The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 190: The Sage is Convinced of the Answer

“I see…”

I fell silent as I received the Great Spirit’s confirmation.

I couldn’t speak at the moment.

It felt different compared to simple joy.

Although I was indeed happy, I was in a unique state of mind.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel at ease now that you know the answer?”

“Only a little bit.”

I gave a short reply.

Although I was half-convinced, it felt good to know that my view was correct.

It felt like the worries that had nestled in a corner of my heart had been resolved.

“The Will of the World is a concept constructed by human’s unconscious minds. It could be said that it is the karma of humanity — the final form of its manifestation.”

“So humanity’s karma can interfere with the laws of the world.”

The Great Spirit nodded deeply.

She reached out for the night sky.

Her fingertips were moving as if caressing something.

“Humanity’s desire for happiness — or their desire to escape from ruin — distorts the world. The more people wish for it, the more powerful it can become.”

If their wishes were unified, they could call upon great miracles.

It meant that humanity’s wishes managed to produce heralds.

Heralds came into being because they were wished to be.

“Although the Will of the World is an ultimate concept, it’s definitely not perfect. It’s not perpetually active, and its effect won’t determine whether it has good or bad consequences. That is the point where you mentioned its imperfections.”

“I see.”

It was a concept built on unconscious desire.

That was its greatest advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

If humanity wished it so, even heroes would be executed and inhumane weapons would come into being.

However, the Will of the World wouldn’t guarantee whatever happened after.

Because of the short term consideration of our execution, a Demon Lord like me came into being.

For humanity, it was an action that practically brought out worse consequences.

It meant that the phenomena that occur were not necessarily good ones.

“Although the Will of the World protects humanity, it also serves as their greatest enemy.”

“Because that concept can lead to the destruction of humankind, is it?”

“That’s right.”

The Great Spirit nodded.

What an ironic structure.

It was possible that humanity would eventually be destroyed by their own wishes.

Their desire to live on could very well lead them to suffering.

And they hold no power to stop it on their own.

“Once an individual is targeted by the Will of the World, they basically would be unable to resist. In theory, it is capable of destroying any existence, regardless of how great they are. The only exception who is not bound by this rule is you.”


Although I found it a little surprising, I also found several things which made that possible.

Then, I asked the Great Spirit despite understanding that.

“Can you tell me why I have become such an exception?”

“It’s because you possess a special authority.”

“…So it’s because of the Valley of the Dead.”

I consciously felt for the miasma within me.

The power that was constantly supplied to me, turned me into the Demon Lord.

The mass of the miasma within me improved as I sacrificed the beasts of the outer world to the valley.

“The Valley of the Dead is also a manifestation of humanity’s karma. It is the symbolistic opposite to humanity’s universal desire for happiness and peace — the tragedy and destruction.”

I intuitively understood what the Great Spirit meant.

The Valley of the Dead was the place where people eliminated people they didn’t wish to see anymore.

The final piece of the puzzle seemed to fit just right.

The Will of the World was a concept that saved humanity but also invited destruction.

The Valley of the Dead possessed a similar yet contradictory nature.

It was exactly as the Great Spirit mentioned before.

“This is the truth about the Will of the World. Do you understand?”

“Yes, it’s really helpful.”

I thanked the Great Spirit.

The idea, which was just a guess, was expanded into a clear outline.

This was a huge difference.

“Now that you’ve learned that the Will of the World is just a mighty concept, what will you do about it?”

“Nothing changes. I’ll just keep on fighting.”

I answered her without hesitation.

Even after learning the truth, what I will do is still the same.

I was well aware that my existence was undesired.

However, the world needed a Demon Lord.

That was why I would have to survive.

Regardless of what kind of heralds might appear, I couldn’t afford to be defeated.

I would keep pushing forward for world peace.

”That’s a good answer. It might be difficult, but I think you will be able to overcome it.”

As the Great Spirit said that with satisfaction, she floated upwards without a sound.

As she walked in the air, she turned around and told me.

“As soon as things change, I will let you know.”

“Please do.”

After I replied, the Great Spirit flew beyond the night sky.

I was surrounded by silence.

As I was left alone, I returned to my room.

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1 year ago

well as i said in previous chapters , Will of the world basically Counter Force in NasuVerse , but at least Counter Force only put on necessary intervention , and those “intervention” manifested in form of “Servants” contain ability and personality of historic figures, which recognized and stored in Throne of Heroes , something like “server of historic figure’s soul recognized by humanity”. Unlike this Will of the world , Counter Force dont provide excessive power house which can cause harm to Humanity later.

And when Counter Force judge when their intervention is done, threat has been neutralized, those “servant” will depart and return to Throne of Heroes. This aspect kinda similar to this Will of the world (take back its power from our skelly).