such is my view. Please tell me whether I’m right or wrong.”

I stopped my words there and observed the Great Spirit’s reaction.

After a long beat of silence, she nodded quietly.

“It’s correct. It seems that you’ve reached part of the truth.”

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1 year ago

So author really borrowing Kinoko Nasu’s Universe /TYPE-MOON Fate franchise. This is basically Counter Force and “Will of the world” is Alaya, while Defense mechanism is Gaia